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Appenscribe Transcription Review: Become a Paid Transcriber

Thanks for joining me today for my Review of Appenscribe.

Appenscribe is an online transcription platform that offers freelancers the opportunity to sign up with them as a paid transcriber. But how good is the platform, and what opportunities does it offer?

This is what we will be finding out in our review, along with all the likely pros and cons should you decide to sign up. But first let’s find out a bit more about the Appenscribe platform.

What Is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting audio files to written text.

The process basically involves listening to a digital audio or video file and then producing a written version of the content.

Transcription services are common in the fields of business, medicine and law. The latter two require more clarity when dealing with audio data.

You can earn a legitimate income working as a virtual transcriber for companies such as Appenscribe without having any previous experience. However, to succeed with transcription and earn a reasonable amount consistently, you need to be able to regularly produce high quality work quickly.

Nevertheless, Appenscribe are willing to offer work to transcribers from all over the world, and to those who are complete newbies.

Other income opportunities With Appenscribe include translation, linguistics and web search evaluation.

Signing Up With Appenscribe

Appenscribe is available globally and anyone above the age of 18 years can sign up with this platform. The registration process requires your email address, name, phone number, address, city and nationality.

The next step involves selecting the languages that you can speak, write and understand fluently. You need to be fluent in at least one language. Fluency in multiple languages is an added advantage, as it guarantees more work.

How Does Appenscribe Work?

Although Appenscribe accepts those who are new to transcription, you still have to undergo qualification tests to start working for this company.

However, most of these tests are simple and are intended to check your spelling skills and proficiency in transcribing using the languages you selected during registration.

As previously mentioned, transcription is the main income stream on this platform. However, Appenscribe offers other services that can earn you money. These include:

1. Linguistics

Appenscribe provides you with a platform to earn money by analyzing various language forms, meanings and context.

2. Translation

You can earn money by translating written text or audio files from one language into another.

3. Web search evaluation

You can become a web search evaluator and earn money on the Appenscribe platform. Web search evaluation measures the effectiveness of a web search system to make sure it complies with search algorithms.

System Requirements-What You Will Need

You need to invest in several tools and equipment to work with Appenscribe.

The following are the main requirements for setting up your virtual home office.

• A standard PC or laptop
• High-speed internet connectivity
• High-quality headset
• Foot pedal

What skills do I need to become a successful transcriber?

• Language

You must possess excellent language skills for you to become a successful transcriber. Your ability to differentiate between different words and homophone can make the difference in producing high-quality transcripts. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation must also be perfect.

• Active listening

If you want to become a proficient transcriptionist, you need to possess excellent listening skills. Exceptional listening skills will help you handle inaudible audio files and heavy accents.

• Typing skills

Your typing skills will determine how much work you can do at any given time. You need to have a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute to become a successful transcriber on this platform.

• Extensive research skills

You need to carry out extensive research to familiarize yourself with words that might not be clear when doing a transcription job.

The names of towns or streets of foreign countries might be hard to grasp, and that is where the importance of research skills comes into play. This will enable you to minimize spelling errors and produce quality transcripts.

How Much Can I Make Working With Appenscribe?

The amount of money you can earn with Appenscribe ranges from project to project.

According to information from Appenscribe forums, earnings can reach as high as $10 per audio hour. But that doesn’t mean you will earn $10 per hour, because it could take you several hours to transcribe an audio that is an hour long.

The quality of your work and your ability to type quickly will determine the amount of money you can earn with Appenscribe. Your transcripts must satisfy an 85% clarity threshold for you to receive payments in full.

Getting Paid By Appenscribe

Appenscribe does not have a minimum payout requirement, and the company pays every two weeks via PayPal and Skrill. You will receive your payments within 7 days after making a withdrawal request.

What Are The Pros?

• Reputable Australian-based company
• High-income potential
• Open to international members
• Accepts newbie transcribers
• Prompt payments via PayPal

What Are The Cons?

• You need to invest a considerable amount of money in equipment
• Requires excellent language skills
• You must have fast typing skills
• Inconsistent flow of work

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Final Thoughts On Appenscribe

If you have an interest in transcription and want somewhere to start then you could consider working with Appenscribe.

However, although Appenscribe accepts newbie members, you need to undergo some form of training to become a successful transcriptionist on this platform. Otherwise, poor quality work will limit the number of projects you can do at any particular time.

It is also worth signing up to more than one transcription company as the work you get may not be consistent.

Thanks for reading this Appenscribe Review. Let me know in the comments if you have any experience working with Appenscribe that you want to share.

Star Rating 3/5-If you are good at transcription and have the necessary skills then you can earn well doing this. You can also earn more if you are fluent in more than one language.

3 Star Rating

My Number 1 Recommendation

Although transcription is a legit way to make money online from home, it isn’t my number 1 recommendation.

That’s because, although you will be able to work from home, you will still be required to comply with deadlines. If you don’t get the work done in time, you won’t get more transcription work.

However, my top rated platform shows you how to create a simple website and turn it into a profitable online business. And ultimately, it offers you the freedom to choose to work on your website from whoever and whenever you decide to.

It is completely free to join and you get a free website, free training and support.

No experience is needed, the training is straightforward as it is taught to you via easy to follow step by step video tutorials.

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