9 Best Sites That Pay You To Play Games For Free In 2020

Sites that pay you to play games for free

If you are looking for a fun way to earn a few extra bucks online, then you couldn’t wish for anything better than earning those bucks playing games.

Believe it or not there are quite a number of platforms that are willing to reward you for doing just that…………..playing games.

The 9 platforms we have listed below all work in a similar way, however there are differences.

Some pay you for simply installing and playing the games, and others pay you when you play for a specific period of time, and perhaps write a review.

Others require you to play as many games as you can to get more draw entries to win cash prizes. Some of the platforms provide other paid tasks such as  paid web searches or surveys.

What they all have in common however is referral programs. So if you can get your gaming mates to sign up too, using your referral code, then you can go some way to increase your earnings.

We recommend you don’t try out too many platforms at once to allow you time to see which one(s) suit you best, and offer you games you enjoy playing most.

The best way to look at it is to aim to have fun, with the income as a bonus. That’s because there is no getting away from the fact that the earning potential is very small. So if your main motivation is the money then it could be a frustrating experience.

However, if gaming is your passion, and you do it whether someone is paying you are not, then at least one of the platforms listed below could be for you.

1. SwagBucks

Chances are you have already heard of SwagBucks, however you may not be aware that you can earn points playing games on the site too.

The games tend to be slots based. Playing games isn’t the quickest way to earn points on the site, but certainly is one of the more fun ways. There is an attractive $5 sign up bonus, and you can earn extra by referring your friends there too.

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2. Bananatic

Bananatic pays you to play games and other activities too like reviewing games and viewing adverts. You can also earn 10% of any referrals you make to the site. The site pays you either via PayPal or various gift cards, once you have $5 worth of ‘bananas’ in your account.

You will also receive 50 bananas sign up bonus too. It may not be much but it gets you started.

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3. MistPlay 

MistPlay requires you to play a game for a specific time or achieve a certain level, and then give opinion on the experience.

The platform runs a decent referral program that pays 50 points for each referral, and an extra 100 points each time you reach 200 points in referral bonus’s.

So if you have plenty of mates that are gamers, and you introduce them to MistPlay you can cash in on it.

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4. AppStation

AppStation is an Android app that pays you for the amount of time you play a game. You can expect to get around 200-300 points for each minute you play. This works out at around a couple of cents, or just a bit more than a dollar an hour. It’s not much, but if you’re having fun, who cares right?

You also get a sign up bonus of $0.50 and there is a referral program that will pay you 25% of your referrals earnings.

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5. CinchBucks

CinchBucks offers numerous ways to earn some extra bucks including playing popular games like Knights Diamond and Pirates.

You can redeem your rewards either via PayPal or a number of gift card options and bitcoin. Once you have the equivalent of $10 in points you can claim your reward.

The site also runs a referral program that pays you 10% of your referrals earnings.

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6. FitPlay

FitPlay recommends games to you that fit your profile, and pays you to play them.

The app offers you a 5555 point sign up bonus, and you can cash out with 6399 points (£0.50) (or mcoins as they are called). Unfortunately the games you play only pay upwards of 30 points.

One way to get to the cash out sum quickly is by referring your friends which pays 250 points per referral.

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7. Big Time Cash

Earning money for playing games with Big Time Cash is more a game of chance, rather than a guaranteed small income. The more you play however the greater the chance of rewards.

Each game you play will earn you a ticket for the weekly draw. There is no limit on the amount of games you can play, but the chances of winning a bigger prize is likely to be slim nonetheless. Most prizes are between $1 and $4.

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8. PointsPrizes

There are numerous tasks you can complete on the PointPrizes platform to earn a little extra, but the most fun one is playing games. Check the offer wall for each day for new games to play and earn from.

You Can Earn extra cash too by referring your gaming friends. You will get 10% of your referrals earnings, so active referrals can be profitable.

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9. Inbox Dollars

Another well known platform that provides an opportunity to make money gaming is Inbox Dollars.

There are lots of other ways to earn on this popular site, and there is a $5 sign up bonus up for grabs for new members too.

The platform has both paid and free games available. The paid ones you play through GSN, and you can earn cashback on those. The free ones enable you to unlock scratch cards as you complete the levels.

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      Swagbucks And Inbox Dollars Have iOS Apps. You may also want to try Lucktastic, which we haven’t included in our list. Thanks for your comment.

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