AppMan Review: Get Paid for Downloading Apps

App Man Review

Today I’m taking a look at an App called AppMan. I will be finding out in this AppMan Review how you can get paid for simply downloading Apps.

AppMan is yet another app that pays you to test various sponsored mobile apps.

It is an easy way of making money since all you need to do is download and try out apps on your phone.

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What are the minimum system requirements for AppMan?

AppMan is available for Android and IOS devices. You must have a compatible phone for you to use the app. Here are the minimum system requirements for AppMan:

Android Devices
• Android version 4.2 or greater
• Facebook verified account for logins

IOS Devices
• iOS 7 or greater
• Safari browser
• Browser Settings: Your browser must accept cookies and Private browsing must be OFF

What do I need to enroll with AppMan?

To enroll with AppMan, you have to download and install the app on your smartphone. The AppMan download link is available on the official app website and Google Play.

Creating an account with AppMan might be confusing at first. This is because after downloading AppMan to your phone, the app will direct you to download a test app, which you will use to sign up with AppMan.

The reason for this process is to make sure their tracking system is operational on your phone.

You will be redirected back to the AppMan app to complete the sign-up process.

AppMan also requires your Facebook ID to ascertain that you are a person, not a robot or botnet.

You will not be able to use the AppMan app until you authorize your Facebook settings to work with AppMan.

After signing up, you will have access to over 30 different sponsored apps. You can start earning Credits right away after logging into your account.

How AppMan works

The logic behind this app is simple. With the number of apps increasing every day, it becomes very difficult for upcoming app developers to market their apps to the masses.

AppMan offers a platform for developers to promote their apps and get feedback from real users. This platform is not free for developers, as they have to pay for advertising space.

AppMan then shares a portion of the commissions they get with its registered users.

AppMan uses a point-based monetary system where users receive Credits as rewards for downloading sponsored apps.

The amount of Credits you can earn when downloading an app is indicated next to the app, on the right panel.

All you have to do is to download, install, and open the app for at least 2-5 minutes to earn your Credits.

Different apps have different offer requirements. You may be asked to create an account, complete a profile, reach various game levels or answer quizzes about the app.

You must satisfy all these requirements for you to claim your rewards.

How Much Can You Make With AppMan?

The amount of money that you can make with AppMan depends on your efforts of course, but also on the amount of offers available.

Each downloaded app can earn you between 800 and 20,000 credits. You will have access to more than 30 sponsored apps during your first login. This means that it’s possible to make 8000 Credits on your first day of working with AppMan.

Getting Paid

800 AppMan Credits is equivalent to $1. You need a minimum of 800 Credits to redeem your points for gift cards from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play among many others.

PayPal payments require $15 minimum cash out, which is equivalent to 12,000 Credits. All rewards and payments are delivered within 48 hours.

The Pros Of Appman

• Legitimate app
• $5 bonus after reaching your first $5 worth of credits
• Easy way of making money online
• Reasonable referral program (Earn 50% of your referrals’ earnings)
• Accepts PayPal payments

The Cons Of Appman

• Confusing sign-up process
• High minimum withdrawal requirement ($15 PayPal)
• Technical App issues
• Few offers available

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Some Final Thoughts

AppMan is one of the many income-generating apps that are redefining the importance of mobile technology.

You can now earn money easily and conveniently from wherever you are, thanks to the portability that mobile devices provide.

You do not need any training or professional skills to use AppMan. If you are looking for a way to earn some side money quickly, then AppMan is a good platform to get you started.

Thanks for reading my AppMan review. Let me know in the comments section below if you have used this App and you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 2.5/5= This is an easy way to earn a few extra dollars, but the offers may be limited therefore limiting the income potential.

2.5 star rating

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4 thoughts on “AppMan Review: Get Paid for Downloading Apps”

  1. Please I will like to know if this Appman offer is available to all countries, I live in Nigeria. I will also like to know if there is a maximum one can earn, should you are able to refer several thousands of people. Thanks

    1. Hi Julius,
      I’m not certain whether this app is available in your region. You will need to try and download the app to see if it allows you.
      If you want to make money by referring tons of people so you can earn commission then I recommend you check out our recommended product at the end of our review.

  2. Hi Nate,
    Yes there are a few apps like Appman that pay you a small reward for downloading apps. It’s a win win, but you won’t get rich anytime soon. It is however a good way to discover new apps on the market. I have discovered a couple of apps using sites like Appman and they are some of my favourite apps, that I continue to use. Small reward sites like these should be used alongside others if you want to maximise the earnings. I hope you enjoy the Appman app and you discover some interesting apps, and make some cash too. Thanks for your comment.

  3. This is the first that I have heard of something like this. Download an app to earn money from using other apps within it… interesting concept. I can see how this can be pretty simple thing to do for a few extra bucks but can also see that this isn’t something that is going to make you a lot of money either. Pretty passive way to earn a little pocket change though. I am going to look into this and give it a shot!

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