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6 Inspiring Reasons To Start A Brand New Blog

What Are The Advantages Of Blogging

Are you considering starting a brand new blog? If you are and you’re looking for some inspiration, then this article is for you.

That’s because I have put together 6 inspiring reasons why blogging could still be a great idea for you.

So whether you are inspired by financial incentives, or you simply want the opportunity to explore your passion with a community that’s just as excited about it as you are, then you should find some motivation in the list below.

1. Blogging for Leisure

Many people simply blog for leisure because they like to share accounts of their travels, the exploits of their local football team, or their adventures in the kitchen.

Since their primary reason for blogging is to share their experiences with others, they may not necessarily monetise their blog.

Simply sharing what some bloggers feel passionate about is motivation enough, and the desire to engage others is an end in itself.

Many bloggers start out this way, with no intention of earning money from their hobby. However, somewhat paradoxically, blogs built simply on the need to share experiences with others, often turn out to be the most profitable.

2. Blogging as a Flexible Source of Income

The rigidity of a 9 to 5 job is not ideal for some people, and blogging offers the flexibility that many of these individuals crave.

Bloggers can use their blog to earn money from anywhere in the world. They can blog about a trade show and be on site, gathering feedback from attendees and taking photos of new products.

If they’re interested in environmental issues, they can use their tablet to blog right from the site of a project that improves water quality in their area.

Blogging allows them to work from almost any location that suits them and use any device that meets their needs.

They can emphasize their strengths in their blog. For example, a photographer who blogs about cooking is more likely to have content with amazing pictures, that help them to draw a large audience.

They can earn an income by being an affiliate for grocery stores or even sell their own food photos on the site. This is a flexible stream of income that can grow to become their main source of revenue.

3. Multiple Earning Streams

In a 9 to 5 job, employees often only have one source of income. No matter how hard they work, they collect a single salary each month or fortnight.

They can’t adjust the products or services that they offer to earn more money and this limits their ability to be as productive as they wish.

When you start blogging, you can add as many streams of income as you choose.

You can decide whether you want to keep on using a particular source of income as it is or adjust it in some way to improve your profits. Some of the typical sources of income on blogs are:

  • Display ads like Adsense
  • Affiliate products, such as those from Amazon
  • Courses that you develop on your own
  • Courses that are taught by others.
  • Private ads, for example an ad for a friend’s restaurant Memberships, which give each subscriber access to special benefits

When you start blogging, you can decide how many sources of income you want to have.

As long as you own your own domain and hosting, you’re free to monetize with CPC ads on any network that you choose, or open a small shop in your hometown and sell its products via your blog.

You can even earn money blogging in ways that benefit you and others in your community.

4. Explore Different Niches

You can have as many blogs as you choose. If your main passion is nail art and beauty culture, you may start off with a blog about nails and you might sell nail care products on your site.

Over time, you may find that some of your beauty customers are women who want to learn how to do certain repairs on their cars on their own.

You can start a blog on auto repairs for women and monetize it by offering a course in auto repairs. Over time, your second blog may turn out to be more profitable than the first.

You can keep on looking for profitable niches and adding as many blogs as you choose to your portfolio. Each blog is an investment that can help you to increase your net worth.

5. Freedom to Learn and Grow

In a corporate setting, there’s sometimes no incentive to learn about anything outside of your professional skill set.

Blogging rewards you for learning more about a topic that interests you, since you receive positive feedback from other people.

You’ll also have a financial incentive because the more you learn, is the more that you can offer to others and you can develop new products and services because of the increased knowledge that you have.

For example, suppose you’re an accountant who likes to bake. Your blog gives you the freedom to create new recipes and share them.

Over time, you may find that people who follow your blog want to prepare your recipes at home.

You can sell the ingredients and tools that you use in preparing each recipe by placing links to these alongside the recipe.

Your blog will allow you to earn from your talent as a home cook and grow in your passion, although your profession is that of an account.

6. Make A Difference

In the past, people’s access to information was limited to what others who were more powerful than them, chose to share.

Blogging has opened a new world and bloggers can choose to highlight stories that are important to them and others in their community.

For example if a school in their area is doing good work, they can use their blog to highlight that. They can promote their news stories on the school across social media, so that those stories can be heard right around the world.

Your blog can be used to teach others a language that brings new opportunities to their lives. You can teach children skills that help them to stand up for themselves and thrive in a challenging environment.

You can start blogging in minutes and earn money to support a cause that you believe in or even pay off your financial debts.


Thanks for reading this article, I hope you found it informative.

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