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Can You Earn Crypto With Storm X? A Review

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Storm X review

Shopping for your favourite products and earning cryptocurrency are two activities that lots of people are very happy to engage in, given the chance.

So finding an app that promises to combine both these popular choices can certainly raise an eyebrow or two.

If it does happen to spark your interest, then this Storm X review will be worth checking out.

That’s because StormX is a platform that, rather than rewarding you with US dollars or another fiat currency whenever you shop, rewards you with cryptocurrency instead.

In my Storm X review today I will be explaining how you can earn cryptocurrency whenever you shop by making use of the app or browser extension. You’ll also learn how to earn by engaging in small tasks and offers.

We will also be taking a look at the experiences that other users are having.

First however let’s get started by looking at how Storm X works.

How Storm X Works

Storm X is a cashback app and browser extension that’s been developed by a company that’s based in Singapore. As with many other cash back apps, it’s completely free.

The developer is StormX PTE LTD and they have their own cryptocurrency on the blockchain. (STMX)

The developers started out as BitMaker. At that time, they offered micro tasks and paid members in cryptocurrency.

With the name change came their own cryptocurrency. They’re also working on making their own debit card available to members.

The card will be linked to the crypto that’s held in accounts on the site so that members can spend their earnings in physical stores.

The app is available to all Android users, and you can also get it if you use an iOS device.

You can download it by visiting either app store or by clicking the Chrome button on the Storm X site.

The app is available around the world. You can download it once Google Play or Apple Store products are available in your area. Non-US members can access the same benefits as those who are located in the United States.

You can sign into the app in a few ways including email or Facebook.

Signing up to The Storm X App

Signing up to The Storm X App

By using the platform you can earn cryptocurrency for purchases associated with numerous top brands. For example, you’ll earn cash back whenever you use Uber. You could even earn on Lego purchases.

The cash back rate varies according to the product that you’re purchasing and a few other factors. For example, with Nike, you could earn $14 cash back on sneakers that cost $88. This would be paid to you in cryptocurrency, not dollars.

Despite the potential volatility of the currency, people nonetheless still want to start investing in crypto. However, they’re hesitant about taking the first step because they don’t understand the market.

With Storm X entering the cryptocurrency market is much easier. What is appealing of course is that you’ll be getting crypto by doing something that you’re already accustomed to.

However, the app also has other ways for you to earn online, and you can complete tasks for which you’ll receive points for each one that you do. Once you’ve completed the tasks the points will be added to your balance automatically.

How To Earn With Storm X

Cash Back On Your Shopping

When it comes to shopping, you have the option of choosing either the Android or iOS App. You can also use the browser extension available for Google Chrome.

Storm X pays you for doing a few activities . With their first option, you’ll earn whenever you shop.

You’ll earn cash back when you use different services, and you’ll  also earn cash back whenever you purchase particular products.

As discussed above, your rewards for shopping are paid in cryptocurrency.

The amount of cash back that you earn depends on the brand. For example, lots of different products are available on eBay. On a typical eBay product purchase that’s worth $56, you would get $8 as cash back.

Some of the many top brands partnered with The Storm X App

Some of the many top brands partnered with The Storm X App

The amount of cash back that you’ll earn also depends on your membership level. The lowest amount of cash back that you could earn is 0.5%. On some offers, you could earn as much as 87.5% as cash back. (See details on membership levels further below)

The app has a list of over 1,000 stores where you can earn cash back. They also have specific offers that you can use in order to earn, You’ll have to visit the store, activate the reward and check out as you usually would.

You will not earn cash back at stores that aren’t on their list. All of these stores are online stores. If you don’t like to shop online, you won’t be able to earn by using this app to shop.

Online Tasks

However, you can still earn with their short tasks that you can complete in your spare time.

You’ll be paid for each of these tasks. The number of points ( or bolts they are called ) that you earn will depend on the task that you complete.

You don’t have to do a task if you don’t want to. You’ll always be told how much you could receive for completing a task.

Earn Bolts for completing tasks with The Storm X App

Earn bolts for completing tasks

This information will be provided at the beginning. In this way, you can ensure that you make the most of your time on the app.

Levels Of Membership

The app has six different levels of membership with the lowest being purple, and the highest Diamond.

Purple members still earn rewards times 1, however at the highest level you can earn 3.5 times the rewards that you earn at the lowest level. The higher the level however, the more STMX you are required to hold.

As you go up to each level, the amount of time that’s taken to process your transactions also decreases.

Bronze membership level at Storm X

Bronze membership is one step up from purple. It gives you 1.25 times cash back reward but you must hold a minimum 3,000 STMX

Diamond Membership Storm X App

Diamond membership is the highest membership level. You will get 3.5 times cash back and 75% reward time reduction. You will however need to hold 6.2 Million STM


To help you move to a higher level of membership you can stake their proprietary cryptocurrency.

As stated above, the proprietary cryptocurrency is known as STMX. You can trade this crypto token on exchanges such as Binance. As with all other crypto, the value of STMX changes rapidly according to what’s happening in the market.

As a member, you could earn more on your cashback transactions by staking your STMX. This cryptocurrency uses Proof of Stake. When you stake it, you allow the STMX that’s linked to your account to be used for transactions on the blockchain.

Staking your cryptocurrency doesn’t only result in higher cash back payouts. You’ll also enjoy the staking rewards that you would get on a cryptocurrency exchange. This is equal to 17.5% APR on this token, and is paid out weekly

Referring Others

You can also earn from $40, and up to as much as $1000 bonus for referring other members.

The amount you and your referral gets however is dependent upon the level of membership  and holding that membership for 90 days.

Referring friends to Storm X

Referring friends to Storm X

All of the options for earning can be found at the bottom of your home screen.

How To Withdraw From The Storm X App

When you’re ready to withdraw from the Storm X App, you’ll need to click the Rewards button.  This is located at the bottom of your home screen.

You need to ensure that you have a crypto wallet that’s compliant.  You can create an account for free. You need to add your wallet email address to your account in order to have your funds transferred to it.

Members can only request a withdrawal when they have the minimum balance or more in their account. This is equivalent to $10.

What Real Users Are Saying About Storm X?

The Storm X App has received a rating of 4.1 from over 84,000 users on the Google Play Store. The app has received over four million downloads across both Google Play and the App Store.

This app is still relatively new. However, members enjoy using the app to earn cash back in crypto.

Many are optimistic about the future of the cryptocurrency that’s associated with this app. They expect it to grow over the coming year.

Like all apps however, there are some complaints.

Some users report technical issues with such things as getting email verification or uploading receipts.

Some members complain that cash back takes too long to get into their account. Unfortunately this is the case with all cash back sites as shops will not pay out until the refund period has passed.

Others complain that customer service wasn’t helpful to them.

There is however a contact email which is if you do require assistance. The app states that it does respond to all ticket requests for assistance.

Have you tried The Storm X App and want to share your experience? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Storm X?

  • The Storm X App pays you for completing a number of different tasks. The most popular one is shopping.
  • You can earn up to 87.5% cash back on your purchases whenever you use app.
  • You’ll get crypto by regularly doing something that you already do. If the cryptocurrency that you earn goes up in value rapidly, its USD value will increase significantly
  • There are different ways to earn on this app. You’re not just limited to shopping.
  • Members who do use the shopping option can receive a significant portion of what they spend as rewards.
  • Available to both Android and iOS users

What Are The Cons Of Storm X?

  • Some people prefer to get paid in a fiat currency. This platform doesn’t offer that option.
  • Storm X doesn’t work with just any store. There are specific stores that you have to shop at in order to earn cash back. Storm X doesn’t partner with as many stores as some other cash back sites.
  • The offers are also specific to particular goods.
  • You can earn cash back with a free account. Despite that, the best rewards are reserved for members with higher holdings.
  • You’ll have to purchase STMX or earn it from your cash back in order to move up to the highest membership levels.
  • The value of cryptocurrency can be volatile.
  • To benefit from the referral program you will have to purchase or earn STMX

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Some Final Thoughts On Storm X?

This Storm X review explained how you can shop and earn rewards. You will also be able to earn those rewards as cryptocurrency. This is a good way to increase your cryptocurrency holdings while you shop.

If you already use some of these goods and services regularly, you can earn a significant sum every month.

If STMX increases in value you’ll also be able to boost your earnings in this way. The future value of any cryptocurrency however isn’t certain.

If cryptocurrency isn’t for you, but cash back on your shopping is, then this isn’t the right app for you. However if you’re looking for an easy way to get hold of your first Cryptocurrency then The Storm X App could be a good option.

Star Rating-3/5-The Storm X App is quite a new app that is proving popular amongst its members. It combines shopping with crypto rewards and is available worldwide.

Thanks for reading my review of The Storm X App. I hope it helped you get a better  understanding of how the app works, and whether it will be of benefit to you.

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