Bookscouter Review-A Good Opportunity To Sell Your Books?

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Bookscouter Review

Thanks for joining us today for our review of Bookscouter.

We’d heard that this platform could offer a good opportunity for you to sell your books and make some handy cash on the side, so we decided to take a closer look.

Despite a large number of people reading eBooks and audio books on their smartphones, lots of people still prefer to read traditional paper books.

If you have a collection of the old books that you would like to sell for cash, Bookscouter could be your one stop shop for selling your old books.

What Is Bookscouter?

Bookscouter was launched in 2007 by Brandon Checketts. He launched a website that lists various vendors that have an interest in buying your used books.

There are a large number of vendors that are willing to buy the old books.

The website puts them together to enable you to make price comparisons, and read their reviews and ratings with ease. This helps you get the best prices for your used books and keep away from shady vendors.

On average BookScouter offers you the best opportunity to sell your books as compared to the flea markets or general auction sites on the internet, since it is only focused on selling the books, and has several book vendors under its umbrella.

How does BookScouter help you sell your books?

The first step is to join the site by entering your details and email information. From this, you can enter you can use the title of the book to enter the details or enter the ISBN number.

Vendors on the site go through the lists of old books for sale.

Once they get titles that interest them, they will make offers to the sellers. You can get a few offers on your title from different vendors.

Once you receive an offer, it is up to you to accept or reject the offer made by the vendors.

If there is more than one offer, you can select the vendors according to the reviews and ratings that are posted about them by other booksellers.

It is vital to pick highly rated vendors for your old books to ensure that you are selling your books at a reasonable price depending on the condition.

Once you accept an offer, most of the vendors will provide you with a box and take care of the shipping costs.

Others provide shipping labels to help you send the book at no cost to you. There are only a few vendors that will require you to pay for shipping.

Once the vendor receives your old book, they will check on the condition. If they are satisfied with the book, they will make a payment.

If the book does not meet their requirements, they may ask to buy it cheaply or return the book to you.

The price is usually tagged on the type of the book that you are selling. However, one book may cost differently among different vendors.

BookScouter has made it easier to differentiate different sellers by their ratings and favorable reviews. The categories include Preferred, Pro Vendors, Normal, and inactive vendors.

How are you paid at Bookscouter?

Most of the vendors on Bookscouter pay you through PayPal or a check.

As said earlier the payment is only made after the vendor has accepted the book. There is no timeline for the vendors to approve or reject it. Therefore, the payment period may vary from one vendor to the other.

On the vendor’s page, you will find the average approval and payment period. Most of the vendors pay between three and seven days. Others pay a bit longer than this.

Other methods that you can make money on BookScouter

Bookscouter has a mobile app that helps you find the best prices for your used books straight from your mobile phone. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.

Watch how the Bookscouter App works in this promotional video;

In addition to making money selling old books, you can make cash by participating in their affiliate-marketing program. There are two ways to make cash from affiliate marketing

· Pay-per-click

You will be paid 0.15 USD for every click made on the link put on your website

· Pay Per Sale

You can invite people to sign up under your link. Once they start to sell books on the site, you will receive a percentage of the fee paid to BookScouter. You will also earn more if they sign on BookScouter Pro.

Complaints about Bookscouter

There are a number of complaints about BookScouter that you will find online. Here are some of them.

· It is not a sustainable source of income

Typically, no one has a vast collection of books that are lying at home to sell and make substantial cash from them. Given that prices also differ from one seller to the other, it may be hard to make good cash out of the venture.

· It is hard to sell books with no ISBN

If you have old antique books with no ISBN, you may find selling them on BookScouter a little challenging. This is because the site and vendors find it hard to place a price tag on such books.

· There is no base price for the books

Bookscouter is only a comparison website. The vendors are the ones who determine the prices. This puts the seller at a disadvantage as they are at the mercy of the vendors. You may fail to get a good price for your book on the site.

· Some vendors delay payment for too long

There is no set timeline within which sellers are supposed to have approved and paid for the books shipped to them. A number of sellers delay the payment for quite some time while they still hold on to the books. This is not in the best interest of the sellers.

Some Final Thoughts On Bookscouter 

BooksScouter is a legit website for making money out of your old books. They have an impressive website and app from which you can get great offers for your old books.

Rather than let your books rot away in the library, you can sell them for a tidy sum.

However, the activity may not offer a long-term income generating activity despite being worthwhile.

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