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American Consumer Opinion Review 2022-Is It Still Paying?

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American Consumer Opinion Review

This American Consumer Opinion review will explain whether you can earn by sharing your thoughts about products that you use in 2022.

American Consumer Opinion has been around for a number of years and it’s focused on market research.

By reading my review today you will gain a better understanding of how the platform works, and whether it is likely to be a good fit for you in 2022.

To help me I will be finding out what other panelists think of this market research opportunity. I will also be weighing up the likely pros and cons to help you decide if you should join.

First however let’s take a look at how American Consumer Opinion works

How American Consumer Opinion Works

As already mentioned, American Consumer opinion is all about market research.

Market research involves learning what people in a particular demographic think about a topic. It helps to guide several aspects of a business.

For example, if a business in the United States sells sneakers to India or Thailand, they’ll want to know what type of packaging people in those countries prefer.

They’ll learn what they need to know by doing market research in those countries.

Decision Analyst Inc owns and operates this site. The company is based in Texas, in the United States. Its clients are other businesses that need to learn what consumers think of their products and services.

Many of the clients who conduct surveys via American Consumer Opinion want to know how their advertising impacts consumers.

As such, you may sometimes be asked to share feedback on ads that you’ve heard, watched or otherwise engaged with.

In this American Consumer Opinion review, we will discuss the site from the perspective of panelists.

You’ll learn how to sign up for the site, what type of surveys you can expect and what other earning opportunities are available there.

Does American Consumer Opinion Pay In 2022?

American Consumer Opinion has a good reputation for payment and as long as your surveys have been completed successfully, you will be paid. It’s reassuring to know that this survey site has paid out over USD $30 million to panelists over the years.

American Consumer Opinion Review

American Consumer Opinion has some impressive statistics

Membership is free and you can sign up by using your email address and a password of your choice. To save time you can also connect via your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

The name of course includes the word ‘American’, but this can be a little misleading if you think you can’t participate because you’re not American.

If you are outside the U.S you will be pleased to know that the site isn’t limited to just Americans. It has six million members worldwide and you can sign up from any location for free.

When you share your opinion you’re protected. Your name and address will not be shared with any other companies that contract the services of the market.

How Long Do The Surveys With American Consumer Opinion Take, And What Do They Cover?

The time that you put into answering questions will vary. Most of the surveys on this site will take at least 10 minutes.

The surveys and research projects will cover a variety of topics. This is because they’re coming from different companies.

All of the companies specialize in different sectors, so you’ll be asked about everything from food to financial products.

Most of the feedback that’s needed by companies can be grouped into three main categories. These are product design, service improvement and presentation or packaging.

You might be asked to provide feedback on new or existing packaging for a particular type of product.

How To Earn On American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion rewards you for sharing your opinions. It collects feedback from you in various ways and you’re always paid. It doesn’t matter what method is used.

For example, surveys and research projects can both be used to collect information from you.

How Much Can You Earn With American Consumer Opinion?

Ultimately the amount you are going to earn depends upon the amount of surveys and research projects you get.

If you do qualify you will find that surveys are of different lengths, so the amount that you earn won’t always be the same.

However, members can earn anywhere between 100 ($1) and 5,000 points ($50) for participating in surveys and research projects.

Their projects pay much more than surveys, but you will find that higher paying opportunities are less frequent.

How Do You Know When American Consumer Opinion Has A Survey For You?

Whenever a survey is available that matches your profile, you’ll be sent an email.

This invitation will contain a link to a survey on their website. Once you click on the link, you’ll be able to participate in the survey.

You don’t have to wait until an email invitation is sent to you. Every member can see the surveys that they qualify for by logging into the site and clicking on their Member page.

Even when survey invitations are sent to you, it doesn’t mean that you’re fully qualified for the survey.

You’ll have to answer screening questions at the start of every survey. These will show whether you’re in the specific demographic that’s being targeted by the company that wants to do research on their products.

If you’re screened out of a survey, you won’t be able to do the actual survey.

Does American Consumer Opinion Offer Any Compensation For Being Screened Out Of A Survey?

Yes, you will receive some type of reward for doing the screener. Each screener usually pays between five and 50 points.

Sometimes you won’t be paid in points for doing a screening. Instead, you’ll receive an entry into their sweepstakes. Drawings for these are held once per month.

Some members really like the sweepstakes. As such, they prefer to trade their points from completed surveys for a chance to win gift cards and other prizes in the sweepstakes.

They do this by signing in as though they wish to withdraw their earnings for cash.

The option to use some of their points for the sweepstakes is available under that section.

Members are free to only use a portion of their points to purchase sweepstakes entries

This is one of the few times when you can adjust the number of points that you want to use for a redemption option on the site.

Does American Consumer Opinion Have A Referral Program?

Yes, this survey site does have an affiliate program that you can participate in.

You’ll earn $2.50 for each new person who you bring to the site.

However, before you can receive your bonus the individual must complete at least one survey successfully.

Also, the site has a quota for each country. As such you may not always be able to participate in the affiliate program. You need to check the site first and ensure that your country is eligible.

Currently only members in a few countries can qualify for the affiliate program.

Many other countries don’t currently require new members.

How To Withdraw From American Consumer Opinion

To redeem your points, you’ll need to log into My Account by using your username and password.. Click on the Cashout button.

When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, your points will be converted to dollars.

If you have 10 points in your account, this will be equal to $1. However, you’re not allowed to withdraw your rewards unless you’ve reached the minimum threshold for payment. This is equal to 1000 points ($10).

Several cash redemption options are available. For example, PayPal is a popular alternative where it’s available. Hyperwallet is also offered in several countries.

In some areas you can donate your earnings to a charity.

What Real Users Are Saying About American Consumer Opinion?

Members of American Consumer Opinion like the rewards that they receive. They say that the surveys are direct and get to the point but are still interesting.

They like the fact that the emails which tell them of survey opportunities are unobtrusive.

Members also appreciate the many cash out options that are available.

Others are glad that there aren’t any quotas.

There are a few complaints about the frequency with which they’re sent survey invitations. They wish that they had the opportunity to complete surveys more

Have you tried American Consumer Opinion and want to share your experience with us? If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of American Consumer Opinion?

  • Panelists on American Consumer Opinion help to improve the products and services that consumers use. They also help to ensure that new products that are being brought to market satisfy the needs of consumers. Many people enjoy participating in the panels just for these reasons.
  • Your privacy is protected on this site. All of the information that you share is kept confidential.
  • American Consumer Opinion does not have any quotas. You don’t have to complete a specific number of surveys per day or per week. You can just do a survey whenever you have free time.
  • Cash is available as a payment option on this site. You can have an option that will work in your country no matter where in the world you are. However, the cash payment methods are not all the same.
  • This survey site has an affiliate program. While it doesn’t pay a lot, it does provide members with another way of earning cash. This is helpful at times when no surveys are available which match their profile.
  • The site offers some compensation for being screened out. Members are offered either points or entry into sweepstakes.

What Are The Cons Of American Consumer Opinion?

  • American Consumer Opinion does not have a lot of surveys per week. In fact, most members only do several surveys per year. It will therefore not be a regular source of extra income.
  • You may sometimes be screened out of surveys. if you’re in some demographics, you may not be able to complete surveys often. For example, you may get survey invitations more often if you live in a busy city.
  • You need $10 worth of points before you can cash out. This could take a while to reach if you don’t get many surveys. (5 survey sites that pay out when you have $5 or less in your account)
  • If you want a cash payment, you’re not allowed to withdraw part of your money. That is, you can’t decide that you want to donate part and receive the rest as cash.

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Some Final Thoughts On American Consumer Opinion

In this American Consumer Opinion review, you’ve learned how you can earn extra cash by doing surveys every now and then.

You’ve also learned how your participation helps to improve products and services.

American Consumer Opinion have several good payment options. You can even donate your earnings to charity if you wish.

The only problem with this online earning opportunity  is that you won’t receive surveys often.

However, when you do, the extra money will come in handy.

Star Rating 2.5/5-American Consumer Opinion is a legit survey site that pays its members for taking surveys and other market research projects. Unfortunately however, there may not be a lot of surveys available.

Thanks for reading my review of American Consumer Opinion. I hope it gave you the information about the site that you were looking for, and you can now go on to make a more informed decision about whether to join.

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