Baymack Review: Earn Money from Daily Lucky Draws

Welcome to this Baymack Review, today I will be finding out what this platform is all about, and whether it is a worthwhile opportunity for you to earn some extra cash online.

You are always better off checking online reviews like this one to find out what earning sites can offer, how they work, and what the pros and cons may be.

OK so let’s get started….

What is Baymack?

Baymack is an invite-only free lucky draw website. This unique platform offers you the chance to participate in daily draws and win real cash.

All that you have to do is simply watch and listen to various promotional videos to earn entries to the daily draws.

Watching more than 10 promotional videos in a day is not an easy task. You may be tempted to skip some of the videos to fast – track the number of entries that you get.

However, this is not possible. Baymack uses a quality assurance system to make sure that you actually watch the videos until the end of the timer.

Is Baymack legitimate?

Baymack is 100 % legitimate. The fact that it is free to join is a clear indicator that Baymack is not a scam. It also has a dedicated page and a YouTube video that shows previous daily winners and proof of payment respectively.

What do I need to join Baymack?

Baymack is an invite-only site, meaning that someone else, who is already a member has to invite you ( refer you ) to the site.

Alternatively, you can add your email address to the sign-up queue and reserve your membership status. Using this route might be very slow however, since it might take you ages to get approval, considering that there are thousands of people waiting in the queue.

Registration is open worldwide. However, each member can only hold one account at a time. Violating the terms of service can lead to suspension.

How does Baymack work?

Baymack offers free lucky draws every day. For you to enter a draw, you have to watch timed videos on Baymack and correctly answer the questions that follow at the end of each video. Each video takes between 65 to 96 seconds.

Watching 5 videos automatically awards you one entry, and this gives you a chance to win great cash rewards in the daily draw.

Nevertheless, you do not need to watch 5 videos as from the seventh entry to the tenth entry. Two views per entry are just enough. The higher the entries you obtain, the higher your chances of winning.

The possible winnings are not a fixed amount. Sometimes the highest amount you can win in a daily draw is $30 and on other days the amount increases to even $300.

Daily winnings range from $0.01 to $300 and Baymack picks winners randomly at the end of each draw.

What other methods can I use to make money on Baymack?

You can make money on this platform by referring your family and friends. Baymack has an referral program that runs 7 levels down. Earn $0.02 when your level 1 referral completes his or her first 10 entries. You will also earn 50 % of your level 1 referrals lifetime winnings.

Earning from subsequent levels are as follows:
• Level 2 referrals are invited by your level 1 referrals. You will earn 10 % of level 2 lifetime winnings
• Level 3 referrals are invited by your level 1 referrals. You will earn 10 % of level 3 lifetime winnings.
• Level 4 referrals are invited by your level 1 referrals. You will earn 10 % of level 4 lifetime winnings.
• Level 5 referrals are invited by your level 1 referrals. You will earn 10 % of level 5 lifetime winnings.
• Level 6 referrals are invited by your level 1 referrals. You will earn 5 % of level 6 lifetime winnings.
• Level 7 referrals are invited by your level 1 referrals. You will earn 5 % of level 7 lifetime winnings.

Getting Paid

The minimum payout on Baymack is $0.02. This amount is easily attainable and you can redeem your rewards via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Bank wire transfers require payouts of $99.00 and above. Expect your cash rewards within 24 – 48 hours.

• It is free to join
• It accepts international members
• Does not require your demographics
• You can join using your Facebook account
• Interesting videos ranging from music to vlogs
• Chances of winning cash prizes
• 7 – level referral program
• It has low minimum payout requirement
• PayPal payments, Bank Wire transfers and Amazon gift cards

• It is a game of chance
• You have to watch close to 50 videos to earn 10 entries
• It has Low rewards
• It is an invite-only platform

Final thoughts

Im not a fan of any platforms that only earn you money if you have to leave things to chance, and that is what Baymack is, it is a game of chance.

There is no guarantee that you will win money on this platform, even after watching more than 50 videos. It is therefore up to you to decide if you think using your time Up is worth the chance.

The only sure way of earning money on Baymack is by using their referral program.

BayMack Score……4 out of 10 You may enjoy watching videos online and therefore not mind spending your time in this way, but you aren’t guaranteed an income in return as getting a reward is left purely to chance. You can however profit from the referral program

Thanks for reading this Baymack review. Let me know in the comments below if you have used this platform and what you thought of it.

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Andrew G - October 28, 2017

It appeared as this if this was a recommendation for the site and watching videos. However, as I see there are better ways of making income full-time. And once as it appears, this gets rolling you have a much easier time instead of watching videos hoping for a drawing of some winnings of some sort, although nothing wrong with that as well.

Ray-Admin - October 28, 2017

Hi Andrew,
Yes, earning on this site is left to chance, so if you are serious about making money online, then this isn’t really the platform for you.
It could be a bit of fun however for some, and an easy way to have a chance of winning rewards.
Thanks for dropping by to read and comment.

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