Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Affiliate marketing success stories

Despite a bit of an image overhaul in recent years due to more ethical marketing, affiliate marketing does still get a bad press.

That’s because it has had a bit of a shady past, and there are still quite a few bad eggs out there marketing products that they say will make you a ton of money by weekend (or words to that effect), when in reality they are either over hyped, or just crap.

On the other hand there are the affiliate marketing success stories. They are the ones who have set about doing affiliate marketing the right way, and been very good at what they do. They are shining examples to the rest of us who hope to follow in their footsteps.

Sure, the success stories we are going to list here have talent, and they have knowledge. However, what  really stands them head and shoulders above the rest of us is the sheer blood sweat and tears they have put into achieving their success.

What you see today in these success stories is the result of years of perseverance, not just a lucky break or secret method. When you read the success stories you begin to see that there is something to say for investing in a large amount of hard work and determination.

In whatever profession you are in, this is the foundation of earning money........Hard work and determination.

So, what is a success? I guess it depends a lot upon where you start off from. The success stories I have highlighted in this article will no doubt come across as outstanding successes by most standards, however, success can be different for many people.

Being able to pay the mortgage and buy food could be a success for one person, whereas owning a sports car and a large house is considered success to someone else.

Your own success is built on your personal target of where you want to be in a few years’ time. Because that’s how long it will take you to become successful in affiliate marketing, or any kind of business for that matter.

If you are the kind of person who is very impatient and likes to see results quickly, then I would recommend you look to something else other than affiliate marketing. But if you think the things that are worthwhile in this life are worth working for, and waiting for, then stick around because affiliate marketing can produce some amazing results, as our success stories testify to.

Affiliate marketing isn’t all about dropping a few links in an article and expecting people will come across it and buy from you immediately.

It’s about writing great content. That means writing great articles that inspire and influence readers so they understand that what you are promoting is what they want.

Creating an email list

When you get started, and you begin putting articles up on your website, you will come to realise that a large percentage of your visitors are just one time visitors, and they never come back.

From a marketing point of view that means you are losing business.

If you want to be a success like the marketers in this article, then you have to make your relationship with your readers a little more……..intimate.

O.k, maybe intimate may not be the right word 😂 …..but seriously what I am trying to say is that it is quite rare for anyone to build any trust with you and your business with just one visit to your site.

One way of overcoming this is to offer the reader a free product, or some kind of incentive, in return for them agreeing to join your emailing list.

What you offer is up to you, it could be a free video which relates to the product or service, or an ebook outlining how you used the product or service yourself with results of how it performed for you. If it gets the reader to join the mailing list then that is what really matters.

When you build an email list you are then able to promote to your readers often ( but within reason of course, doing it too often becomes spammy and that ain’t good)

If you are too reliant on waiting for your customers to find your website then click on your link, and then buy from the link (from what is most likely a first time visit) then you won’t make anywhere near as much money.

But hold on there a second……….

Discussing email lists is jumping the gun a bit, because the first real challenge is getting visitors to your site in the first place.

Marketers who want you to buy their product will make you believe that getting huge amounts of visitors to your website is easy.

However, there is no getting around the fact that most people give up their dreams of being a success at affiliate marketing before they have any where near enough traffic.

But you are different right?…you have staying power don’t you!  💪 💪

You have to be a tough cookie to stick around long enough so that you get a significant amount of visitors to your site, because getting enough visitors to your site is one of the most difficult but significant parts of affiliate marketing.

Regular visitors get to understand you, subscribers know and believe in you. People who don’t understand you and only happened across your site will be sceptical about purchasing from your links.

Pre-selling The Product or Service

Another big part of being a success story as an affiliate marketer is the ability to write honest reviews about products within your niche. Building trust with your readers is key to your success, because if they trust you, then they believe what you are saying.

By writing a review about the product or service you are trying to sell gives the customer an insight into what the product or service does. By showing the customer the genuine good and bad points of the product or service, you’ll get across how it will solve their problem.

Even making a short video or taking screenshots will show the customer you have taken the time to delve into the product or service.

After reading your review the customer should have a good idea if the product or service is what they need in their life. They will click your link and congratulations you’ve made your sale.

Success Stories

So here they are, the real life success stories, or the rock stars of the affiliate marketing industry.

Until you are aware of someone who has made any money from affiliate marketing, you won’t be convinced. So, I have given you success stories so you can see for yourself that creating an affiliate marketing website and working hard can bring you success.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is an American blogger who began his blog Smart Passive Income after being laid off in 2008.

He wanted to take control of his life by running his own online business and making money for himself. And I think it is fair to assume that he certainly did that!

Pat doesn’t, like many others, put across the impression that everything he touches turns to gold. Pat is unique as he shows you everything he has tried, whether it failed or succeeded. He has built a career from his blog and passive income by being very open and honest.

His success is clear to see from his monthly income reports he publishes on his blog every month. But was is much clearer is that on the months he put in a lot more work, he made more money. As Pat explains in his blog, you need to put in a lot of hard work and you must learn from the mistakes you’ve made to move forward with your business.

He also explains why he has had success from promoting other people’s products; you must like or have used the product you are promoting, that way you have first-hand experience of what the product does, thus explaining to your potential customer becomes easier as it’s the truth.

You see guys, honesty and hard work does pay off very handsomely in the affiliate marketing industry.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel was born in the UK but when he was merely 2 years old, his parents moved him to America.

He has always had the entrepreneur inside him bursting to get out from as young as 10 years old. Neil began his first online business when he was only 16 years old. By the time he was 18 he had other organisations proposing to purchase his business from him.

Neil clearly had the work ethic needed to succeed in affiliate marketing from an early age. He is a clever guy too, using advanced marketing strategies to gain extra customers, which contribute to extra income.

Neil has supported many businesses to increase their income by gaining more visitors to their site. Marketing his sites has earned him a lot of money and freedom to do what he loves.

His greatest achievement was earning enough money so that his parents didn’t need to work anymore.

You feeling it again guys?……..honesty and hard work wins the day!

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a UK business and internet marketing blogger, he is a young man who has a skill for online marketing and SEO strategies.

He started out as a gaming reviewer when he was still at school then built websites and continued marketing. Technology is clearly in this successful marketers blood from an early age.

His knowledge and experience of marketing and SEO have established his portfolio which incorporates marketing campaigns he has worked on for popular names in shopping and telecommunications sites.

He has built his online business by keeping his skills relevant to the evolving online algorithms and the rapid pace of the Internet.

His lifelong commitment and work ethic is a shining example of success through perseverance.

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin is an American-born entrepreneur, passionate about showing bloggers how they can earn a profit from their online business. She set up her first blog as a hobby and created her design studio through her site which later became her full-time job.

Having a genuine passion for what you write and blog about is another key to success. To be great at affiliate marketing you have to be in it for the long haul. If you have the passion then you are more likely to have the staying power to achieve success.

Since making a living through her design studio she moved on to teaching new bloggers how to start their own business and be successful.

By using marketing and social media strategies she teaches her clients to build a profitable business through online course creation, list-building, webinars and Pinterest marketing.


All these people originated from nothing, and through sheer determination have built themselves a career in affiliate marketing.

Although on the forefront they are helping clients build their own business, they are also marketing the services they use, and earning a profit. By building an honest business that does genuinely help other people, they have created a dream lifestyle.

Do you have what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing? Only you can answer that, because only you can do whatever it takes to succeed. Work hard, stay honest, and get some help if you need it.

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