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99Tests Review: Can You Earn Money Testing Software and Mobile Apps?

99tests review

Thanks for joining me today for this review of the testing platform 99tests.

99tests is an online platform that pays testers for carrying out tests on software and mobile apps.

In this review I will be taking an in-depth look at the platform, we will be finding out what earning potential it has, how things work,  and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join.

There are lots of similar platforms like 99Tests that pay you for testing, so let’s see how it matches up to the other platforms available online.

UPDATE..The 99Tests website can no longer be accessed and appears to be closed.

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What Is Testing?

If you’ve never come across the concept of testing before, briefly this is what it’s all about.

Testing is a crucial phase in software development. The process of testing checks on issues such as quality, functionality, security, automation and ease of use of various digital products.

Software development companies are constantly looking for professional testers and real world users to test their software projects before they are launched into the market.

The only viable way of finding testers on short notice is through crowd testing platforms like 99Tests.

Background To 99Tests

99Tests is simply a software-testing platform that offers you a chance to become a paid tester.

Whether you are a professional tester or a newbie, 99Tests gives you an opportunity to earn money testing various digital products such as websites, software applications, mobile apps and wearables.

The company was founded in 2010 by Praveen Singh, who also doubles up as the CEO. Ever since its launch, 99Tests has experienced considerable growth to become one of the top-rated companies in software testing.

How does 99Tests work?

The essence of software testing is to discover errors and bugs that affect the performance and functionality of software products.

99Tests works by providing a platform for software developers to gather meaningful insights concerning their digital products.

99Tests uses a crowdsource testing model where any internet user can participate by becoming a tester on this platform.

This means that testers can be hired on-demand and provide prompt feedback as required by the client. Additionally, software developers can test their products by location or target group.

How much can I earn working with 99Tests?

99Tests does not indicate the amount of money they pay per test. This is because the pay per test varies depending on your skill set and other factors such as the complexity of the task.

All earnings are based on the number of bugs that you discover rather than the time spent analyzing bugs.

Professional testers are likely to earn higher because of their experience.

Discovering complex bugs and errors can also attract a higher pay. If you are a beginner, you ought to hone your skills first to improve your earning potential.

Joining 99Tests

99Tests does not have any restrictions on membership.

Anyone can become a tester on this platform,  you do not require any professional skills to work on this site.

Signing up is also very easy. The process requires your name, email address and password. Alternatively, you may use your social account such as Facebook or LinkedIn to register.

How and when does 99Tests pay?

99Tests does not have a minimum payout threshold. This means that you can request for payment at any time without restrictions.

However, you will only receive your pay on the 15th and last day of every month. All payments are made via PayPal or PayU in Indian Rupees.

How to improve your testing skills

99Tests accepts testers of different skill sets. However, advanced level testers earn much higher than beginners do.

You can increase your chances of earning a higher pay by improving your testing skills. Here are a few hints on how to improve your testing skills.

  • Invest in learning

Read books about software testing and other related subjects to advance your testing skills. You can also access guides and tutorials provided by 99Tests to enhance your knowledge on software testing.

  • Interact with professional testers

99Tests is home to thousands of professional testers and software experts. Grow your network by interacting with professional testers available on this platform. You can easily achieve this by participating in forum and discussions related to software testing.

  • Practice

Practice makes perfect. Take time to practice your testing skills by participating in as many software-testing projects as possible. In addition, practice how to write test reports as it will help you document bugs more accurately.

  • Follow Instructions

It is important to follow all instructions as specified by the client. Paying keen attention to detail and following user instructions will enable you to satisfy all requirements and submit flawless test reports.

What Are The Pros?

  • Reputable testing company

99Tests is a reputable company in the world of software testing. Joining this company is 100% free and it accepts both novice and professional testers from all corners of the world.

  • Flexibility

This company offers you the opportunity to be your own boss.

You can set your own schedule, and work without any supervision. You also have the freedom to choose test cycles that suit your preferences.

  • Diverse Projects

99Tests offers a wide range of software-testing projects. Participating in diverse software projects gives you an opportunity to advance your testing skills and grow your knowledge on the latest technologies.

  • Prompt payments

This platform does not have a minimum payout threshold. Payments are made directly to your PayPal or PayU account twice a month (15th day and last day of the month)

  • Access to training tutorials and resources

99Tests offers free access to guides and tutorials that will help you become a better tester. You can also seek help from other professional testers by becoming an active participant in discussions and online forums.

  • Excellent support service

99Tests has an excellent support team, readily available to offer guidance whenever you encounter any technical problems.

What Are The Cons?

  • Limited access to projects

Access to projects is based on your skill level. Beginners may have a hard time receiving invitations to participate in high-paying projects. Some projects are also location-based and this may lock out interested testers.

  • Need to invest in equipment

You need to invest in a PC or laptop and a stable internet connection to work as a tester.

Final Thoughts About 99Test

99Tests is a great platform for advancing your technological skills, while earning money on the side.

Joining this site gives you an opportunity to discover new software applications and mobile apps before they are released into the market.

The only shortcoming about this site is that 99Tests are not clear about the amount of money they pay per test. It would have been good for potential members to know how much they are likely to earn before joining this platform.

However, if you are interested in software testing and you are looking for a platform that accepts testers of different skill sets, then consider joining 99Tests.

Thanks for reading this review of 99 Tests. Have you experience working with this company? Let me know in the comments below if you want to share what you thought of the company.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform. Experience is needed however in order to increase your earnings. Testing websites and software applications is a good way to make some extra money online, however it is advisable to sign up to a number of other testing sites however, to see which ones work best for you and can offer you the most work.

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