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Thanks for joining me today as I review is an online platform designed to pay its members cash for clicks on their links.

Many marketers and bloggers like to shorten cumbersome links, and the site offers a tool that makes the process simple.

If you’re not sure how this concept works, or how manages to make this into a cash earning opportunity, then just sit tight as we find out more.

How  Works is easy to use, even if you are relatively new to marketing or blogging.

Once you insert a long link, the tool changes it to a short link. This saves space on platforms like Twitter, so you can maximize the space that you’re allowed for each tweet.

When someone clicks on your shortened link, an ad appears during the time it takes for them to go to your landing page. You are paid for that brief advertising time.

You must register for an account before you can start shrinking your links. That allows you to receive credit for every person who clicks on any of your links across the Internet. This URL shortening service lets advertisers pay for real visitors to their websites.

The strength of the business model helps to ensure that you will always be paid. has been in business for several years and was one of the first to offer this type of service. presents another advantage to people who build their own blogs and are interested in collecting data on visitors. It tells you where visitors are coming from, so you know their country of origin, and whether blog posts and other content are being seen by people in your target market. provides statistics on the referring URLs . This allows you to quickly determine which of your products are doing well online, or how you can adjust your promotional methods.

These statistics are so useful that it’s worth shortening the links just for that benefit.

How Much Can You Earn With has helped many marketers and bloggers to increase their earnings. If you frequently share links online for promotional purposes, you should consider shortening them with this tool, so you can earn money every time someone clicks.

Your earnings will vary depending on the market that you cater to, and if you focus on visitors from North America, your CPM will be fairly high. The platform publishes regular updates of the CPM for both desktop and mobile users.

The highest CPM reported at September 39, 2019 was over $159.

If your links are related to products or services that are competitive, you may find that the ads which appear are high priced, and that will result in a high CPM. Generally, if most of your visitors are desktop users, and come from the United States, U.K., and Canada, you will earn well with this platform.

The link shortening tool shows you how much you are earning, so you can make adjustments to increase profitability. Once your balance gets to $5, you can request payment. Your payment options are Payoneer, and PayPal, which are both trusted and speedy alternatives.

What Are The Pros?

  • helps you to get paid even when a visitor does not take further action on your landing page.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of using your links on social media, so you can freely share them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • They have a low minimum for payout.
  • Options for payment are quick and easy, and funds can be sent to your Payoneer account, or PayPal
  • Their advertising is safe for families, so you can freely use the service to shorten links for teaching tools, parenting articles, or children’s apps.
  • All the ads are constantly checked for malware.

What Are The Cons?

  • shows while your visitor is going to your landing page. A few visitors may be distracted by the ads. There is a minor risk that a few might lose focus and forget about going to your page.

Some Final Thoughts is a good way to make additional cash through your promotional activities. Whether you share news stories, recipes, or links to your handmade products, you can earn cash every time someone clicks.

You can collect payment easily in countries that don’t use PayPal, by requesting a transfer to your Payoneer account. This platform makes it easy to earn online, and if you have a lot of experience with promoting products, you should consider using it to augment your earnings.

Registration is easy, the CPM rates are good, and you gain valuable data.

Star Rating 3.5/5- A reliable long-standing platform that offers a method of generating an income from shortened links.

3.5 Star Rating

My Top Recommendation

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  1. Great post! You should write a review of ExoBucks. Their system analyzes each visitor you send, detects which URL shortener will pay the most for that visitor and then sends them to it. That way you can automatically rotate which shorteners that visitors are sent to and earn the most for each of them.

    Plus, they have a great referral program that let’s you earn from 50+ URL shorteners (useful for affiliates).

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