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Bulbshare App Review-How Much Can You Earn?

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Bulbshare app review

Thanks for checking out my review of The Bulbshare App.

The Bulbshare App combines features of social media sites and survey panels. Meaning it has a community that you can interact with, and it also offers points whenever you give feedback on a particular topic.

If that is something that you think will interest you then you’re in the right place.

That’s because in my in-depth review today I will be finding out exactly how this app works, and how much you are likely to earn from it should you decide to join.

To help me I will be signing up to get an inside look. I will also be discovering what real users of the app are saying about it and weighing up the pros and cons of joining.

So let’s get started by taking a look at how things work.

How the Bulbshare App Works

The Bulbshare App is a platform that’s been developed to encourage corporate social responsibility. So, it lets you tell brands what you think about their work, what they’re doing well, and how you think they can make a greater impact.

You can participate as long as you’re at least 18. The site pays via PayPal, so you’ll have to be able to access your own PayPal account.

You can also use the app from anywhere in the world.

The app doesn’t call the feedback you give to them surveys, they are called briefs.

The briefs ask you for creative ideas on different topics. So, you’ll get asked to share a quick response that offers a solution.

This app is free and you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. You can register by using your email account and a password of your choice or by using your Facebook or Google/Apple credentials.

Getting Started At Bulbshare

Once you’ve signed up you will be shown a screen that shows various interests. The app will ask you to choose the ones that interest you.

Interests At Bulbshare

Personalise your interests at Bulbshare

The reason the app does this is of course to get to know you better by finding out what you are interested in.

It also does this so it knows which communities you may wish to join. The communities are called channels, and fall within the broader interests that you chose beforehand.

You aren’t however automatically accepted into a specific channel, you need to apply first by answering some profiling questions.

Channels At Bulbshare

Apply For A Channel At Bulbshare


I applied for the ‘Better Health’ channel as you can see above, however I wasn’t accepted into this one.

I then applied to one called Brew Bods and got accepted. The screen shot below shows that I can now  start responding to briefs within this channel.

Acceptance Into Channel At Bulbshare

Once accepted by a channel you can begin responding to briefs


Unfortunately, not all the briefs you complete are paid, as you can see from the screenshot I received below.

Not all briefs are paid at Bulbshare


By entering the brief and scrolling upwards you will see either the above message, or you will see a message like the one below.

Reward at Bulbshare

So if you want to earn as well as you can do on this platform you need to participate in both paid and unpaid briefs.

However this could also be a drawback of this site because you could spend a lot of time doing unpaid briefs without any guarantee of a financial reward.

Each invitation to submit a brief will be accompanied by a video or photos and tell you what the brief is about.

You can easily identify brand-specific paid briefs as they have a padlock on them. So, you won’t be
able to do them unless the app invites you to join the community.

Whenever you join a community, you’ll be able to communicate with people who share similar interests.

This is one aspect of the app that appeals to a lot of members. They like connecting with different people from around the world.

How To Create Your Brief With Bulbshare

This site is different from many other survey sites, which typically gather feedback via multiple choice questions. On the Bulbshare App, you’ll be asked to provide your feedback and include a video or photos.

The videos aren’t hard to do. It’s a mobile app and the videos or photos that you’ll be asked to upload can be produced with your phone’s camera.

So, to earn on the Bulbshare App , you’ll need to swipe up whenever a paid brief interests you. You’ll have to answer a few short questions and then submit your video or photos.

The questions aren’t hard and you can just swipe right or left to answer each one.

How Much Can You Earn from the Bulbshare App?

Your earnings on this app depend on how many paid briefs you’re able to do each month. Each brief pays you anywhere between 50p and £10. So, if you do three briefs per month, you could potentially earn between £15 and £30 per month from those.

However, the type of paid briefs that you’re doing matters. The briefs that are available to all members tend to pay the least. If you’re not a member of any channels, you will only be able to do the paid briefs that all members of the app could be invited to.

Your earning potential will increase if you’re a member of the channels of several brands. If you are a
member of those brand-specific channels, you’ll be able to do their paid braids as well as the general paid briefs for the whole community.

The average new member earns around £15 per month within the first month of joining. This is after they’ve had to wait to be invited to do their first paid brief.

If you want to earn more on this platform, you’ll have to be very active. That can be a drawback for people who want an app that allows them to earn even if they can only spend a few minutes on it every other day.

How Do You Get Paid By Bulbshare?

This app doesn’t force you to wait until a specific date or until you reach a particular minimum threshold before you can get paid. You’ll automatically receive payment whenever you do a brief.

This payment will be sent to you via PayPal. So, if you complete two paid briefs in a month, you’ll receive a PayPal transfer twice in that month— right after you finish each brief.

You’ll usually get your Paypal payment within two days. However, you’ll sometimes get it more quickly than that. It’s important to keep track of the briefs that you’ve done, to ensure that you’ve gotten all of your payments.

Bulbshare Reviews

Many members on the app enjoy using it. They think that the surveys are easy and they usually complete them within a few minutes.

Although it’s possible for members to do several unpaid briefs before they’re invited to do their first paid alternatives, some members have started earning almost as soon as they join the app. For example, after doing their first two briefs they’re paid $5.

Some members receive briefs almost every day. So, they earn steadily throughout each month. Several members like the community aspect of the site and feel good about being part of a global effort to influence companies in a positive way.

Members also appreciate the convenience of getting paid via PayPal. They also say that they always receive their cash in a timely manner.

Members in some countries like the fact that payments are recorded in GBP. That gives them more money when they convert it to US dollars.

There aren’t a lot of complaints about missed payments or late payments. There are occasional complaints from members who have completed briefs and have not received any payments. However, it’s not clear what type of response these members have received from customer service.

There could be more help available to members who are having difficulties understanding different aspects of how the site works. Members would like to have more options for getting assistance on the app when they need it.

Have you tried The Bulbshare App and want to share your experience? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The Bulbshare App?

  • This Bulbshare App review showed you how you can really earn cash online. You can earn on the app from anywhere in the world. Even teenagers can earn extra cash as long as they’re at least 18.
  • If you’re normally very active on social media, this site will reward you for that. Active members receive more invitations to participate in paid briefs.
  • You’ll receive your rewards in cash. They use PayPal, so you’ll get your money quickly.
  • You won’t need to remember to transfer your funds in order to get payment on this app because there’s no minimum for payment. Every member gets paid automatically by PayPal after they’ve completed a brief.

What Are The Cons Of The Bulbshare App?

  • The Bulbshare App is a legitimate way of earning from home. However, you have to wait to be invited. You can’t do paid tasks whenever you wish.
  • The app doesn’t offer a lot of help to members. Several new members feel like they don’t know how to navigate the app.
  • It’s not as intuitive as it could be and it doesn’t make it immediately clear how members can increase their earnings.


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Some Final Thoughts On The Bulbshare App

The Bulbshare App has lots of briefs. Unfortunately, not all of them are paid, so you won’t always be
directly rewarded for your time.

Despite that, the app is fun to use even when you’re not being paid for completing a quick brief.

Some members enjoy the community aspect of it and if you join, you’ll interact with people all over the globe.

I would say that you will have to invest a lot of time doing unpaid tasks before you can get invited to exclusive communities where you can complete paid briefs.

So, if you’re willing to invest the time and wait to start earning you can give this community a try.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit app available to both Android and iOS users worldwide. The app has a community aspect and the briefs can be interesting. Commitment to participating however is needed if you want to earn better.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Bulbshare App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Bulbshare platform is a good option for you.

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