6 Tips For Finding A Niche For Your Affiliate Website

6 Tips for finding a niche for your affiliate website

How do you go about finding a niche for your affiliate website?

Choosing the right niche is an important decision, because the likelihood is that you’re going to have to spend a great deal of time writing about your chosen niche in the months or years that follow.

That’s why we have put this article together providing 6 tips to help make the decision that bit easier.

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What Is A Niche?

It is often said that customer needs are diverse and unlimited.

It’s not possible however to meet all the needs profitably with an affiliate website. What we need to do in order to meet more specific needs is narrow down the market you are targeting.

A niche market is a subgroup of the larger market, where you focus on a specific customer problem and seek to satisfy it profitably.

As an example, the health industry is a multi-billion industry, however you can’t  sell everything in this industry,  but you could for example focus on weight management.

However, weight management is also a huge market within the health industry. Therefore, you could focus on a specific area of exercise for the overweight.

There are thousands of profitable niches, however, your success will be determined by not only the size and popularity of the niche market, but also your ability to convey your authority within the niche.

This is something that will happen over time provided you went into the right niche for you at the beginning. Choosing a niche is an essential first step before you begin to build your business and brand.

Try These 6 Tips for Finding the Best Online Niche Markets


1. Look for niches that touch on passions or problems

People go online to look for solutions to their pressing problems.

Such problems could be poor health, lack of cash, car breakdown, need for a home, stylish clothing and so forth.

Niches that touch on passion offer activities for which people derive pleasure or joy when undertaking them. Such areas include sporting activities, travel, cooking, and online gaming among others.

The severity of the problem determines the urgency for which people look for a solution. On the other hand, people are more likely to spend on activities that give the most pleasure.

2. A niche must have products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer

There must be products that you can promote for a commission. Even if a niche looks attractive, it may not be profitable if there are a few products that you can promote.

Scan the affiliate programs and look at the products available for the niche you are looking at.

3. A niche needs to have products that are more often than not purchased online

There are many niches out there where people still spend a lot of cash offline. You may want to consider whether these niches are favourable for affiliate marketing.

They may include the following:

  • Luxury jewelry and watches: Most of the people still walk to a specialist shop to buy these items and may not buy them off an affiliate site.
  • Cars: Although a few people buy cars through a third-party website, most would still prefer to visit the showrooms to view the vehicles.
  • Coupons: You are less likely to make money on coupons despite the traffic it generates. This is because the aim is to save cash and not to spend more cash.

4. Consider the market for the niche

Most affiliate marketers make the mistake of looking for niches with the lowest competition. Most of these niches either have very few products to promote or have very low demand for the products.

Either of the two causes low sales. In determining the market for your niche, consider the following:

  • Is the niche evergreen? Evergreen niches have the following characteristics;

a. There is consistent high demand for the products sold in the niche. Therefore, you can sell the products over an extended period into the future.

b. There is a proven record of accomplishment in terms of the effectiveness of the products sold and the sales numbers. This is a pointer to profitability.

c. There is wide range of products that you can market online

d. There is considerable completion in the focused niche

  • Consider the magnitude of the passions or problems that you seek to serve

You could pick a profitable niche, but end up with a less profitable area of interest.

Consider the following points in evaluating your area of interest.

a. Is the problem that you seek to satisfy something that people can buy off the hat?

b. Are there enough people with this problem?

c. Do the people in this niche have the power to buy the available solutions to their problems?

5. Interact with the market for a day

This is the best way to experience the problems of the market. (This depends on the selected niche).

Mingle with the target audience either physically, or online in forums and determine the following;

  • Are there pertinent problems that the audience seeks to satisfy?
  • Which are the products that most people in the niche spend the cash on?
  • Is there a gap you can fill by promoting the products?
  • Are there new areas that may elicit a lot of interest from the said niche?

You will notice these problems in conversations with people out there. You may also see related problems in new sites, social media or even in the neighborhood.

6. Do you follow your interest, or the money?

It’s quite possible that you simply do not have any interest or knowledge in some of the most profitable niches.

Some of these big money niches include health and fitness, weight loss, dating, insurance, forex trading and online marketing.

You may however come across other niches that are less profitable, but you have an interest in them.

These may be areas you are passionate about, or thing for which you have the expertise.

It is recommended that you work on areas you have the expertise or interest, over profitable niches that don’t interest you. That’s because the niches that interest you the most are more likely to keep you motivated to help others solve their problems.

When considering your passions however, ensure that there are enough traffic, interest, and products that you can promote in the area of interest. People must also be spending enough cash on  your niche of interest.

Following your passions is a much better strategy, because if it’s all about following the money, you must evaluate the niche to find out if you really can provide value to the audience.

People will simply not buy through you even if the niche is profitable, if they do not get value.  If you have no interest or knowledge of the niches, you may put content that is of less value on your site and thereby create little interest in the audience.

It could be that you choose a middle ground by picking a niche where you know a little of what is required, or have some interest, and also has the potential to make some good cash. You will provide value to the audience, and you will get paid for your efforts.

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  1. The 6 tips in your article for finding a niche, I find, is informative. As a premium member of W.A., these tips are the building foundations for a niche. I think anyone who sees this article will find the 6 tips useful. Most of my niches are based on my experience and less product review. Thanks for the article.

    1. Hi John,

      Good to hear that you have got the help you needed choosing your niche at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your comment.

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    I think you have included all the important aspects when trying to cover to come up with a niche to specialise in. It must be something that you can write comfortably in and not get bored. It is a difficult decision to make, as you really have to do your research, as you could go for a niche that is too broad or too narrow, where limited products exist. I think all your tips are great and should help people to become more decisive. I always wonder why gardening never gets mentioned, as it is an important hobby to many.



    1. Hi Antonio,

      Yes I think it’s really important to have that passion or keen interest in your niche so you can maintain motivation. I agree you have to ensure you’re not going too broad or too narrow. It can be a difficult decision, so I do recommend you check out the Wealthy Affiliate platform and get help from the experts choosing your niche. Thanks for your comment.

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