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BidCash App Review-Is This App Worth Your Time?

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BidCash App Review

Thanks for checking out my BidCash App Review.

I will be finding out today whether this app is worth checking out.

BidCash is a free interactive mobile app that claims you can earn money for carrying out tasks like playing games, taking surveys and downloading apps. The game-oriented nature of this app is what could make it an appealing way to earn cash whilst you are having fun.

The BidCash App creators claim you can earn real cash and redeem it directly to your PayPal account.

The app is designed in a way that provides a fun, interactive experience with multiple offers to choose from. You can use it in spare time and whenever you like.

However, is this App really worth your time? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out more.

About BidCash

BidCash is based on completing tasks in a game form. There are plenty of easy, interesting tasks and mini- games to choose from.  You can try out a number of quizzes and surveys that will pump up your coin counter in exchange for your time.

Some tasks are simple and it takes only to scratch a card. The more you do, the better your odds.

You are required to collect coins and, later, exchange them for cash. This is pretty engaging, and everyone has a chance to win something.

When it comes to skills and requirements, there aren’t any. You’re not required to have any skills to start using BidCash. There’s a really small learning curve, you will learn to use the app in no time.

That is what is so appealing with this kind of App in that it doesn’t take too much effort on your part. So it doesn’t feel like true work in the proper sense of this word, even though you could potentially earn something in return.

One quite unique feature of The BidCash App, and as suggested by the App’s name is the bidding feature. You can participate in an in-game auction, make a bid with your credits, and the winner gets rewarded.

This can be fun and engaging, and you can try an unlimited number of times.

These auctions are of course a game of chance. You don’t however risk losing any money you have paid because it is a free App.

Overall, BidCash can be fun, as the app has been designed in a way to make it really interesting for you. And, of course, it is completely free.

So if you’re bored, or have some time to kill, the BidCash app will keep you busy. However, can you really earn some extra cash using this App? Let’s see what the user feedback has been from its members.

BidCash Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing the Bidcash App is proving to be very popular amongst its users.

Some of its 5 star reviewers at Google Play do report having been paid, and that they have been paid promptly. However there appears to be a recurring problem with regard to payments to users from certain countries.

Quite a few members say their request for payment was rejected because their country is no longer supported, and this appears to be confirmed by the customer service responses.

Others complain that they haven’t been rewarded points for tasks they have carried out.

Payments From BidCash

To get paid you need to exchange your rewarded credits for Bid Cash Tickets. You can exchange 1000 coins for a $1 BidCash Ticket. Once you have earned and exchanged 5000 coins (or $5 worth of tickets) you can cash out.

Compared to many other apps, BidCash offers one particularly useful option: PayPal payments.

There are plenty of apps out there that don’t support PayPal, but BidCash does. This is really a massive plus. Some users prefer PayPal to other payment methods like gift cards, in which case they will find BidCash particularly attractive.

You can redeem your in-app credits ( once you have converted them to BidCash tickets) as real PayPal dollars and use them freely. Payout is reported by members as being fast.

Refer Friends To BidCash

You can also invite friends to BidCash. For each invitee, you get 50% of their coins. So inviting new users to BidCash could be pretty rewarding if you can get plenty of engaged friends to join.

The Pros Of The BidCash App

  • Free App
  • Fun and Interactive tasks and games
  • Good user feedback
  • PayPal Payments
  • Rewards paid quickly

The Cons Of The BidCash App

  • Some users complain that they haven’t been paid because their Country is no longer supported by the App
  • Low income opportunity


Some Final Thoughts About BidCash

Like many similar apps to BidCash, your participation can be a fun experience, and you can get rewarded for enjoying the activities available.

It does appear however that you may get more out of this app depending on your country of residence. Some users have been able to join, earn rewards, and then be told that their country is no longer supported. You obviously need to bear this in mind before deciding to sign up.

Regardless of the earning potential of this app, it may still be worth it just for fun.

Star Rating 3/5-A fun App that does pay members that are resident in the supported countries. Like all similar apps it doesn’t pay a lot, but the activities are free and engaging.


3 Star Rating

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