Adme App Review – Does This App Pay You To Unlock Your Phone’s Screen?

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Adme App Review

Welcome to our review of the Adme App……If you are like most people and are a regular smartphone user,  you will have noticed that mobile rewards apps have sprung up from everywhere in recent times.

Some are better than others, however the reality is that smartphone apps do have a common trend, in that they tend to have a very low-income potential.

Is this the same case with the Adme app?

The Adme Android App is no longer available from the GooglePlay store. But you can SIGN UP HERE

What is the Adme App?

Adme is a smartphone app that rewards you with cash or gift cards just for swiping and unlocking your phone’s screen.

There are a number of apps available now that pay you for unlocking your phone.

Essentially, this app automatically turns your phone into a digital billboard by displaying a wide array of ads that you have to view whenever you want to unlock your phone’s screen.

These ads range from latest deals, coupon offers and trending news.

Interestingly, you do not have to click on any ad to unlock your phone. You can just swipe the ad away to unlock your smartphone and still get paid for it!

Getting Started

Adme App Review

The Adme app does not require much as far as signing up is concerned. You just have to provide your email address to register.

As a bonus you will receive a $1 reward just for creating your Adme app account. If you sign-up via a referral code, the app will award you an extra $0.50 bonus.

Discover more platforms that pay a sign up bonus.

How to make money with the Adme App

The Adme app allows you to choose among three simple modes to improve your lockscreen experience.

Additionally, you can effectively utilize these modes to build your income streams and increase your earnings. The three app modes include:

Single Screen – Content Feed Mode

This mode allows you to view sponsored content in the Adme dashboard.

By choosing this mode, you will be directed to the Adme dashboard (automatically) whenever you wake up your phone/unlock your screen

The dashboard displays dozens of trending stories, blogs, news and other valuable content that might be
of interest to you.

However, this mode does not pay much compared to the other modes.

Single Screen – Full Screen Ad Mode

As suggested by the name, this mode displays a single ad that takes up your phone’s entire screen, each time you wake up your phone.

Most of these ads revolve around coupon offers and deals from retailers.

To earn money, you just have to view the ad for a few seconds, and then continue using your phone as normal.

You can get rid of the ad by tapping on your home screen button or the X symbol at the top right corner of the display.

Double Screen – Content Feed and Ad Mode

The double screen mode displays both Adme content and full screen ads each time you unlock your smartphone.

In essence, it is a combination of the content feed mode and the full screen ad mode.

You will therefore earn twice as much as the other preceding modes.

Adme App Referral Program

Another way of increasing your earnings is by taking advantage of the Adme app referral program. This refer-a-friend scheme will pay you $0.50 for every new member that signs up using your referral code.

You can easily accrue a decent amount by promoting your referral code on social media or via email.

Getting paid for referring others to reward sites is a popular way to generate a small passive income.

Income Potential

The Adme app has a very low-income potential as most ads pay as little as $0.02 per view.

Also, the app uses a restrictive algorithm that is meant to not only prevent fraud, but also reduce earnings for users who lock and unlock their screens frequently.

Apparently, you are required to use your phone as you normally do to maintain your earnings.

Based on these requirements, the average earnings that you should expect ranges from $10 to $15 per month.

Payments and Withdrawals

Payment options include PayPal cash and a wide selection of gift cards.

You may request for payment at anytime so long as you reach the minimum payout of $10.

However, you may only submit a withdrawal request on the 1st and 15th day of every month.

What Are The Pros?

• Free to join

• Earn money effortlessly

• Provides protection to your phone while saving battery

• Multiple payment options, including gift cards and PayPal

• Offers lucrative deals and exciting discounts

• Low payout threshold of $10


What Are The Cons?

• Payments are made twice a month

• Low-income potential

• Clicking on ads does not increase your income

• Some ads can be obstructive

Is the Adme App worth trying out?

The Adme app offers you the perfect chance of earning money online with no effort required.

Although the app has a low-income potential, getting paid just for unlocking your screen and viewing ads is one of the easiest ways of earning money online.

For this reason, we can conclude that the Adme app is worth trying out if you want to generate a small side income for doing very little.

STAR RATING 2/5 very low income, but easy to do

2 Star Rating



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