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Best Ideas For Making Money Online

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5 Reliable Ideas For Making Money Online

Here in the U.K nearly half of us are making a side income with some kind of side hustle.

But if you’re a complete novice, or have little experience of making money in your spare time, then you may be wondering where and how you can get started.

Maybe you’ve been considering looking online to find a source of income?

If so, then it can be good idea to stick to a strategy that has already proven to be a reliable cash generator for many others.

So to help you out, in my article today I will be looking at some of the best ideas for making money online.

There’s no pie in the sky here, just real strategies that the internet has made easier for us all to do.

But first…

Can You Really Earn Online?

Before we look at the 5 strategies, it’s worth worth asking this question first, because a lot of us are understandably sceptical about making money online.

However, the good news is that you can find reliable ways to earn online.

But having said that, the internet is awash with dodgy schemes, so you have to be careful.  You can be sure that for every opportunity you find, there are a few scams too.

However, there definitely are legitimate sites, and they will pay you daily, weekly or monthly through one of the following methods:

Bank transfers
Cryptocurrency wallet
Gift cards

Before you choose a website or app to earn from, check online review sites and even business review sites such as the Better Business Bureau. Find out what you can about any company that you plan to work with.

If the site has an app you can easily find a lot of information about each earning app on Google Play and the Apple Store. So, you’ll quickly learn if an opportunity is legitimate.

So let’s get started by finding out how sharing your opinions, savvy shopping, and even selling your old DVDs can help you to get rid of debt, or achieve other financial goals.

  • Surveys

Surveys are a convenient way for you to earn online. Most survey sites nowadays also have apps which can be easily downloaded from Google Play or the Apple store.

Some are available on both platforms, while others can only be used with one type of device.

Swagbucks is a good place to start, since this company has been around for a long time and has a good reputation for paying.

Surveys ask for your opinions on everything from community initiatives to the latest appliances.

You’ll usually be paid according to the length of the survey and its complexity. Some panels pay more than others, so always seek membership on the most profitable platforms.


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Getting Cashback on Shopping

We all have to shop, so why not get something back for doing what you would be doing anyway.

Websites like TopCashBack is one such cash back site that consumers use to get back a percentage of the money that they spend on groceries, restaurant meals, and other expenses.

Most cashback sites will give you back at least 2% of what you spend.

There are several steps to follow to get cashback on shopping but in most cases, you’ll need to upload your receipts in order to get your cashback.

There are also several sites that let you shop directly through their app and automatically get points without needing to upload your receipts. In that case, you just need to register your credit card on the app.

Selling Your Second-Hand Clothes

If you need cash in a flash, and you have second hand clothes available sites like Vinted can help.

You can sell clothes that you no longer use that are still in good condition.

You can use the Vinted app to take photos of the items that you want to sell. You’ll earn more if these photos are clear.

Members of the Vinted community visit and shop for pre-owned clothes there based on the photos and your description.

Also include information such as the size and brand since research tools allow shoppers to find items by using these descriptors.

Add your selling price and then upload the information to the app. Your listings are free and you’re responsible for shipping the item as soon as it’s sold.

You’ll receive payment after the buyer receives the item.

Sell Your Used Smartphone

You can sell your used smartphone on sites such as Swopsmart and BuyBackBoss

You can get cash for most smartphone models on many platforms. However, popular brands will go more quickly. Similarly, more recent models will sellat a high price.

On sites like Gazelle, you’ll get an offer directly from the site. When you provide information on the brand, condition of the phone, the model, and other details, you’ll get an offer in minutes.

You won’t need to wait for another person to buy your phone and Gazelle will send you a prepaid shipping label

Sell on Ziffit

Ziffit lets you sell items in a variety of categories, including books, DVDs, CDs, and games.

You’ll need to enter the barcode of the item that you have for sale or scan it with the app to get a price instantly. Items can be dropped off in your area at your 24/7 InPost locker or picked up for free by their courier.

So if you have any items just lying around the house gathering dust, why not get some easy cash instead by selling them.

Some Final Thoughts

These 5 reliable ideas for making money online will help you to make the best use of your free time and even prevent old phones or clothes from ending up in a landfill.

Some methods guarantee immediate sales, and you won’t even have to cover shipping costs.

Thanks for reading my article today. I hope you found it informative and will give you some insight into finding reliable ways to make money online.

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