Axion Data Entry Services Review: Is this a genuine data entry site?

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Axion Data Entry Review

Thanks for checking out my Axion Data Entry Services review

In my review review today I will be taking an in-depth look at whether the Axion Data Entry platform is a genuine data entry site, and if so what it offers to those of you who are looking for home based jobs.

Axion’s website states that openings are rare as they already have a dedicated team, however in order to be considered for future positions you will need 2-3 years data entry experience, and you will need to register on their database.

The reason they have a database is because they were getting too many applicants without the necessary experience.

They only want serious, and qualified applicants to apply, so to ensure this they also charge a fee of either $5, $7 or $10. to be put on the register. The different fees are determined by how long you wish to remain on the database.

You may however be wondering what Data Entry is….If so, here is a brief description.

Introduction To Data Entry

Data entry refers to the process of converting paper documents into electrical formats. In most cases, it entails the use of word and data processing softwares such as Ms word, Spss, and spreadsheet among many others.

People who carry out this process are referred to as data entry clerks/agents.

In most cases you can become a data entry clerk with no technical knowledge. All you need is a computer, stable internet connection and excellent typing skills.

However, in rare instances, the parties involved may carry out background investigations to determine the suitability of the clerk.

This is especially important when dealing with sensitive information such as bank records. Data entry has become popular in the recent years, with major organizations hiring individuals and online data entry sites to assist in data conversion. One such site is the Axion Data Entry Services (ADES).

Getting Started On Axion

The good news is that Axion is a genuine data entry site that offers home based freelancers with data entry work.

The Registration process is straightforward. You are only required to provide your full name, state, zip code, years of experience, language skills, email, and password. However, getting an opportunity to work on this site is not easy.

The company restricts the number of applicants who can register and work on this site at any given time. According to information obtained from the site, the last known hiring was done more than three years ago.

However, as stated above, you can always provide your details so they can go on the database for future consideration.

As we have already seen, the site charges individuals in order to keep their registration info in the company’s database. For your application to remain relevant, you are required to pay $5 for the first 60 days,$7 for 120 days and $10 for one year.

However, there is no guarantee that you will be contacted.

So How Does It Work At Axion?

Axion offers a flexible working schedule for its members. You can log in and work anytime you want without any restrictions. In most cases, members are required to enter data from scanned images.

Once the data is submitted, it is taken through a series of verification processes before being approved by the site admin. This helps in maintaining the accuracy of the data presented.

In order to uphold the privacy of the client, the company splits the images into different parts and assigns them to different clerks. This ensures that no single individual gets access to the entire document. Furthermore, the images displayed cannot be printed or downloaded in any format.

Data entry jobs available on this site include questionnaires, business reports, scan documents, mail receipts and advertisements among many others.

How Much Can I Earn At Axion?

There is no restriction on the number of tasks you can handle on this platform.

Each job opportunity pays differently depending on the nature of the task, and the time required to finish it.

Easy tasks that take less than a minute to complete pay $.05-$.10 cents, while more complex opportunities that require 30 min to complete pay $6 – $9 per form.

There is no minimum pay out requirement on this platform. However, you can only request for payment twice a month (every two weeks).Payment will then be processed 28 days after the request.

Is Axion Legitimate?

Axion is a US-based company that has been in existence since 1996, providing data entry jobs and internet research opportunities to its members.

Registered members can access available tasks without paying any amount. Furthermore, the company complies with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) set standards.

Basic Requirements At Axion

1.Personal Requirements

• You must be fluent in english ( Both oral and written )
• You must possess excellent typing skills.

Even though some of the projects offered may be technical in nature, any newbie can easily handle any task as long as he/she is able to make a clear judgment based on the images presented.

2.Working Station

For you to set up a workstation and operate efficiently, you need to have the following equipment:

• Computer
• A voice mail or a telephone answering machine

• Remote desktop software – for Mac users

• High-speed internet

What Are The Pros?

• It is a legitimate data entry site
• Most of the tasks offered are easy and can be done by anyone
• High earning potential for those with quick typing skills
• Flexible working schedule for those who have other jobs
• No minimum pay out requirement hence one can require payments at any time.
• No limit on the number of tasks you can handle at any given time
• The hiring process is not open throughout. This helps in minimizing the number of applicants on this site, hence more job opportunities are made available to the few registered members
• No professional skills required – Anyone with basic computer skills can join and start earning
• Complies with Better Business Bureau ( B B B ) set standards
• Members work from home as independent contractors

What Are The Cons?

  • Few job opportunities- the company does not offer multiple income opportunities to its members.
  • You need 2-3 years data entry experience and must be able to type at least 50 words a minute accurately.
  • Payments are made 28 days upon making a request
  • High starting capital is required – you need to purchase various equipment for your workstation.
  • No referral program
  • The registration process is uncertain – members pay for their data to be stored in the company’s database. However, the site does not promise any job opportunities to its members.
  • Axion doesn’t advertise any data entry opportunities on its website.
  • Geographical limitation-the company only accepts residents from the US.


Final Thoughts On Axion

Axion is definitely a genuine site. You can comfortably work as a part-time or full-time data specialist and earn a considerable amount. However, the number of opportunities available on this site are limited.

Nonetheless, Axion makes up for this by reducing the number of successful applicants working on this site. This ensures that all members get access to the few offers available.

In fact, data obtained from the official website indicate that most active members work 20 – 25 hours a week.

If you’re a data entry enthusiast or anyone that wish to earn extra cash, then this could be the right platform for you. However, you should be cautious when paying the annual waiting list amount.

Have you tried Axion? If so let me know in the comments whether your experience was positive.


Star Rating 3/5- This is a good data entry platform as long as you can get the work. You risk losing your money however if you pay to be on the waiting list and you don’t get any work.

3 Star Rating

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