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5 Best Paid And Trusted Survey Sites For U.K

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Trusted survey sites in the U.K

If you’re based in the U.K and are looking for some trusted survey sites that really do pay, then check out these survey sites.

In my humble opinion, and based on years of experience using and reviewing hundreds of survey platforms, I can confidently say these 5 platforms are some of the best ones to join.

Not only that, I”m based in the U.K, so I can share with you the platforms that I have found to be the most profitable as a U.K resident.

Taking online surveys won’t generate a life changing income, or pay all your bills. But at a time of rising inflation and uncertainty, an extra income source is bound to come in handy.

So if it’s a handy extra income you’re after then you won’t go far wrong with these sites.

1. SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a very popular survey site that offers multiple earning opportunities including paid searches, cash back on shopping, offers and quizzes.

Completing surveys with SwagBucks is a great way to generate an extra income from the comfort of home. The marketing companies that use SwagBucks target U.K residents so there are always earning opportunities available.

There are numerous options for cashing out with gift cards or PayPal. With so many ways to earn available on the platform, it won’t take you long before you claim your first reward.

Find out what you can earn with SwagBucks.


2. The AttaPoll App

As a U.K resident I have found the AttaPoll App (available as an iOS or Android App) to be a great little earner.

There are plenty of surveys available to me everyday. There are shorter surveys or longer ones depending on the time you have available.

To help you minimise the amount of time wasted on disqualifications, the app gives a star rating for each survey based on how likely you are to qualify.

Surveys given 5 stars are the ones you will almost certainly qualify for, whereas 1 star surveys are the ones you are least likely to be offered.

Cashing out with AttaPoll isn’t too difficult to achieve either, with redemption being available via PayPal at £2.50.

Find out more about the earning opportunities with AttaPoll by reading my AttaPoll review

3. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a trusted survey platform available to U.K residents. The more surveys you complete, the more opportunities will become available to you.

Loyalty is rewarded on this site as you can achieve what is called Branded elite status and earn extra bonus’s.

There are 3 levels of elite membership, being Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more surveys you complete the higher you go, and the bigger the bonus’s.

I’ve always found the surveys here interesting, and not too long. Also, on occasion when there are no surveys you can complete a daily poll to earn extra points.

The cash out sum of £4.25 is also very low, so it isn’t long before you get to your reward. Numerous gift card options plus PayPal are available.

Find out all about Branded Surveys by checking out my Branded Surveys review

4. ySense

Like virtually all survey sites, you won’t qualify for every survey you attempt at ySense. However, there are lots of opportunities for U.K residents to take surveys, complete offers and to earn for playing games.

There is a daily poll that rewards you $0.01 for answering one multiple choice question, and short surveys that reward you $0.02 for answering 10 further mc questions. You automatically qualify for these, so they are worth checking out daily.

Surveys pay comparatively well, with some of the higher paying ones worth $6-$7.

Other gift card options start at just $5, and PayPal is $10.

Find out how much you can earn with ySense by reading my ySense review


5. Survey Pop

Survey Pop is a great survey app available on both iOS and Android.

The app offers a quick way to earn $5 with surveys. In fact my balance was nearly $3 after only a few minutes.

I have always found there to be a ready supply of surveys available via the app, and like other survey platforms mentioned here there is a daily poll that rewards you each time you log in.

Cash out can be made via PayPal or Amazon gift card.

Find out how quickly you can earn some easy cash by reading my full Survey Pop review

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Thanks for checking out my article, I hope it introduced you to some useful earning opportunities.

I have reviewed hundreds of similar apps and websites here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE.



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