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Bitcoin Solitaire Review-Free Bitcoin For Playing Solitaire?

Bitcoin Solitaire App Review

Thanks for dropping by to read my Bitcoin Solitaire Review.

Solitaire is and always has been a fun game to play, so wouldn’t it be great to get paid just for playing it!

According to The Bitcoin Solitaire App this is exactly what you can do when you join.

However, the creators of the Bitcoin Solitaire App ( a company called Bling) offer the following advice to their users;

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So given the above advice, it’s quite obvious that you’re not going to get rich anytime soon simply by playing solitaire on this App.

However, that’s not to say that you can’t have a lot of fun and earn at least some extra Bitcoin on the side.

As Bitcoin prices continue to soar, people are looking for ways to get some Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency’s price continues to reach new highs, attracting people’s attention.

So playing this App is definitely a way to get some Bitcoins, although not enough to make you rich.

Bling, the App creators have a reputation for creating legit money making apps,  so you can be confident that you will get paid what you earn. Bling claim to have paid their users over $300,000 of Bitcoin in 2020 alone.

Earn Redeemable Rewards With The Bitcoin Solitaire App

Earn Redeemable Rewards With The Bitcoin Solitaire App

However, in my Bitcoin Solitaire App review today I want to dig deeper and find out more about this app, including what real users of the app are saying about it.

Understanding how the app works can help you earn rewards and redeem them, so let’s get started by taking a look.

How Bitcoin Solitaire Works

Bitcoin Solitaire is an Android and iOS app available in both the Play Store and Apple Store.

The solitaire game is fun and addicting. By playing the game on the app you earn what is called Bling Points. To help things the game has a smooth interface, making the gameplay simple and enjoyable.

Play Solitaire To Win Bling Points On The Bitcoin Solitaire App

Play Solitaire To Earn Bling Points

You will need to register and log in once you download the app. Players with a Coinbase account can sign in using their email.

You can only register one account. Once you log in, you will need to read and accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

How You Can Earn Rewards on Bitcoin Solitaire

You will earn Bling Points as you play — the more you get, the better your prize. The short ads after each game will not interfere with the game.

The game resembles regular solitaire. Simply arrange the cards in descending order and place them in alternate colors (black and red), and drag or tap the cards to move them.

You will get Bling Points for the games you complete. Try to play the game fast and with fewer moves to score more Bling points.

How To Redeem Your Bling Points on Bitcoin Solitaire

To redeem your rewards you need to tap the ‘Cash Out’ icon to know the minimum Bling Points you need before a withdrawal.

It may take some time to get adequate Bling Points to convert to Bitcoins for withdrawal. However, once you get there the Bling Points to Bitcoin to withdraw your rewards. Just use the following steps;

1. Create a free account to convert your Bling Points to Bitcoin.

2. Once you earn at least the required Bling Points, tap the ‘Cash Out’ button on the app’s home screen.

3. Enter your Coinbase account’s email address.

You will get a 6-digit verification code if the Coinbase account’s email is different from the one for your Bling account.

Type the code in the app to complete the cash out request. The company processes valid cashouts in one or two days to the relevant Coinbase account.

Bitcoin Solitaire Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing the Bitcoin Solitaire App has a score of 4.7/5 from over 14,000 reviews at Google Play. At this time the App is proving very popular with its users.

Many reviewers report enjoying their experience using the App, and some confirm the app is legit by confirming they have received their rewards.

Like all apps there are some complaints however. Some members say it takes too long to accumulate points, others say there are too many ads to watch, and others complain of technical glitches.

What Are The Pros Of The Bitcoin Solitaire App?

  • Free to join App
  • Fun to use
  • Good User Reviews
  • App developers have a good reputation.
  • Available to both Android and iOS users.

What Are The Cons Of The Bitcoin Solitaire App?

  • Only a small earning opportunity
  • You need to enjoy playing Solitaire to benefit the most from this App

Check out these 5 Android apps that can make you money OR if you’re an iOS user these 5 iPhone apps to make extra cash.

Some Final Thoughts On The Bitcoin Solitaire App

Bitcoins increasing value makes it a very attractive asset to have. If you haven’t got any Bitcoin yet then The Bitcoin Solitaire App could provide you with a method to get you started.

I like the fact that the creators haven’t used any advertising that may mislead you into thinking you could earn a lot by playing on this App. Your earnings will be small, however if you love playing Solitaire then chances are you will spend a lot of your spare time using the App. By doing so you will increase what you do earn.

The really encouraging aspect of this App is that its users are reporting that they are getting their rewards. So at this time it looks as if The Bitcoin Solitaire App does pay you free Bitcoin for playing Solitaire.

Have you used this App to get Bitcoin? If so and you want to share your experience, please leave a comment blow, it will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit App that pays its members Bitcoin for playing Solitaire. Nobody will get rich playing this App, but you will have fun, and if you play long enough you will get free Bitcoin too.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The Bitcoin Solitaire App. I hope you found it informative and will help you decide if The Bitcoin Solitaire platform is a good option for you.

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