Can A Simple Affiliate Website Really Make Money?

Can a simple affiliate website make money

Creating a simple affiliate website is extremely easy, you can do that easily and for free HERE

You may however be questioning whether it really is possible to make money with it.

Well we can confidently say yes you can make money with affiliate marketing by having your own affiliate website. However, the amount of money you make depends a lot on whether you are prepared to do what needs to be done, and doing it both correctly and with consistency.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is essentially getting paid for referring people who visit your site to some other business to buy goods and services.

It is an ideal venture for just about anyone, because it doesn’t require a lot of cash to get started (there are no product inventories to maintain and no deliveries to make) In fact you don’t need any money at all if you GET STARTED HERE

A lot of people who venture into affiliate marketing do so with the completely wrong mindset, and it is the single biggest reason why they either make very little money, or no money at all.

Just like many other home business opportunities there are a lot of so called gurus that come up with get-rich quick schemes that promise you good money very fast and with little effort. If you buy into that idea then chances are you will fail.

On the contrary, there is a lot of hard work, learning, and planning that takes place before you can make a decent income from affiliate marketing.

But don’t be discouraged by that because if you are ready to fold up your sleeves and get down working, there is a lot of money in affiliate marketing.


How does affiliate marketing work?

You join an affiliate program and choose the products that you would like to sell. The seller (the site selling the products) will give you a unique affiliate code that you will use to refer your traffic to the seller’s site.

Most affiliate sites will also give you banners and other creative copies to enhance your ability to market the goods and services. Once your site visitors click on the link, they are directed to seller’s site.

If they do the action that is required by the seller such as buying or subscribing to a service, you are paid a commission.

The most common method of making a commission is when the client buys from the seller.

However, you can be paid whenever the visitor clicks on the referral link. Google Adsense uses this kind of plan. Other sellers pay you when the referred visitors give their contact information on the contact form.

As stated earlier, the chances of success depend on correctly following the right steps and being consistent in your work.

Here are some proven tips on becoming successful, and ultimately earning a good income in affiliate marketing.

• Start by learning about affiliate marketing

Do not start affiliate marketing blindly. Learn the loops and the tricks before getting started. This helps you avoid common pitfalls that most beginners fall when starting with affiliate marketing.

• You need an affiliate website (Get a free one here)

While it is possible to market goods and services without having a site, you are limited to the earning potential. Most sites require you to have a site from which to promote the products.

Also, the site provides an avenue to engage with your clients, provide valuable information, and walk with them through the decision-making process. This eventually leads to higher sales and commissions.

• Pick a few good products

The first mistake that most affiliate marketers do is to register in very many affiliate programs and try to promote just anything and everything. Find the most profitable niches HERE

This makes them unable to promote any of the products effectively. A better approach is to pick a handful of really good products and promote them. Research on the market needs for several products and pick the ones that the market needs and align to the site topic.

• Research on the programs available

You need to understand how individual sites pay and when they pay. Look at percentages against the kind of products that are sold on the site. You must pick a good fit in order to make a tidy income from your affiliate marketing efforts.

• Your affiliate marketing items should match your content

Pick items that are related to your content. If you write about cooking, kitchen appliance, cookware, and cutlery are good candidates for affiliate marketing.

• Disclose the affiliate relationship

Tell your readers that the graphic ads will lead to some compensation. In the same light, tell them of the intext links too. This helps retain transparency and trust with your clients and is part of FTC compliance rules.

Get more than one source of traffic

Putting ads on your site and then hoping you create an income isn’t a great approach. You need to learn how to tap into visitors from several sources and increase your qualified traffic. The more qualified traffic you bring to the seller’s page, the higher your chances of making some tidy income.

• Measure the results of your affiliate campaign regularly

Use different product promotion ideas on your chance to increase your visitor base. In the same line, keep measuring the performance of each of the strategies from time to time. Adjust a few things as per the results of your measures. This helps you remain at the top of the game.

Now to show you not only can you make money with an affiliate website, there are marketers that have created very lucrative incomes from their affiliate marketing.

Here is a list of some of the top affiliate earners that have made some serious cash.


Pat Flynn owns this site. He capitalizes in selling affiliate books, public speaking, niches sites, and podcasts. Pat makes a very tidy sum every month directly from his affiliate website.


This blog is owned by Michelle and covers personal finance and a few of lifestyle issues. The site earns big money from offering affiliate products, direct ads, sponsorship, and online courses.


Matthew Woodward is the owner of the site. He is an internet marketer that helps people learn SEO, increase sales and traffic.

It is really possible to make very good money from affiliate marketing. The examples above show impressive results from affiliate marketing efforts.

You can start as a part time affiliate marketer until you grow your income to a level that you can depend on it for a living.

Keep on researching the latest techniques of attracting visitors and implement them as you continue. Soon, you could be smiling all the way to the bank.


10 thoughts on “Can A Simple Affiliate Website Really Make Money?”

  1. Definitely it can and thank for your post here. To be honest, with the right knowledge and proper application, anyone can truly make the dream come true when it comes to building website and getting rewards from the work of it. I am an affiliate marketer and I have benefited from it myself. so, I can rwlaly resonate well with it. All it needs iisythe right mentor and the right level of diligence to get to the top

    1. Hi Phillip,

      Yes you are absolutely right. Gaining the knowledge and then applying what you have learned consistently is the real key to success with affiliate marketing. I’m pleased to hear that you have taken the step and started your affiliate marketing career. I wish you well with your business. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi,

    It is usually the exception rather than the rule that affiliate marketers avoid the hype and try to be truthful about the journey to success in making money online. I am sure you are familiar with hyped up programs from various so-called gurus. How di you start your affiliate marketing journey and what made you decide to take the first step? What had been your challenges and what have been your results so far. I know it takes perseverance. And what sources of traffic do you find the best results from? I know in my case I am trying to crack the SEO ‘code’ and get more organic traffic. But thanks for the insights and being forthcoming, in my experience it’s not the norm but it is refreshing, I try to do the same. All the best to you.

    1. Hi David,

      Yes you’re quite right. It’s the biggest reason why people fail with affiliate marketing. They are distracted by the ‘shiny objects’ of so called instant success, and lose site of the long term picture. It is far easier to reach for an easy fix than build a sustainable future. Before joining Wealthy Affiliate I hadn’t had any previous experience of affiliate marketing. I was at the time happy earning a few bucks on survey sites and reward apps. I got really frustrated with the amount of time I was spending for very little return so I looked around for better opportunities. I didn’t even know what Affiliate Marketing was until I came across an article similar to the one I have written here, and it was recommended that I join Wealthy Affiliate for free to try it out. I was hooked from the beginning, writing about stuff I knew about and earning money from it. That was four years ago and there hasn’t been a day gone by since when I haven’t worked on my sites or read all the great material on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      You absolutely can get highly targeted traffic from the search engines if you learn about SEO. All that is taught to you at Wealthy Affiliate. Before you know it you will have the knowledge to get your site at the top of the search engines, bringing you in visitors who are ready to buy. Thanks for your comment and best wishes with your affiliate marketing career.

  3. Hello. Thanks so much for the information. It’s very educative. Affiliate Marketing is a great opportunity and it can be done by any one. I am already an affiliate marketer so am encouraging others. Affiliate Marketing is real. When you have everything set up, passive income will start following on autopilot


    1. Hi Manfred,

      Yes affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money, and many people have been using the business model to make money online for many years. There is like anything else, work to be done before you reap the rewards, but every small step you make toward achieving success is worthwhile. Thanks for your comment.

  4. This is great advice for anyone wanting to know if they can earn money from affiliate marketing. I joined Weathy Affiliate 3 months ago and without their support and training I would not have known the first thing about building a website or keyword research to attract traffic to my site. 

    it isn’t worth going in blind into affiliate marketing thinking you can learn how to do it on your own, I don’t believe you can be successful doing it this way, but with good training and support I believe you can have a successful business.

    An excellent article!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Great to hear that you are already benefitting from the membership at Wealthy Affiliate. It is quite simply the best place to learn how to build an affiliate marketing career from scratch. I agree you shouldn’t jump straight in, or go in blind, because there is much to learn. You are way more likely to fail if you don’t have the backing of training and support, especially in the beginning. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I think you do a decent job of introducing the idea of making money online through affiliate marketing. I felt motivated to click on the linked page by the second paragraph. 

    That being said the page the link takes you to is where your real knowledge and marketing skills shine. You are very detailed and make a reader feel as though anyone can do the job of affiliate marketing. 

    1. Hi Brandi,

      Yes, affiliate marketing is something almost anyone can do, but it is highly recommended that you get help with training and have immediate support whenever you need it. Your chances of success improve massively when you have the knowledge and support available whenever you need it. Thanks for your comment.

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