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5 Top Survey Sites That Let You Cash Out With $5 Or Less In Your Account

5 top survey sites that let you cash out with $5 or less in your account

Thanks for joining me today as I take a look at 5 Top Survey Sites that allow you to cash out your earnings with $5 or less in your account.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait months, or even years, to build up enough cash to reach the cash out until you have $20 or more in your survey account.

I don’t know about you, but I want to get to my cash or rewards much sooner than that. After all, you have earned it, so why shouldn’t you claim it within a reasonable time.

Another reason for going for sites that have a low pay out sum is because you could get bored or frustrated very quickly taking surveys. Part of the reason for that is because you won’t always qualify for every survey you attempt.

If your demographic doesn’t fit the survey requirements, then it could mean waiting several months before you get to higher cash out sums. That means you may give up before reaching a higher cash out, meaning you have wasted your time.

The reality is that only a certain percentage of people stick with a survey site long enough to redeem what they have earned.

However, if you have an achievable cash out target, then you should stay motivated long enough to reach at least one pay out.

So let’s find out what these Top paying Survey sites are, and how much you need to accumulate in your account before the money is in your pocket.

1. AttaPoll

Cash out with just $2.50

I love this App. The surveys are quick and easy, and of course, the cash out is super low. If you’re looking for quick cash, then this App will deliver.

My experience of using this app has been that there has never been a shortage of surveys, but that’s because I asked the App to provide me with frequent surveys.

That’s what so cool about this app, you can ask it to give you survey as frequently or infrequently as you choose.


2. iRazoo

Cashout with $5 gift card

iRazoo is what is commonly called a GPT (Get Paid To) website that not only rewards its members for completing surveys, it also has other earning opportunities such as playing games, watching videos and referring others.

Unfortunately you must be resident in either U.S U.K or Canada and be at least 18 to benefit from this site.

To cash out you need to build your points total to 3,000 ($5) to get a gift card. You can redeem for popular gift card choices such as Amazon, Target and Starbucks.


3. The Mobrog App

Cashout with $4

Another smartphone App that pays quickly via PayPal. Surveys Pay from $0.50 and $3.00 on average, with longer ones paying more.

This App is owned by a highly reputable German marketing company, with over 2 million members worldwide.

The App is available at both Apple, and the iTunes App Store.


4.The MeThinks App

No minimum cash out.

The MeThinks App not only has surveys, but also offers its members the opportunity to participate in video chat interviews.

The app is available to both iOS and Android device users. Some of the higher paying survey opportunities may be in short supply, however you won’t know if you could get an invite unless you join.

There is no minimum cash out, and payments are made weekly via PayPal.


Cashout with $1

There are more than just surveys to do on this site as well. There are also free and paid offers, and paid to click. There are also ways to earn watching videos,

The earnings vary of course depending upon which task you are carrying out, however the surveys are between $0.50 to $2.

You can get paid cash too, via PayPal, Skrill and Payza. There is also the option to receive gift cards.

Payments are super quick too with transactions taking place between 2-8 hours after requesting your money.


If you are looking for a way to get paid quickly for taking surveys then the above list will hopefully help you achieve that.

If you are a regular survey taker, you will know another feature popular with survey site members is a sign up bonus.

It’s money for nothing, and conveniently some survey sites offer this just to get you to join. I have also written a list of 5 platforms that offer you a sign up bonus. You can check it out HERE

It isn’t all about when you get paid with survey sites either, it’s also about how you get paid. For a lot of people, getting paid via PayPal is the preferred option. I have also written a post about  top survey sites that use PayPal

Thanks for checking out this list of Top Survey sites that let you cash out sooner. Let me know in the comments section below if you have used any of the above platforms, and if you managed to get paid super quick.


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