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Businesses you can start from home

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5 Awesome Businesses You Can Launch From Home

Making money from home has never been easier now the Internet is superfast and more widely available.

Working from home is rapidly becoming more of a preference than a necessity. Even people who worked from an office before lockdown, prefer to work from home.

Thankfully, today there are more ways to make money from home, with more flexible options too.

Before you start your business from home, you need to have the fundamentals set up to move ahead on the right foundation.

For example, make sure you have a fast internet connection. If your internet lags or drops now and then look at having it upgraded to super-fast broadband.

An online business will struggle if the internet is limited. A good Pc or laptop to work from is necessary. A laptop is ideal if you plan to work from various locationsand a work area where you won’t be interrupted.

Once you have these three elements in place then you have what you need to proceed with your business idea.

We can look at 5 businesses easy to set up and run from home. A few can begin while you’re still working, the others require a full-time commitment from the outset.


  • 1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the
simplest businesses you can set up and run from home. All you need is a laptop or a desktop Pc and an internet connection and you can get your business started. Affiliate Marketing is referring a business and their products for a commission.

You get a commission when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

The advantages of creating an affiliate marketing business from home is;


A Low Start-up Cost if you already have a laptop and the internet there’ssimply the expense of obtaining your domain name to keep in mind.

Building A Website Can Be Built for Free there are many excellentoptions for free websites you can obtain online. With designs relevant for all niches.


Sign-up for Affiliate Programmes Are Easy to Set Up you can fill in a simple form that requires information about your business and have approvalwithin the day.


Can Be a Passive Incomemaking money online being an affiliate marketer can earn you money while you sleep.


Writing in a Niche You Enjoy Can Be Fun making money from your chosen niche can be successful if you enjoy writing about what you’re promoting.


You Can Work Whenever You Want if you find you’re up early you can fit in a few hours work before the family gets out of bed or a few hours before going to bed if you’re more of a night owl.


You Can Make A lot of Moneywith affiliate marketing you need to invest time into the business but you will profit from the benefits. Setting targets to achieve your goals will encourage you to prepare your approach and make you substantial sums of money. Finding high paying affiliates will increase your income for every sale you make.

  • 2. Freelance Graphic Designer


Whether you have training in graphic design or you have an ability to create amazing graphics, becoming a freelance graphic designer can be set up easily.

If you have a decent laptop or Pc, great internet and the tools required to produce your designs you can start your new business in a few straightforward steps.

Choose Your Niche-Though you may be good at several design elements, finding your niche will focus your business in one direction. If you do too many niches together your business won’t have structure.

Build Your Website and Showcase Your Work-Your Website is your storefront, make it look appealing and you will increase interest in your business. Building it yourself will also show potential clients how talented your are at designing websites.

Market Your Business to Bring in Customers-Customers wont just find you themselves, you have to market your business and send out proposals to business that could benefit from your designs.



  • 3. Beauty Therapist

If you
were recently in the beauty industry and fully trained, it makes sense to start your own business from home.

Your biggest expense will be your equipment, but being in the industry you will have access to discounts for trade that will keep the costs down.

An additional room in your home with separate access is the ideal location for your beauty room. But failing that making it the first room in the house means customers won’t be trudging through your home to arrive at your beauty room.

As with any business, you will need to buy public liability insurance, you will also needto adjust your house insurance to include working from home.


  • 4. Childminder

Starting your own business as a childminder can fulfil your need to be at home, not onlyis it a low start-up cost but the earning potential is superb.

Childminders go through a rigid registration process and should register for Early Year’s and Ofsted if they want to look after children of all ages.

Guidelines for requirements are;


Register with Early Year’s

Register with Ofsted

Take an Introduction to Childminding Course

Apply for a DBS check

Have a medical check done at your doctor’s surgery

Attend a 12-hour paediatric first aid course

Make sure your house is safe for children before your inspection takes place

Take up public liability insurance


  • 5.Tutor

If you’
re an expert in a specific skill, you can teach by taking on students who are lacking in the skills you offer.

You can invite students into your home to suit your availability. It may only be a few hours a day to start with but you can build it up to be a full time business.

Tutors can set their own rates, hours and days to work providing you with the flexibility you need.

Finding Work as a Tutor

There’s plenty of tutor websites you can advertise on to find students looking for what you teach.

Place an ad in the local shop or run an ad in the local paper. The period up to exams is a busy time for tutors. Having an ad in the local schoolsmagazine or on their community board will bring in clients from your immediate area.

Running a business from home takes time in the beginning, but the benefits outweighany obstacles you may come across, keep at it, persistence pays off.

Thanks for reading my article today. I hope it was helpful, and gave you some great ideas about businesses you could start from your own home.
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