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10 Legit GPT Websites You Can Try Today

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Legit GPT sites

A ‘get-paid-to’ or ‘GPT’ website pays you to complete tasks that are simple and straightforward.

A legitimate GPT site won’t charge you anything to join. The 10 GPT platforms listed below are completely free and have a simple signing up process.

The GPT websites get their revenue from advertisers and market research companies, and they pay some of the money with their members for completing tasks like surveys, offers, watching videos and referring others to the site.

A word of caution about offers however. Some offers available on these sites are completely free, and you don’t need to provide your card details to sign up.

However, others are paid offers and do require your card details before you sign up for a free offer. Unless you are genuinely interested in paying a subscription for something, remember to check the date the free trial ends and cancel before you card is checked.

Let’s get started with my list of 10 free and legit sites.

1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is probably one of the best GPT sites. Since it’s creation in 2008, it has paid millions of its members for carrying out small tasks.

Earning opportunities include searches, surveys, watching videos, taking offers, and getting cash back on shopping.

When you accumulated enough SwagBuck points you can exchange them for cash via PayPal or choose numerous gift card options.

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2. Superpayme

You can earn extra cash in several ways whilst participating on the popular GPT website Superpayme.

Yu can also get your cash quickly too because cash out is just $1.

It’s reassuring to know as well that Superpayme has been around for 10 years, so they must have been doing a lot right in that time for members to keep earning via the site.

Superpayme has all the usual tasks that you would expect to see on a GPT site. It also has contests that you can enter, and you can earn a dollar for posting your payment proof on the website’s forum.

There are countless members doing just that proving that Superpayme is super legit and pays its members.

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3. Kashkick

Aside from all the usual tasks such as offers, surveys etc, you can also earn 25% of your referrals earnings at Kashkick.

The cash out sum at $10 is a little higher than others, but there are plenty of offers and surveys available to achieve this.

Unfortunately membership is restricted to US residents only and you must be 18 years of age.

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4. TimeBucks

Timebucks is another GPT site that has been established for some time. It has been around since 2014 so you can be assured that it has many happy members otherwise it wouldn’t have been around for so long.

can also get cash back when you shop on sites like AliExpress. Cash out is $10.

Find out more about TimeBucks by reading my full TimeBucks review

5. Lootgain

Lootgain claims you can earn up to $20 per day by participating regularly on their site.

There are lots of offers, surveys and other small paid tasks available to its members.

In order to build your account balance you need to collect points, or loots as they are called, on the site. 1000 loots is worth $1.

Regular checking in is recommended as members earn 10 loots for doing so daily.

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6. GCLoot

GCLoot is a GPT site available worldwide, and has been established a number of years.

The site also has three sister sites called GrabPoints, ZoomBucks and FreecryptoRewards, which you may also want to check ou.

GCLoot has a leaderboard of the top earners which shows that some members are earning up to $350 per month on the site.

Once you have accumulated $5 you can cash out either via PayPal or gift card.

Find out more about GCLoot by reading my full GCLoot review

7. LootUp

LootUp has extra incentives for its members to particiate in as many offers as possible via its site or app.

The member who has earned the most points from offers each week will get 100,000 points added to their balance. You can check how you’re doing on the leaderboard published on the site.

Also, LootUp has a monthly contest. Whoever earns the most points from offers in each calender month will win 1 million points.

Find out more about LootUp by reading my full LootUp review

8. LiteGPT

In addition to all the usual tasks you find on GPT sites, LiteGPT offer a Faucet bonus every 60 minutes.

The amount you win is random ( anything between $0.001 and $2)  but it’s a great incentive to keep you participating on the site nonetheless.

Rewards can be paid in cash via Payeer and Airtm transfers. The good thing is that you only need $0.50 to cash out.

Find out more about LiteGPT by reading my full LiteGPT review.


On Freecash you can collect redeemable points that can be exchanged for a great selection of gift cards, cryptocurrency and PayPal cash.

Formerly known as Freeskins, the platform changed its name to Freecash in 2021.

As an incentive, if you get on the sites leaderboard, the first 250 users share a prize of $500.

Find out more about by reading my Freecash review

10. ySense

ySense is available to members Worldwide, and offers earning opportunities via surveys, participating in offers, and playing games.

The ySense platform was developed by Prodege, a marketing research company responsible for sites such as Swagbucks, MyPoints and InboxDollars.

You can also earn at ySense by referring others. Rewards include cash via PayPal and numerous gift card options. If you redeem via Amazon gift card you can withdraw after your first survey or offer as there is no minimum cash out.

Find out more about ySense by reading my full ySense review

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