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8 Proven Blogging Tips For Complete Beginners

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Best Blogging Tips For Beginners

Many people around the world earn money blogging and you can do the same, right from your home.

This article will provide proven tips for people who are new to blogging, so that you too can learn how to earn money from blogging.

1. Know Your Purpose

It’s important to know why you are blogging in a particular niche, as this will guide everything from your Call To Action (CTA) to the type of content you choose to post on your blog or spend time promoting on social media.

Your niche is the specific area that you choose to focus on, such as for example Pilate’s training for pregnant women, or repairs for Jaguar vehicles.

Your niche should be something you’re passionate about, and of course that is also of interest to a large number of people.

Some people start off blogging in their niche just for fun. They may build a community of like-minded people who are interested in say skiing, jam making or volunteering in local shelters.

Eventually, they may start earning money through their blog when they sell a product, recommend something they use, or are contacted by an advertiser who wants to connect with their audience.

However, their main aim is to blog for fun. Some bloggers may use their blogs for social justice or to teach a new skill. Other bloggers May want to earn extra money to support their family or even build the business of their dreams.

With persistence and consistency, some bloggers have been able to eventually replace a regular 9 to 5 job with income earned from blogging.

2. Create Posts On Topics That Resonate with Your Audience

It’s important to create a connection with your audience via every post you write. Keyword research plays an important part in this, since a good keyword tool will tell you how many people are searching for information on a specific theme.

You can use free keyword tools such as:

1. Google Trends
2. Answer The Public
3. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

When you’re beginning, it’s best to stick to blog posts on topics in your niche that interest a large number of people.

You could for example, if you’re a vehicle insurance blogger, post on either car insurance or van insurance if you want to get a lot of readers.

This is because Wordstream’s keyword tool shows that car insurance gets 1.2 million searches while van insurance gets 74,000 searches. This shows that there is a lot of interest in these keywords, and therefore will attract a lot of readers.

However, to stand any chance of ranking for keywords relating to car or van insurance, you will need to narrow the keywords down. You could for example aim for keywords relating to insurance for specific makes of cars or vans.

Keyword tools help you as they provide information about the competitiveness of keywords. It is important not to aim for keywords that are not too competitive, but at the same time you want ones that people are actually making searched for.

3. Engage Your Readers

Whether you’re blogging about shoes or beard oil, it’s important to engage your readers in every possible way.

You can do this from the start by ensuring that your blog has a welcoming layout and is easy to navigate. Your content should be produced in a way that caters to different learning styles. You may want to for example mix videos, pictures and even short, two-question surveys with your text.

You could make it possible for readers to engage with you in some way, whether via comments in your post, liking the posts on social media or even dropping a line at your email.

Try to answer every question or comment, since that lets readers know you are listening and makes them feel appreciated.

4. Connect With Other Bloggers

Blogging can be very rewarding, and the journey is made even more fulfilling when you can find like-minded people to share it with you. It’s a good idea taking a look at some of the blogging communities that are available, including:

1. Blog Engage

2. BizSugar

3. Triberr

You can learn a lot from a blogging community and it will help accelerate your growth as a blogger.

You can also share what you know with others along the way. If you’re considering affiliate marketing, look for a network like Wealthy Affiliate, which offers you support through their community.

5. Social Media Is Your Friend

You should always use social media strategically. Having a blog is a good way to reach a large audience but you can also use other social media platforms, such as Instagram, to extend your reach.

Ensure that every blog post has the like and share buttons prominently displayed, so readers can find them easily. Ask your readers directly to share a post or like it on your preferred platform.

Some readers will take a second to do that, and their actions will help to increase traffic to your blog.

Ensure that you’re consistent with your style across all platforms. For example, stick to the same colors on Twitter, Pinterest and your blog. If you have to focus on just a couple of platforms, choose the ones that are most likely to bring you traffic and sales.

6. Convert Traffic To Make Money With Display Ads

The simplest way to earn money from your blog is by joining an advertising network, such as Google AdSense. You’ll be able to earn at different rates, based on the competitiveness of the keywords that are related to your blog.

Most display ad networks will compensate you for the number of people who see the ad, that is, the number of visitors to the page. You’ll also earn when a visitor clicks on the ad.

7. Create Digital Products

Have you ever visited a blog in order to learn more about a topic like making your own ham? If so, you may have noticed that the blog might also have had an affordable guide to the topic.

Similarly, you can create your own digital products and earn from them. If you’ve worked in a particular sector for a number of years, it’s likely that you have in-depth knowledge that could help other people.

Writing a book allows you to go into detail, in a way that you couldn’t in a regular set of blog posts. You can sell it on your blog and keep all the profits.

8. Become An Affiliate

An affiliate network pays you a commission each time someone from your site performs a desired action on the company’s site, such as making a purchase or becoming a subscriber.

For example, if a visitor from your beauty blog buys nail polish on the company’s site, you could earn a small percentage of the sale. Some affiliate networks, like Wealthy Affiliate, also offer courses to help you grow as you earn money blogging.

I hope you found this blog post informative. I would love to hear from any of my readers who wantto add something to what is written above. If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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