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5 Effective Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Website For Longer

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5 Effective Ways To Keep Visitors On Your Website For Longer

Most website owners want to convert visits to sales. This is more likely to happen if each visitor spends at least a few minutes on the site.

This article will discuss five effective ways to keep visitors on your site for longer.

Before we take a look at these however, let’s first take a look at what webmasters often refer to as ‘bounce rate’

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is the number of people who leave your website after visiting a single page.

Bounce rate is expressed as a percentage and is used to measure the overall engagement of your website.

In other words, a bounce rate of 50% tells you that half of your visitors aren’t going to any other page on your site. The lower your bounce rate, the more your visitors are staying on your site to read more pages.

Bounce rate isn’t the only factor that you need to keep track of when you’re measuring the effect of improvements to your site.

However, an improvement in your bounce rate can quickly tell you that your efforts are having an impact and visitors are spending more time on your site.

So let’s take a look at 5 ways that your bounce rate can be improved

1. Choose Good Themes

The theme that you choose should let your visitors navigate your site easily.

If usability isn’t facilitated, visitors won’t stay on the site. For example, choose themes that already have good colour contrast.

The theme’s design should make it easy for you to keep your content organized. If you can’t quickly visualize how you would group your content to make it easy for visitors to spend some time on related, helpful resources, choose another theme.

The font size of text in the theme should make it easy for everyone to read your content. You don’t want to lose visitors because they can’t read what’s on your site.

2. Deliver On Your Headlines

Always deliver what you promised in your headlines.

If your title says Three Ways To Feed Pet Fish, don’t spend the entire post talking about the best brands of fish food. Give visitors the information that they’re
looking for.

People have become more wary of click bait now and they will leave a site quickly if it doesn’t seem to deliver what was promised in the headlines.

Some people naturally take a long time to get to their point while others are more direct. On the Internet, you have to strike a balance.

Most of the time, using subheadings help visitors to quickly find sections of your content that address their needs.

3. Relevant Images

The images that are used on each page should be as relevant as possible to the rest of the content. For example, if your site sells vegan pizza, images should support the type of action that you want visitors to take.

Select images that show people enjoying vegan pizza. Avoid any type of image that can cause offense or confusion.

The resolution of the images should make it easy to see that all toppings are vegan

4. Use Interesting Videos

Many people like to consume content via videos. As such, it’s important to use videos on your site every now and then.

This can help to increase engagement and make visitors spend more time on your site. If you’re doing a product review, it helps to have a video that shows how the product can be used.

This can also help to increase sales, if that’s your goal. Similarly, if your site teaches people a new language, your videos could show conversations that utilize new vocabulary.  These videos could be in real settings.

5. Ensure That Pages Load Quickly

The page load time of your website should be just a few seconds. This should be the case for both desktop and mobile viewers

If your pages take a long time to load, visitors won’t wait. In this digital age, people have become accustomed to having quick access to information. If your site loads slowly, they’ll click back out.

Data-heavy elements can slow down your site. Try to avoid having a large number of these on your site. For example, although it’s good to have a few videos on your page, too many of these will slow your page down.

Similarly, pop-up ads are often a bad idea. If you must have them, stick to just one. Many website visitors don’t like pop-ups because they slow down your site.

Pop-ups also block your visitors from getting to the content that they really had in mind when they clicked on your link. This also happens on mobile, when a pop-up can totally block the rest of the page.

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