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BeMyEye Review-Is It A Legit App?

BeMyEye Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the BeMyEye App.

In my review today I will be finding out if BeMyEye is legit, what it is all about, how you can earn from it, and how much you are likely to earn.

You may already be familiar with the term ‘Mystery Shopper’. This is the task that the BeMyEye App offers its members…….let’s find out more…

What Is BeMyEye?

BeMyEye is a smartphone app and online platform that offers you the chance to earn money by completing various missions in stores near you.

Unlike in the past, mystery shopping has now gone hi-tech. You no longer need to carry a pen and a notebook to gather in-store data in your undercover shopping missions.

With smartphone Apps like BeMyEye you can easily collect valuable insights, and get paid for completing incognito tasks in retail stores and shopping malls near you.

How Do You Get Started With BeMyEye?

Becoming a mystery shopper with BeMyEye is very simple. However, you first need to download and install the app on your phone before you can create your account. The app is 100% free, and it is available for download at The App Store and on Google Play.

The only restriction is that you must be at least 18 years old to join.

How does BeMyEye work?

BeMyEye works with some of the largest brands such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Nestle, Ferrero and Mattel to help them collect data about their products.

As an undercover shopper, you are only required to:

• Check on the shelf placement of various products

• Verify the availability of certain products in specific stores near you

• Check on price differences in various stores

• Measure the quality of service offered, by talking to a salesman

• Fill various questionnaires

• Take a survey or quiz back at home

The app uses GPS technology to help narrow down tasks in stores near you. With this App you will only be able to access customized missions, based on your locality.

Before taking on any mission, you are advised to read its description to establish if you are capable of completing the required tasks successfully. You may then book the mission if you are interested, and proceed to the targeted store to complete the job as required.

Make sure you follow all instructions to the letter to complete the mission successfully. Some missions may require you to take photos and fill out various forms.

These activities might require a high level of discretion to avoid being detected by the retailer, considering the fact that some shop owners are not always comfortable working with mystery shoppers. After completing a mission, you will be required to upload your findings for review.

Once approved, you will receive your earnings directly into your account. You will also receive experience points for every mission that you manage to complete successfully.

You will find that by having more points means more opportunities for you.

What Is The Income Potential of BeMyEye?

Each mission pays between $5 and $25. Comparatively, this is a reasonable amount considering the fact that you can complete as many missions as you wish in a day, with no limitations.

However, the availability of missions entirely depends on your geographical location. Just like Apps that are similar to this one, bigger towns and cities have more opportunities than smaller towns. You may also have a slim chance of participating in missions if you reside in a sparsely populated area.

As mentioned earlier, your experience points also play a role in determining your earnings, as you can only receive more opportunities if you manage to accumulate a substantial amount of points.

Cashing Out

Something we like about BeMyEye is that it doesn’t  have a minimum payout requirement. (check out these other platforms that let you cash out with $5 or less) All payments are sent directly to your PayPal account (automatically), as soon as your submission is approved.

BeMyEye Reviews

The BeMyEye App has, at the time of writing this review, a score of 4.4/5 at the Google App Store. Most users are happy with their experience using this App.

However, as with all Apps there are some complaints. Some users say their missions are rejected for minor issues and don’t get paid. Others complain about poor customer service, and technical issues are complained about too.

What Are The Pros?

• Free to join: No registration or sign-up fee

• Missions are fun and exciting

• It has plenty of jobs (at least one mission per day)

• Reasonable income potential

• No minimum payout threshold

• Supports PayPal payments (other earning platforms that use PayPal)

• Payments are almost instant

• It offers excellent support services, including in-app chat

What Are The Cons?

• Geographical restriction: It is only available in selected countries (the UK, France, Italy and Spain)

• Missions are location-based

• The app may drain your phone’s battery

Is The BeMyEye App Worth It?

Gone are the days when undercover shopping was dull and boring. Apps like BeMyEye have taken the concept of mystery shopping to a whole new level. The BeMyEye app is a legit mystery Shopping app that allows you to carry out your undercover tasks in a fun and exciting way.

If you do get missions due to your suitable geographical location, you will find that the pay is reasonable, and you could be getting at least one mission a day.

Putting all these factors into consideration, and if you think you do live in an area that is going to get you regular missions, then BeMyEye is an app worth joining.

Star Rating 3/5-A good mystery shopping app that pays you a reasonable amount. Your earning potential, like similar apps to this one, may be limited by geographical location.

3 Star Rating

31 thoughts on “BeMyEye Review-Is It A Legit App?”

  1. People behind this BeMyEye are the greatest scammer I have ever come across. I lost words after seeing their shameless acts of cheating. I have been doing these types of small mystery shopping/auditing tasks since 2012. I have done 1000+ tasks to date using other apps. There are plenty of excellent apps out there and a few good ones. But this BeMyEye (UK) is at least 10 times worse than the bad ones! This scam does not pay for your hard work. They will collect information from you and will reject the job without any reason. Last month I have done 100+ tasks with another company, not a single one was rejected. I did about 10-12 with BeMyEye and most of them were marked incomplete or rejected for absolutely no valid reason. When I wrote to them, there was no reply whatsoever. Few points about this pathetic app and about the shameless scammers behind this: 
    – They will always reject your job and will tell you to go back again to fix it. Once you fix that, they will find something new (which is actually correctly done and was not indicated as wrong at the first review) and reject the task. And the funny part is, that job will be gone from the system! So definitely they use the data and submit it to clients. Telling from real experience! 
    – Their pay for tasks is very very low compared to the similar tasks by other similar apps; and their tasks are very difficult. They do not pay even 1/3 compared to other apps. 
    – Other apps will never ever tell you to go back to any store for the same job, this shi**y app will, even 2-3 times. As a result, you will spend more on travel and waste a lot of your time. After all these, the task will be rejected anyway! I have lost more money on their tasks than I earned. And wasted a lot of time on those 10-12 tasks. I wish I never installed this terrible scamming app.
    – A single task from BeMyEye needs 20 – 30 minutes to complete, with 40+ photos needed for few tasks. Their scam idea is to tell that one of the photos is a bit blurred. So for one photo being blurred (totally made up by them) out of 30-40 photos for one task, they will reject your task. You do not have any say in their decisions. 
    – I don’t understand why clients give projects to this pathetic company, BeMyEye. Their tasks remain to live for months, as no one wants to use this app after a few days. Whereas, I have to compete to reserve tasks in other apps as they all go within hours after being published. 
    – The app crashes during every task. On average, it crashes 5-6 times during one job. So you have to start the task again and again!
    – Overall, it is an absolutely terrible app. The people behind this are pathetic and inhuman scammers. BTW, they begged for 5-star reviews via emails and that is why there are some! I wish I could put negative stars, 1 star is too good for them. Do yourself a favor, and never install this app. Find other great alternative ones for some extra money. Don’t waste your money on travel and your precious time on this scam. Something should be done to stop this scam of BeMyEye. 

  2. I used BeMyEye for approx 4.5 months , the first couple of months were mostly good . A good selection of jobs were available weekly and we’re mostly generally approved within in 48 hrs . Then things started to go downhill rapidly jobs advertised at much higher rate than you would actually get ie it’d say up to £17.50 but most you would get is £5 . Jobs started taking weeks rather than days to get approved. Support became non existent- you get an auto reply and that’s it most of the time . Then they started rejecting jobs for the most stupid unreasonable objections. They don’t compensate you for wasting your time for problems or mistakes that are their fault and you are left out of pocket . My advise to anyone . Save yourself the bother . This isn’t fun or exciting it’s extremely frustrating and waste of time . See the reviews on Trustpilot

  3. I have heard of mystery shopper jobs before but they are not currently available in my geographical location. I’d love to give it a try before but it’s unfortunate for me that my country is not supported at the moment. I think your number one recommendation would be worth trying. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eazzy,
      Yes it’s unfortunate when you aren’t living in an area where you can take advantage of these earning opportunities.
      I do however recommend affiliate marketing to anyone who wants to reach their full potential when it comes to online earning.

  4. I have heard of mystery shopping platforms before. I think being a mystery shopper is sort of a great activity that would expose one to some sort of experience in shopping.

    But I don’t like these sort of stuffs. I’d rather do something like stay at home Jobs Online like Affiliate Marketing and blogging. I hate surveys too.

    1. Hi Vwegba,
      Yes mystery Shopping is a convenient way to earn especially if you are out shopping anyway.
      I agree that affiliate marketing however has to be the ultimate convenient way to earn because it can be done literally from anywhere there is an internet connection.

  5. seems like this is a good app which can be of great help to anyone who has time to take missions. Though am hearing it for the first time, it’s not my first time to hear about this concept and in my opinion, it can be a good side job option to anyone who wants to earn a substantial amount as they wait for their online business to start generating revenue.

    As I read your article, I was saying to myself that this is something I can try out only to realize that it is not available in my location. Why don’t they make it worldwide instead of limiting it to some specific continents?

    Thanks for this review.

    1. Hi pmbaluka,
      I agree Apps like these can provide you with some relatively easy money on the side as you work toward bigger goals.
      If this App isn’t available in your country, you should be able to find some that are.
      The unavailability of missions tend to be more about whether you are within or close to cities or towns with plenty of retail outlets.

  6. Many thanks for your explicit review about BeMyEye app. I had not come across this before but your review sure comes in handy. My interests with such apps are normally how I can earn with them and whether they are legit or not, and you have elaborated about this and more in your review.

    The reward per mission is actually good, considering it’s easy and that I can complete as many missions as I want in a day. I also love that it has no minimum pay-out threshold like many app, so I can make quick cash that am sure to withdraw when I want to.

    This is definitely something an m going to give a try.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Victor,
      I’m glad you found this Review to be useful and informative to you.
      Best of luck using the App, I hope you find it to be an enjoyable way to earn a side income.

  7. Yeah I have had knowledge about mystery shopping before in a previous post I read. Thanks for sharing this review of BeMyEye. This seems like a fun way to make some extra money Everyday. But I don’t like that it is restricted to some geographical locations. I don’t also like the PayPal auto payment because PayPal usually charges $0.30 + 2.9% of the money received. It will be better if one makes a request by himself.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Yes it’s unfortunate that not everyone will be able to use the App due to location.
      PayPal is obviously a very secure and popular payment method, although I do see your point about the fees that are charged.

  8. I’ve got to admit, this mystery shopping things feels exiting! It’s like you’re a hired detective on a mission to uncover the truth… 🙂 Heck, I would do it for free, just for the kicks of it!

    It seems like a fun hobby to do and one that doesn’t cost you money, but instead earns you. I see that each mission pays between 5 and 25 dollar. I you could do 4 missions a day that would generate a nice income. How long does the average mission take, excluding of course the time it takes to get to the shop?


    1. Hi Laura,
      Yes mystery Shopping can be a fun way to earn some extra dollars.
      It isn’t likely that you would be able to earn $100 per day from an app like this. I don’t know anyone who has earned that much. The higher paying missions are less frequent and they do involve more work.
      After using apps like BeMyEye myself, and from speaking to others, it is more realistic to expect around $100 per month. If any readers have earned more than this I will of course be glad to hear from them.
      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hibthis is a nice way to earn some extra cash while out and about and I think it is a really good mystery shopper app compared to others of its kind. You do a great job of breaking down the pros and cons, as well as pointing out it’s only available in some countries. Thanks for the review. 

  10. I have a good friend that is a mystery shopper.  He doesn’t make a lot of money at it.  Instead, he considers it a good way to go out to eat with the family for free.  He only makes $75-$100/month from it, though.

    With the experience points; how many experience points do you need to climb up the ranks, though?  Also, do you have any examples of $5 jobs verses $25 jobs?  I would just guess that $25 jobs are going to take more of your time than the cheaper ones.

  11. This seems like an intriguing concept and is probably quite a bit more lucrative than something like taking online surveys. However, I am left with a question. How long does it take to complete a mission? Time is money so if I am taking an hour to make 5 dollars than that’s obviously not worth it to me. However I would be more than happy to take an hour to make a $25 payout. So what is the earning potential of BeMyEye based on time vs. payment?

    1. Hi Mariah,
      It is difficult to say with any certainty how much you can earn per hour.
      It may be possible to get a mission that pays toward the top end of between $5 to $25 and it take an hour to complete, but that doesn’t mean you will always earn that much per hour every time you complete a mission.
      Your potential income will rely on where you live and also the amount of experience you have built up over time.
      The more points you have accumulated the more opportunities will become available, but to accumulate points of course, you must live in an area that is likely to enable you to build up your points.
      Thanks for commenting, much appreciated.

    2. Hi Mariah,
      after some 30 missions (none rejected, two passed for second attempt) I can say some missions can take just 5 minutes, the longest ones were for 15 minutes. But you need to add the time spent for travel to the store and back of course, which usually takes much more time than the mystery shopping itself 🙂

  12. This actually sounds like a legitimate way of creating a side income. I feel that in the past, the only real options have been survey sites, but as we all know, they don’t pay very well. Although the income range isn’t that huge with this app, it seems a reasonable amount, especially for mums that like to shop anyway. They could just incorporate this into their shopping spree.

    1. Hi Nigel,
      Yes mystery Shopping with Apps like BeMyEye is a legit way to earn a side income.
      And like you say, it is also a way to earn whilst you are doing something you would be doing anyway.
      Mystery Shopping Does Pay better than surveys, although there is a similarity in that your demographic, in this case where you live, will determine the amount of work you will get.
      Thanks for commenting.

  13. We are from Canada and my wife does mystery shopping.  Obviously this one isnt in Canada.  Mystery shopping can be lucrative if you join the good companies and treat it like a business.

    Im not going to lie you are not going to get rich with mystery shopping but you can make a nice second income and get some pretty good opportunities and gift cards.

    This is great for stay at home moms.  This was a great review and people should take a good look at mystery shopping.

    1. Hi Dale,
      Thanks for sharing your experience and views on mystery Shopping.
      Yes it can become a useful second income, but like anything else you need to take a focused and professional approach.
      Some mystery Shopping companies are better than others so you do need to shop around (sorry)
      From what I’m hearing BeMyEye is worth checking out. Thanks for your comment.

  14. I have heard about mystery shopping but have not participated myself. With what you said about BeMyEye app, it sounds like it will be fun though. Completing these tasks in stores while either window shopping or in my spare time, will definitely be fun. My concern however, is the geo-location it works with and the restrictions. I will have to wait till its usable in my region before giving it a try. Thanks for the review Ray

    1. Hi Samson,
      Yes mystery Shopping can be a fun way to earn, but like you say opportunities can be very limited if you live in a more rural location.
      Jurisdiction can affect your potential with this and other similar mystery Shopping Apps.
      Thanks for your comment.

  15. I find this app and technology very fascinating. This is a great way for people to get outside of the house and exercise. This app is similar to the game Pokémon Go which gets people to engage physical and mentally. On top of that, it’s seems to be a great way to make some decent amount of money. However, this game can feel a little weird when you are going to shops to compare the prices of the items for example. One question, I have in relationship with this app is how much are you paid on based on your effort? I’m curious to hear your answer. Thanks in advance. 

    1. Hi Kuu,
      I never thought about the benefit of exercise but yes mystery Shopping will definitely keep you active provided you get the missions.
      Each mission will pay differently depending upon the complexity of the mission. Sometimes a survey will be required to be completed for example, which may pay more.
      The pay may differ with other apps, however with BeMyEye the missions pay between $5 and $25.

  16. I’ve encountered quite a few of these mystery shopper based apps over the last couple of years or so, but I’ve never really felt the urge to take one of them on. 

    My main concern is whether or not they will be a waste of time from a work point of view – i.e. They are location based so is there really going to be enough work to go around all the members? Also, how much can you expect to earn per month through it?

    1. Hi Chris,
      The amount of missions you get will depend heavily upon your location, so there is no guarantee of how much work you will get.
      If you really like earning with mystery Shopping I recommend you try a number of mystery Shopping apps to see which ones provide you with a reasonable amount of work.
      If you live close to shops and retail outlets then you should get missions to carry out.

  17. Hello,

    I used to be involved in mystery shopping when I still lived in RSA however this involved a manual assessment and there was no smart app included in the process to assist in collating results and improving the user experience. 

    It would be a good thing if this was rolled out on a Europe wide scale, are you aware of any such programs located in Germany where one can participate as I enjoyed the writing of reviews.


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