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Buzzbreak App Review-Can You Really Earn Cash With This App?

Thanks for checking out our review of The Buzzbreak App.

Most of us these days like to keep ourselves up to date with the current news by checking various media channels for the latest stories.

Today we will be looking into whether you’d be better off reading what is happening in the world via the the Buzzbreak platform, because it says it will pay you for doing just that.

There are other tasks too including watching videos, and while it doesn’t pay a lot per task, it could nonetheless be a slightly more profitable way to stay aware of current events worldwide.

Before we take a look at how much you are likely to earn, let’s find out how things work.

How The Buzzbreak App Works

The Buzzbreak App is free, and can be downloaded from Google Play. You’ll need a Facebook account to sign up, and every user gets $0.003 when they create their account.

It works on Android 4.2 and up, and so far, has been downloaded by more than 500,000 users.

The site rewards you for reading the news from popular sites like Forbes, and you are also rewarded for watching videos. This makes it a versatile option, since it caters to people who like to read, and those who prefer video content.

You receive rewards for every activity, and you don’t need to change your regular reading habits.

Tasks all pay differently, so you can adjust your activities and more if you have a goal in mind.

Buzzbreak-Earn cash for reading the news

Buzzbreak-Earn cash for reading the news

How much can you Earn With The Buzzbreak App?

The Buzzbreak App gives you rewards for doing things that you probably already do every day. It is a news distribution channel, so you get paid for sharing news stories about your country.

In addition, you get rewarded every time you send someone a thoughtful meme that will bring happiness to their day.

The app pays you at double the usual rate when you enjoy your usual activities on a Wednesday. You earn about 1 cent whenever you read a few news articles, so you’ll have to read about 200 articles to earn $1.

Each article takes about 30 seconds to load, so you’ll have to take that into account if you have limited time and want to catch up on the news quickly.

Two thousand points are equal to $0.02. This can be withdrawn immediately to your PayPal account whenever you reach that sum. In addition to cash, you can earn gifts on the app. You can enjoy the gifts, or convert those to cash.

Rewards At Buzzbreak

Rewards At Buzzbreak

User Feedback

At the time of writing the Buzzbreak App has a rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play, from nearly 277,000 reviewers.

Most users of the app are happy with their experience. However there are users that complain about technical issues, and others are experiencing problems when they try to cash out. Other members complain that the earning is too slow.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Buzzbreak App has a really low minimum for withdrawal, so you can get PayPal cash within 24 hours after signing up and enjoying fun activities on the app.
  • Users say that it is great for news, and you can get double points when you use the app on Wednesdays.
  • The app is an option for people from international locations who want to earn money online.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Buzzbreak App requires new users to sign up with Facebook, so you’ll need a Facebook account.
  • It currently is only available on Google Play.
  • The App is a low income opportunity.
  • Some complaints from members about payment.

Some Final Thoughts

The Buzzbreak App is enjoyed by most of its users, although there are some complaints.

The income potential is very low, and points build up very slowly, however they don’t have a high minimum like some sites, and most users are happy with the type of content that is available.

If you have been pushing yourself to read more business news, or stay aware of happenings in your country, this app rewards those actions.

It also makes it easy to relax after a hard day, by offering access to videos that you may enjoy. Your earnings are transferred right to your PayPal account, and it is available globally.

Have you used the Buzzbreak App? If so, and you want to share your experience please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2.5/5- A popular app that offers a low cash out and a fun way to earn a little extra cash. Building up your account however is likely to be slow.

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15 thoughts on “Buzzbreak App Review-Can You Really Earn Cash With This App?”

  1. I see that this Buzzbreak app is downloadable from my phone – which is interesting because most money-making apps are never available in my region. But the reward points are extremely low and from what I saw on the current reviews, you can only cash out from PayPal after accumulating a minimum of $5 – which can seem like forever to achieve. 

    It may keep you busy on the phone but I don’t think it’s an app worth working on for the long term.  

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Yes it’s good that this is an international app available worldwide however like you say the earning potential is very low. Thanks for your comment.

    2. The buzzbreak app review is very concise and on point. Very detailed and while I haven’t used it ever, but I have experienced on the likes of remotask. I love that you included the pros and cons of the app and comparison to other apps. I have been always an android user as well and I can relate on other apps that claim that you can earn money through their app. And they make it look so easy but in reality, it is not.

      1. Hi Lemeul,

        Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you found my review of the Buzzbreak App, I’m glad you found it informative. Best wishes to you with your online endeavours. 

    3. This may seem like an interesting app to gain a few extra bucks but doesn’t seem like it can be a major income source as the amount you get paid seem pretty low. If you want to get serious on getting financially independent then affiliate marketing through your own blog remains the best way. At least when you know what you are doing…

      1. Hi there Stratos,

        Yes and the best place to learn how to do affiliate marketing is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Thanks for your comment.

    4. Hi, this is a good post on the review of Buzzbreak App. From your review, it is a fun way to earn while reading news and other online information that one usually read previously. The only challenge I can see is that the income level is low when compared with the activity required to achieve the earning. It is very clear from my personal experience that one need to build a system through building a website before having a sustainable income online. This is where Wealthy Affiliate is king of the online world. Great post. Cheers.

      1. Hi Joseph,

        Yes unfortunately the income using this app is small and it will take time to earn as well. I agree that if you are more serious about making money online that Wealthy Affiliate is a better option. Thanks for your comment.

    5. This is a very informative review! I am glad to see an international reward app, most of them only work in some countries. But I am also very discouraged by the payment, it is so low and you really have to work hard and do a lot of watching in order to make significant money. It can just be something that you do in your spare time for extra cash.


      1. Hi there,

        Yes there isn’t a lot of potential for earning using this app. Just a bit of extra cash is the most you can hope for. Although it does pay you for doing something you would be doing anyway. Thanks for your comment.

    6. Hello there! This is an amazing review you’ve got here. I think this will satisfy my desire of venturing into several businesses online to make side cash.

      Though it’s my first time hearing about buzzbreak but I think signing up won’t be a bad idea as their claims are highly intriguing. Thanks for sharing, it’s helpful!

      1. Hi,

        I’m glad you found my review of Buzzbreak informative. If you sign up please let our readers know how you get on. Thanks for reading and for your comment.

    7. Sounds like a great app to pass time especially if you are newspaper person like me, I like reading what’s going on out in the world and fun stories. The earnings are a bit worrisome though, I feel like that’s like you might as well just do it for free, so definitely not recommended for anyone who is looking for serious cash from how I see it, but if you hard looking for some few dollars to go buy some ice cream once in a while great app and the rating itself shows that the users are quite satisfied with it.

      1. Hi Donny,

        Yes it’s clear that the earning potential is very low for this app, but if you enjoy reading articles anyway it won’t be much work either. Thanks for your comment.

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