7 Website Content Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Content Ideas For Your Website

Content marketing is vital for any online marketing business strategy.

However if you want to get great results from your content marketing efforts, you need to come up with regular imaginative content ideas to keep your content fresh, lively, and above all engaging.

This constant need to have to come up with content that is high quality can become a real challenge.

The competition in some niches can be tough, so you must ensure you are engaging with your target audience, to ensure they come back to read more of what you have to say, rather than what your competitors are saying.

Here are some content ideas that you can use right now on your website to make your readers wanting to keep coming back for more;

1. Create a list of benefits

There is nothing readers like more than reading lists. It keeps your article on point, and it engages the reader. You know what it’s like when you see a list relating to something that interests you. You feel the need to keep on going to the end. If you’re like me you are wanting to know what has made it onto the list, and if there is anything on there that you haven’t thought about yourself. Maybe that is what made you want to read the article you are reading now!

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. You can create a list of benefits for using a product, or for carrying out a specific action.

You can also have a benefits list for not doing the said actions related to your business. Lists like these are equally attention grabbing to readers.

2. List things to avoid

Similar to the list of benefits, a list of things to avoid is a collection of things that, if put into action, can have a negative impact. Readers will want to know each item on the list to ensure they aren’t doing something that could impact negatively on them.

Obviously you don’t want to be making a list of things to avoid that a competitors product has, or something a competitor does. That would just make the article appear to be a desguised sales pitch. A list you create is designed to offer your reader genuine value, and a way to find answers to problems they are seeking to solve. Remember to go into some detail about why it isn’t recommended that they do something.

3. Latest News Articles From Your Niche

People like to be kept up to date, and they don’t like missing out on things that capture their interest. If you can pay close attention to what is happening within your niche or industry, and keep your readers updated regularly, your readers will be back to ensure they don’t miss out.

Articles like these give you the opportunity to link to important news sites within your niche, and that is a good thing for your websites SEO.

Learn how to interact with news stories by forming an opinion. Over time your readers will respect your authority within your niche and will want to know what your opinion or take is on stories that unfold.

4. A Tip Of The Day

Readers love to receive tips. The very word tip is very engaging, as it suggests a valuable snippet of information, or a guide to action, that can be learned quickly and then easily implemented.

Reading as much as you can about your industry in various publications online or off, and engaging in forums, will make you more open to picking up tips that you can use for the benefit of your reader.

If you make the tip a regular feature on your site, like a tip of the day, then your readers will appreciate the consistency. Humans are creatures of habit, and will therefore visit a site if they know something will appear there which they are expecting.

5. Use Guest Bloggers

No matter how good you are at producing great content, sometimes you can’t help feeling that your website would benefit from fresh engaging content from other writers in the industry. They can introduce a new style or angle that can liven your site, and even give yourself new ideas for future articles.

Its a win win for all involved, with the writer getting exposure for their work, and your website having more quality content to share with your readers.

Look out for some great writers in your field, and don’t be scared to invite them to guest blog. They can only say no, but they may of course be more than willing to take up the offer.

6. Refresh Old Posts

Any older articles that are gathering dust on your website can be spring cleaned and brought back up to date.

If an article was worth writing in the first place, and is stilll relevant, than it is worth giving it a bit of TLC. It can be brought back to life by looking at something in the article that maybe now more relevant, and adding more emphasis, or removing something that is no longer relevant.

Consider titles, and ensure that any links you have used are still working.

7. A ‘Did You Know’ Feature

This is another attention grabbing feature that you can implement.

It plays on the readers desire to not miss out on something that could be highly relevant to them. Again, if you have built authority within your niche, readers will want to know what it is you know, and what possibly they don’t know.

Consistency with this feature will benefit your website greatly because it creates a habit in your reader as they don’t want to miss out on some potentially vital information.

There is so much that people do not know. Look for facts that are unknown, or are often overlooked. Package them in an interesting manner so that they get your readers thinking.

You could create posts that talk about the industry misconceptions or myths that have held back many people. Give the ‘did you know’ correct facts alongside these myths.

Give some of these ideas a shot and see if it can add something more to your website. Chances are both you and your readers will feel the benefit.


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