1 & 1 Web Hosting Review – Is It the Right Host For You?

1 & 1 Web Hosting Review

There is always something special about hosting with a company that has withstood the test of time and has a good reputation.

You are guaranteed at the very minimum faster connection speeds, 100% uptime, competitive rates and exceptional support services. 1 & 1 is one such company.

Founded in 1988, 1 and 1 is regarded as one of the pioneer companies in the world of web hosting. The platform hosts close to 10 million websites worldwide, and it is only rivaled by the likes of GoDaddy in terms of clientele base. The company now has offices in major cities across Europe, South America and North America.

1 & 1 Web Hosting Plans

1 & 1 Hosting is renowned for its aggressive marketing campaigns that promote the company as the most affordable hosting provider. The company offers three shared web hosting plans, tailored to help individuals and small businesses get off to a good start. These hosting plans include:
• Basic
• Unlimited
• Unlimited Pro


The Basic plan is recommended for personal websites and startup websites that are simple and do not require intensive resources.

It supports 1 website per subscription and it comes with exciting web hosting features such as free domain registration, 100GB web space, 500 email accounts, 25 databases and 24/7 technical support. 1 & 1 offers a cheap 12-month introductory rate of only $0.99 per month with renewal rates set at $7.99 per month.


The Unlimited plan is recommended for expanding websites that require more features to support the growing traffic.

As implied by its description, this plan features unlimited options such as unlimited storage, websites, databases, and email accounts. The introductory rate is $4.99 per month for the first year with renewal rates set at $9.99 per month.

Unlimited Pro

The Unlimited Pro plan is the ultimate hosting option for resource-intensive websites and e-commerce sites (online stores).

This hosting option comes with all the features available in the Unlimited plan, but includes more advanced features such as SiteLock Basic and CDN with Railgun™ for enhanced speeds and performance. The introductory rates for this are $8.99 per month, with renewal set at $14.99 per month.

Other Hosting Options

• WordPress Hosting

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1 & 1 offers three managed WordPress hosting options for WP websites. These include:

I. 1 & 1 Managed WP Basic – Features 1 domain, 50GB storage, 1 SSD database, 20 FTP accounts, unlimited traffic and unlimited email accounts.

II. 1 & 1 Managed WP Plus – Features 5 WP domains, 250GB storage, 5 SSD databases, 1 & 1 CDN, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited traffic and unlimited email accounts.

III. 1 & 1 Managed WP Unlimited – Features unlimited WP domains, unlimited storage, unlimited SSD databases, 1 & 1 CDN, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited traffic and unlimited email accounts.

Interestingly, all WordPress hosting plans are charged at the same rates as the shared web hosting plans. Every new client is entitled to a cheap 12-month introductory rate ranging from $0.99 per month to $8.99 per month.

• Managed Cloud Hosting

1 & 1 offers four managed cloud hosting options for resource-intensive websites. You have the option of choosing a customized stack, including your preferred data center, web server, scripting language and applications, based on your hosting needs. The four hosting plans include:

I. Hosting M – 1vCore CPU, 1GB Ram, 50GB SSD, Free domain at $14.99 per month
II. Hosting L – 2vCore CPU, 2GB Ram, 80GB SSD, Free domain at $24.99 per month
III. Hosting XL – 2vCore CPU, 4GB Ram, 120GB SSD, Free domain at $34.99 per month
IV. Hosting XXL – 4vCore CPU, 8GB Ram, 160GB SSD, Free domain at $54.99 per month

1 & 1 Pros and Cons


• Affordable price plans
1 & 1 has made a name for itself by offering affordable hosting plans for both individuals and small businesses. In addition, these hosting solutions come with amazing features that provide good value for money.

• Free site builder
The company provides a free site builder designed to help clients create professional websites without technical help. This site builder includes a free domain, themes, and templates.

• Guaranteed uptime
1 & 1 promises to offer 99.9% uptime across all hosting plans. This means that your site will always be online most of the time, which is good for business.

• Multiple server locations
The company has numerous data centers located in various cities across the globe. You have the option to choose your preferred server location for enhanced speeds and site performance.

• Fast loading speeds and performance
1 & 1 Hosting offers faster loading speeds of only 2.71s, which tops the list in the hosting providers’ comparison table. However, that’s not even the greatest news. By merging web space and web servers on a single platform, the company guarantees scalable performance levels on all hosting plans.


• Limited “Unlimited” Storage
The unlimited storage option is capped at 50GB per day. However, 1 & 1 will increase the daily allowance in units of 20GB once you surpass your limit.

• Lacks Daily Website Backups
Unlike other major hosting providers, 1 & 1 does not offer daily website backups. You have to pay for these services offered by their partner company, CodeGuard. This is a major shortcoming, especially to clients working on critical website projects that require regular backups.

• No Site Transfer Tools
1 & 1 does not offer free site migration tools. This means that you have to enlist a professional to help you out. The company only provides a custom control panel that is comparatively difficult to use when transferring data. You may also have trouble pointing your domains to your host, as the process is not intuitive.

Is 1 & 1 Hosting the Right Host For You?

Whether you run a growing business or manage a well-established entity, 1 & 1 is certainly the right host for anyone looking for affordable hosting solutions that come with more than just the normal hosting features.

This company has weathered stiff competition and turbulent times for close to three decades without relenting on their exceptional service offerings.

The only shortcoming is that this company lacks free migration tools as most plans feature a custom control panel. This makes site transfers a challenge and you may need professional help to move all your data to your new host.

Nevertheless, 1 & 1 makes up for this by providing other site building tools for free, and their technical support team is always ready to assist you to set up your site. Try 1 & 1 hosting today and take your venture to the next level.

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