Adpack Pro Review: Is this Program Legit?

Ad Pack Pro Review

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Thanks for checking out my Adpack Pro Review.

Today I will be finding out what this program is all about, whether it is legit, and if you should try it.

Adpack Pro is an online advertising platform that allows entrepreneurs to promote their products and websites by purchasing special advertising packages.

In a different perspective, Adpack Pro is a unique marketing program that allows individual affiliate members to earn a share of revenues from the sale of advertisement packages.

The Adpack Pro Company targets anyone who wants to make a passive income and ordinary companies that have an interest in promoting their products online.

You have to purchase an advertising package for you to become an affiliate member, and be eligible for revenue shares.

Unlike other revenue share programs, which have tangible product lines, Adpack Pro does not engage in selling physical products.

Ad packs are the only products available on this platform.

Is Adpack Pro Legitimate?

Adpack Pro is a Swiss-based website registered under the OneVision Holding Company.

The company was launched in 2015 under the tutelage of CEO Peter Muller, and a team of experienced marketers.

Although Adpack Pro is a relatively new advertising platform, it boasts of a sound management team and a solid membership base.

Getting Started with Adpack Pro

Membership is open worldwide, and anyone above the age of 18 years can become a member.

The registration process only requires basic information such as your name, email address, gender, location and address.

You need to activate your account by verifying your email address to gain full access to your dashboard.

Although it is free to join this platform, you need to an ad pack to become eligible for revenue shares and earn considerable returns on investment.

Adpack Pro gives you the option to upgrade your account and increase your earning potential.

Members who have upgraded their accounts are eligible for more benefits and bonuses.

Yearly membership fees ranges between 39 Euros and 999 Euros.

Ways of earning money using Adpack Pro

1. Buying Ad Packs
Buying ad packs is the main income stream on this platform.

However, it is risky since you have to put in a certain amount of money to earn a considerable return. There are no guarantees of any return on the money you put in.

A single ad pack goes for 25 Euros, and each pack has a return on investment potential of 30 Euros from the revenue share.

The more ad packs you buy, the more revenue share you will earn. Nevertheless, the amount of advertising packages that you can buy at any particular time depends on your membership status:

a. Basic membership, which costs 39 Euros annually, allows for up to 50 ad packs per day.

b. Hero membership costs 999 Euros, and it comes with 3000 ad packs in a day.

Each ad pack comes with 10,000 guaranteed ad exposures and 100 guaranteed clicks on your ads.

You must view a minimum of ten ads in a day to be eligible for revenue shares.

2. Referral Program
Adpack Pro has a 2-level referral program, which you can use to invite new members to the platform.

The first level of this referral program pays 11% commissions on the amount your direct referrals spend on buying ad packs, while the second level pays 7% commissions.

Although this referral program does not pay much, it is a good way of boosting your potential earnings.

3. Viewing Ads
This revenue stream does not require any money, and it is popular with free members since it has zero risks.

This income stream involves clicking on sponsored ads and viewing ads for a set duration.

Nonetheless, the potential income is very low, and it ranges between $ 0.002 and $ 0.01.

Getting Paid

Adpack Pro does not have a minimum payout requirement.

All payments are made via direct deposits, Amex, Diner Club, MasterCard and VISA.

• Free to join
• Multiple income streams
• Multiple payment options
• Easy way of earning money online
• 2-Level referral program

• Does not accept PayPal or Skrill (Most online users prefer these methods)
• Low-income potential
• You need to buy ad packs to earn money
• You must click at least 10 ads to earn revenue shares
• Viewing ads is time-consuming and tedious
• Highly-risky affair

Final Thoughts

Although Adpack Pro is a genuine online platform, it has a very low potential for earning money.

Also, many observers liken it to a pyramid scheme,  considering the fact that the company does not have any tangible products, or a consistent source of income.

If you have your mind set on joining this site, always remember to spend only what you can afford to lose.

Adpack Pro Score…..3 out of 10 I think the paid options on sites like Adpack Pro are risky. The free options are just way too low paid, although you are getting something for simply clicking on an add. I think there are better ways to make money online.

Thanks for reading my Adpack Pro Review. Have you experience of working with this site? Let me know in the comments what you thought.

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