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Big Time Cash App Review – Can You Really Win Money Playing Video Games?

Big Time Cash App Review

Thanks for checking out my review of the Big Time Cash App.

In my review today I will be finding out all you need to know about The Big Time Cash platform to help you decide if it is worth signing up to.

Big Time Cash is a popular mobile app that promises to reward its users with cash just for playing free video games.

The app enjoys positive reviews on Google Play, and has over 130,000 installations since its launch in 2014.

The Big Time Cash app is run by WINR Games Inc., which is a Toronto-based company renowned for developing casino games such as Lucky Day, Toy Town and Daring Descent.

How To Get Started With Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is only available for Android and Apple phones. This means that you must have a compatible smartphone to install the app.

Nevertheless, the process of signing up is very easy as it only requires your name, and email address. Alternatively, you may register using your Facebook account.

The Big Time Cash App

The Big Time Cash App

How To Make Money With Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is actually a game of chance that involves earning tickets to weekly draws. To help you earn cash rewards you have to participate in as many games as possible to earn tickets.

Each complete game will earn you one ticket, and there is no limit to the number of games you can play in a day. Big Time Cash will then run a weekly cash draw where winners are selected randomly.

Just like most reward apps, Big Time Cash uses a point-based system to remunerate winners.

You can win anywhere from 1,000 points to 4,000 points, which is equivalent to $1 and $4 respectively

How Much Can You Earn With Big Time Cash?

Big Time Cash claims to have paid out tens of thousands of dollars to winners.

However, the company does not specify the exact amount of money that you can win. You are just encouraged to participate in as many games as possible to earn tickets to the weekly draws, with no guarantee of winning.

From the look of things, the chances of winning huge amounts of money on this platform are very low considering the fact that most winners only earn between $1 and $4 per draw.

Getting Paid

The withdrawal threshold is 10,000 points ($10). However, reaching this amount might take a long time considering the fact that Big Time Cash has a very low income potential.

Also, with hundreds of new members joining this platform each day, the chances of winning substantial rewards are significantly reduced.

Payment options include PayPal cash or bank wire transfer. PayPal payments take less than 48 hours while bank wire transfers take about 5 business days.

BigTime Cash App Reviews

At the time of writing The Big Time Cash App has a rating of 4.3/5 from nearly 368,000 reviews at GooglePlay.

This is a very popular App, and most users of this app are happy with their experience

Some members however don’t like the fact that you can only earn by winning raffles, and other users complain about there being too many ads.

What Are The Pros?

It is Free to join.

The platform is open to applicants aged 14 years and above. You can join from anywhere in the world so long as you have a compatible device.

Positive reviews

Big Time Cash app has dozens of positive reviews on sites such as Google Play and iTunes. These reviews play a big role in validating the legitimacy of the app.

It Offers an Exciting way of earning money online

The App offers you an opportunity to sample free games. You will be awarded great cash rewards (on selected weekly draws) just by playing your favorite game.

Low payout threshold

The app has a very low payout threshold of only $10.

What Are The Cons?

Low income potential

Big Time Cash app is a game of chance with a very low income potential. It is not guaranteed that you will win even after earning dozens of tickets to the weekly draws.

Payment delays

Some members have complained about not receiving payments even after cashing out

Takes time to reach the cashout threshold

Considering the low income potential, it might take a long time before reaching the cashout threshold

Missing tickets

Some members have complained about missing tickets

Is Big Time Cash A Legit App?

There is no doubt that the Big Time Cash app is legitimate. The app offers plenty of games to play and it has a very low payout threshold.

However, some members have raised complaints about not receiving payments even after cashing out. This is a serious problem that Big Time Cash has to address in order to authenticate the legitimacy of the app.

Until all the issues are resolved, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to join this platform if they are doing so simply to make money. If you just want to join to play games however then you may consider it to be worth your while.

Star Rating 2/5-Legit App, but with low income potential

2 Star Rating

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6 thoughts on “Big Time Cash App Review – Can You Really Win Money Playing Video Games?”

  1. This is good, but I wish I could find one that’s paying regularly and not just through draw of winners. I mean, if there’s a video game app that’s paying money on a regular basis to players like me, then that’s better and maybe I will become addicted to it.

    A friend of mine has installed this and have been using this app for almost a week now. Although he’s praising it, he told me that if I am interested in doing the same, I should use a mobile device or a phone that’s high on device storage capacity (not the removable memory card capacity). That will give you a seamless uninterrupted gaming experience. 

    1. Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for sharing your friend’s experience using this app. The information you have given will be of interest to our readers. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi 

    I can see the potential of making money from playing video games but the amount of reward you get for the time it takes puts me off.  I know it is a genuine way of making some money but that does not mean that it is the best way to make money from home.   The threshold is too low for my liking and I think it is not worthwhile.

    Thank you for this article.


    1. Hi Antonio,

      Yes it isn’t the best way to make money online, because of course your earnings are left to chance. You may however find it fun to use. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Good post I to have been on many platforms trying to make money online. When you have a minimum of 1o dollars cash out it seems almost impossible to reach that goal. The only ones I ever got any cash from was with a dollar minimum payout and then only was able to earn a few dollars at a time.

    You did a great job with your post and best of luck with your journey making money online.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Yes unfortunately that is the story for a lot of people that use money making apps. You just make a dollar or two here and there. They can however be fun to use. Thanks for your comment.

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