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10 Top Survey Sites That Pay You To Refer Others

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10 top survey sites that pay you to refer others

Referring others to survey sites is a proven way to increase your income with online survey platforms.

Not all survey sites provide this extra earning opportunity however, but luckily for us there quite a number of them that do.

Earning from referrals can either provide you with a little boost to the small income you get from surveys, or it can become a more substantial income.

To help you out in your search for survey sites that pay you to refer new members, I have put together a list of some of the better Survey sites out there that have this potentially lucrative feature.

1. YSense

YSense is available as an iOS App and Android App, or you can join via the website. You can earn a generous 30% of what you referrals make along with up to $0.30 just for signing up. If your referral earns $5 you will also earn a $2 bonus.

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2. SwagBucks

Most people have heard of SwagBucks, and they have built a very reputable reputation over the years. There are lots of ways to earn with SwagBucks, and you can earn 10% of what your referrals earn.

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3. Superpayme

This survey and ‘Get Paid To’ platform will pay you 25% of your referrals lifetime earnings. Your referrals will also get $0.20 just by signing up using your referral link, so this is a little incentive for them.

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4. Opinium

Unfortunately this platform is only available to U.K residents, however if you do happen to be a U.K resident then you are in luck as Opinium has a good refer a friend program.

The site pays 50p for each new referral you send to them.

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 5. Mobrog App

This German owned company has a good referral program. When you sign up you will get a referral code that you can ask your friends to use when they sign up. Every referral you send to them pays you $1.

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6. Voxpopme

The surveys you carry out on this platform are video surveys rather than written surveys.

If you refer someone to this platform, once they have a video response approved you will collect £1.

This is another U.K based company however the platform is available to members worldwide.

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7. InboxPays

InboxPays will pay you 10% of your referrals earnings. Unfortunately you have to be a U.S resident to benefit from this platform. However, they offer a $5 sign up bonus and there are other ways to earn aside from taking surveys including paid emails, offers and playing games.

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8. Survey Downline

This survey platform offers its members a two level referral program.

What this means is that you will earn from your referral, and from anyone your referral refers to the site.

You will get 10% of what your referral earns, and 5% of what your referral’s referral earns.

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9. Idle Empire

This survey and GPT site pays you 20% of what your referral earns. There are numerous ways to earn on the site so if you can get active referrals then you could earn quite well from it.

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10. FluxRewards

FluxRewards is another GPT site that offers numerous ways to earn. If you can get active referrals then you will earn 8% of what they earn. Payments are via PayPal, and members report getting their rewards regularly and quickly via PayPal too.

So there you have 10 top survey sites that offer referral programs. There are of course other reasons why you may want to choose a particular survey site, and not just because they have a referral program.

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You may consider it important to choose a site because it has a low cash out sum. In which case you ought to check out these survey sites with low redemption amounts

Another consideration when deciding which survey site to use is if the site uses the much trusted PayPal when they pay you your cash. Check out these top survey sites that pay via PayPal

Another feature that is very popular amongst survey takers is when survey platforms pay you to sign up. A sign up bonus is a great incentive to get you started on a survey site, and is of course free money. If you like getting bonus’s when you join a site then take a look at these survey sites that pay you to join.

Thanks for taking a look at these survey platforms that have referral programs. Have you used any of these sites personally? Have you made any money from their referral programs, or did you think they were a waste of time?

Let me know in the comments below of any experiences that you want to share.

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