AppKarma Review: Earn Rewards Playing Games and Watching Videos

App Karma Review

Thanks for dropping by to read about another way to earn rewards on your smartphone. Today I will be taking a look at an App called AppKarma.

This AppKarma Review will be finding out how you can earn rewards, by playing games, watching videos and other ways too.

AppKarma is an interactive mobile app that pays you every time you download and test sponsored apps, play games and watch video ads on your phone.

It uses a point-based system to reward its members and you can easily redeem your points for PayPal cash and gift card rewards after meeting the minimum withdrawal requirement.

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Downloading and installing the AppKarma app on your mobile device is the first step to creating an account.

Simply visit the AppKarma website, Google Play or the Apple App Store for the download link to the app. Once installed, you can then create an account by providing your name, email address, and password.

You will get instant access to the available offers after completing the account creation process.

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Different offers have different requirements. Some may require you to create an account, while others require you to complete tutorials or reach a certain level in a game.

Whatever the case, you must follow all offer requirements to receive your rewards. Here are several ways of making money with AppKarma

1. Karma Plays

Some sponsored apps come with a feature known as Karma Plays. Karma Plays refers to the maximum number of times you can use a downloaded sponsored app to earn points. Most downloadable apps on AppKarma only allow you to earn points once, but those that offer Karma Plays allow you to earn rewards by using the app at least twice daily.

2. Karma Quizzes
Some offers come with quizzes about the downloaded app. All you have to do is describe features of the app and earn extra points. In most cases, the reward for Karma quizzes is 5 0 points.

3. Karma Videos
You can also earn extra points for watching app trailers on AppKarma. Watching each video will earn you 5 points. However, you can only watch a maximum of 15 videos per day.

4. Achievement Badges
You are eligible for achievement badges after reaching various milestones such as completing 30 offers, inviting 50 friends, or checking in 20 times. Each achievement badge comes with bonus points which range from 50 – 500 points, depending on the milestone reached.

5. Redeem bonus
AppKarma will reward you with 5% of the points that you redeem for a gift card or PayPal cash. This is a way of ensuring that your account is not empty when you start your next cycle of earning points. The available points will also help you to negate some of the fees that PayPal charges when making transactions.

6. Referral Program
AppKarma will provide you with a unique link and code, which you will use to invite referrals. You can earn up to 30% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings.

The AppKarma VIP referral program attracts higher earnings.

This program allows you to earn points for promoting AppKarma on your YouTube channel. To become a VIP member, your YouTube videos have to generate at least 1000 views in a week. You will earn at least 50% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings.

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As mentioned above, AppKarma uses a point-based system where 1,000 points is equivalent to $1. You can redeem your points from either PayPal cash or gift cards from major stores such as Amazon, and Starbucks.

The minimum cash out for PayPal payments is $3, while the limit for gift cards is $1. All payments are made within 2 4 hours after making a withdrawal request.

• It is a legitimate mobile app
• It is a fun way of earning money
• You get to discover new apps
• It has an excellent referral program
• VIP members earn higher rewards

• Available for Android and IOS devices only
• Takes time to accumulate points
• It has few earning opportunities
• High minimum withdrawal for PayPal payments
• Numerous cases of missing credit bonuses

Final Thoughts
Joining AppKarma is not only a fun way of making money online, but also a good way of discovering new and exciting apps.

The process of downloading and testing apps does not take much of your time, and you get rewarded.

If you are a tech-savvy person and you enjoy trying out new apps, consider joining AppKarma, however don’t expect to get rich anytime soon, because it is a low earning opportunity.

AppKarma Score 5 out of 10…….This App is a fun, and flexible way to earn a few extra dollars, and has a referral program that can mean you can earn more by referring your friends. The earning potential however is going to be low.

Thanks for reading this AppKarma review. Let me know in the comments below if you have used this App and you want to share your experience.


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2 thoughts on “AppKarma Review: Earn Rewards Playing Games and Watching Videos”

  1. This is my first time hearing about appKarma.

    This app seems pretty interesting. No money upfront and the fact that it’s legit too.

    The bad part is that it takes so much time to accumulate points and 1000 points is only a dollar. And some people are just not so patience enough to do so.

    I’m not sure whether appKarma is suitable for those wanting fast money (well just fast little money), but it is worth a try.

    Thanks for this awesome review, Ray.

  2. Hi Izuddin,
    Apps like these can be fun, and you can earn a small amount whilst discovering new Apps. If your only motivation is the money then it will be difficult, because like you say it would be easy to run out of patience. A genuine interest in discovering new Apps would certainly help.
    If you want to make good money online however, there are much better ways than with AppKarma. Check out my link to my number 1 recommendation above.
    Thanks for your comment.

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