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5 Top Survey Sites That Use PayPal

PayPal Rewards

There are always a few things to consider when you are choosing the best survey site.

One of the most important things is the method of payment they use.

Depending on the survey platform, some pay cash, others pay either cash or gift card, whilst some only reward you with gift cards. Some will only reward you by posting you a check, whilst others may reward you with cryptocurrency, raffle entries or even air miles.

Many of us however prefer cash, and we want it paid to us quickly. To ensure this happens, survey companies use systems that support online money transfers. A number of companies do this, but none are more well known or as trusted as PayPal.

If you are one such person that wants quick and hassle free payments for taking surveys, to help you I have put together a list of 5 Top Survey sites that use PayPal to pay their members.


1. Branded Surveys

Unfortunately this survey site is only open to residents of the U.S, Canada and U.K. but offers not only surveys but daily polls, online focus groups and product testing.

The platform has 3 membership levels including Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the level you get to the more points you can earn, and the more surveys you get.

When you join you get a 100 point ($1) bonus. When you reach 1000 points you can cash out via PayPal, Gift Card or donate to charity. There is also a small reward of 6 points for the surveys you don’t qualify for.


2. The Appinio App

The Appinio App is a free app available to Android and iOS phone users. It is available to numerous countries around the world and offers a small sign up bonus.

You can reach higher levels by completing surveys frequently, and you can also earn from referrals too.

Surveys are quite short and pay reasonably well. Once you reach the $10 cash out you can redeem via PayPal, Gift Card or donate to charity.


3. SquishyCash

You can do surveys and other stuff too to get your PayPal payment on this site. The cash out at $20 is a little high, but you do get a $3 sign up bonus to get you off to a good start.

As well as surveys you can also get paid for various other tasks including clicking on ads, participating in offers, and shopping.

The platform is a legitimate GPT site that is available worldwide, and also has a referral program to boost your earnings. Payouts are quick, and the site uses Skrill as well as PayPal for cash payments.


4. Get-Paid.Com

This survey and earning site has membership levels you can climb. The cash out, for some countries, is just $0.50, and the site uses a number of money transfer systems to pay you, with PayPal of course being one of them.

The site has a referral program, and accepts members from many countries.

Payments are swift, taking not more than 48 hours.


5. FluxRewards

This is one of our favourite GPT (Get Paid To) websites that rewards you not just for taking surveys but also numerous offers and tasks available to its members worldwide.

Its very easy to build up your points quickly on this site with so many tasks being available. It won’t take you long at all to get to the quick pay out sum of $1.

Payment is via PayPal, and the site also has a referral program.


So that completes my list….There are many other platforms that use PayPal of course but the above list should give you a few to be getting on with.

Make sure you check out my full reviews above for each survey site, before trying them out. The full review will give you more information about the site, as it includes all the likely pros and cons.

Another important consideration when choosing a reward site is whether it has a low cash out sum. A lower redemption amount can mean a quicker pay out, so check out these low redemption survey sites.

You can also get a sign up bonus when you join certain Survey sites too. It’s money for nothing and can get you off to a good start, so these sites might be worth checking out as well. Take a look at these sign up bonus survey sites.

If you want to make some extra cash with survey platforms then referring others is a way to do just that.

Some platforms provide either an affiliate link or code that your referral can either click on or use, and you earn as they use the site. If you like the sound of that then check out these survey platforms that pay you to refer others.

I hope you found this article helpful. Have you tried any of the above survey platforms yourself? Let me know in the comments if you want to share your experience.


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