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Can You Earn Real Cash With The Cash’em All App? A Review

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Cash’em All App Review

What could be more easy, and fun, than earning extra bucks online playing games?

The amount of apps that claim to offer this very tempting opportunity are far too many to mention.

However, if you’ve tried some of these apps you’ll know that some are worth it. Unfortunately however others are a complete waste of time, especially if you were hoping to generate some extra spending money. And that’s because some of them simply don’t deliver.

However, a new app called The Cash’em All App offers free cash for game play, and appears to have been making a big impression.

The app was only launched in early 2021, and since then it’s received over 10 million downloads.

However, are the app’s members just playing for fun, or are they earning real cash too?

In my review today I will be taking an in-depth look at what The Cash’em All App is providing for its members.

I will be discovering what real users of the app are saying about it, looking at how you could potentially earn from it, and weighing up the pros and cons you are likely to encounter should you decide to join.

First however, let’s find out how The Cash’em All App works.

How the Cash’em All App Works

The Cash’em All App is available on Android but not on iOS devices. Installation only takes a few minutes.

It is a free app that allows you to earn by playing games in your free time.

Play games with the Cash’em all App

Play games with the Cash’em all App

The app provides members with an easy way to find free games. What you will like to know is that you will never have to pay for membership,  and you’ll never be asked to make in-app purchases.

The app is also available to users all across the world, so you can earn from virtually any location.

However, since the app pays via PayPal, you should be old enough to have a PayPal account if you want to receive your earnings in cash.

In case you didn’t know, the minimum age requirement for PayPal is 18. You will therefore need your PayPal email address to open your own account on the app.

You can also create your unique password. You’ll also be asked to provide information on your age and gender, and have to accept the terms and give the app permission to access your usage data.

The app must be able to access your usage data because it uses this information to measure the number of hours that you spend playing each game that you download. If you block it from accessing your usage data you won’t be able to earn coins whenever you play a game.

When you play games on the app, you’ll earn points, which are referred to as coins.

Earn coins with The Cash’em All App

Earn coins with The Cash’em All App

You will also earn a bonus as soon as you sign up as a member. The size of this bonus varies from country to country.

The coins that you earn can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. The gift cards are from popular retailers, such as Amazon.

You can also claim gift cards from iTunes or Starbucks as your reward. This means that you could get your next cup of coffee free.

Get rewarded with PayPal cash or gift card with the Cash’em All App

Get rewarded with PayPal cash or gift card with the Cash’em All App

You can also enjoy your favorite music as a result of your efforts on the app.

You’ll earn coins for every game that you play via the app. You’ll also be rewarded whenever you refer a friend to the platform.

Unlike some apps that require your referral to earn before you can get a bonus, your bonus on this platform is divided into two portions.

You’ll receive a bonus as soon as the individual uses your referral link to sign up. You will also continue to receive bonuses as long as the individual is active on the platform.

Although the games that you download for play can be found under your account, you don’t have complete control over them.

The developers can remove any of the games at any time. They don’t need your permission to do this. This means that list is constantly changing.

How You Could Earn from the Cashem All App

There are several ways to earn on the Cashem All app. All new members receive a welcome bonus after they sign up.

This bonus varies from country to country but in some regions, you could get around 9,000 points added to your balance immediately.

In the United States, you’ll get 4,499 points as your welcome bonus. This means that you’ll be very close to the minimum for payment.

You’ll earn on the Cashem All app whenever you play a game. You need to be a registered user to play. Once you login, you’ll see all of the games that are available for download.

These games are available via the Featured button on the app. This is located at the bottom of your screen. Each game will show you the number of coins that you can earn for playing it.

For example, if a game says 440, that’s an indication that you will earn 440 coins for each minute of play.  The number of coins that you earn for each game will vary.

Your earnings per minute for each game will also decrease, the longer that you play. For example if you’ll earn 571 coins per minute for playing again, this rate may only apply for the first 10 minutes. After that, your earnings will start to drop at regular intervals of time.

This app also has a referral program. Whatever a friend joins the app by using your unique referral link, you will immediately earn 250 coins. You will also earn the equivalent of 25% of whatever they earn on the app.

Downloading Games With The Cash’em All App

You’ll have to download each game before you can play it. This means that you have to have extra memory on your phone if you plan on downloading and playing several games a week. the games are stored on your phone what should be accessed through the app.

This means that your phone’s memory is always used and you won’t use the cloud for storage.

When you find a game that you like, you can click the Play button. This will take you to the Google Play Store or the App Store, where you can download the game.

All of the games must be downloaded before you can play them. They aren’t available as mobile web versions.

Once you download a game, you have to open it from the app in order to earn from it.

If you play the game independently, you won’t be credited for the time that you spend playing. You must open it in the app and play it from there in order to earn.

All of the games that you’ve downloaded will be located in the My Apps section of the app. You can select and play any game that you’ve downloaded that’s in that section whenever you would like.

Under the My Apps section, you’ll also find information on the number of hours that you’ve spent playing each game. You’ll be able to learn how many coins you’ve earned to that point for the game.

The coins that you earn for each game will be automatically credited to your account balance.

However, this won’t take the same amount of time in all instances. For example, sometimes your account will be credited in minutes while at other times it may take hours for your balance to increase.

How To Withdraw Your Cash’em All App Rewards

When you’re ready to enjoy your rewards from this app, you can withdraw them by clicking the Payouts tab.

You have to ensure that you’ve reached the minimum threshold for payment. This is determined by the type of reward that you want.

When you click on Payouts, you’ll see all of the reward options.

If you would like a PayPal transfer, this starts at 4,999 coins. This is equivalent to 50 cents. For a PayPal transfer of $1, you’ll need 9,898 coins.

The conversion rate varies slightly from country to country. For example, if you live in the UK the minimum for withdrawal will be denoted in GBP. That is instead of $0.50, you’ll get £0.50.

If you want to receive your rewards as cash, you can have your earnings sent to your Paypal account.

Cash isn’t the only option and you can request your earnings in the form of a gift card.

This will be an electronic gift card, that you can use to shop online. This gets to you fairly quickly and you don’t have to wait for it to be delivered through the post.

Cash’em All App Reviews From Real Users

The Cash’em All App is a popular app with the majority of its users. Members enjoy playing new games, and many report having received their rewards.

However the app requires verification before you can collect your rewards, and you’ll be asked to take a selfie using the software. Your face should appear within a circle in order to complete the process. If you’re unable to do that, you will not be able to receive your payout.

This is one of the major cons of using the app according to users.

There are also other problems associated with the withdrawal process and some users have complained that they haven’t received their awards.

Some users have also said that they aren’t receiving any responses to their emails regarding their withdrawal requests.

What Are The Pros Of The Cash’em All App?

  • It’s available worldwide
  • It’s free
  • Payments are available in cash
  • Games can be downloaded for free for Android devices

What Are The Cons Of The Cash’em All App?

  • When you’re taking the selfie for verification, you may experience technical difficulties. This will make it difficult for you to collect your cash and gift cards.
  • The administrators of the app can remove any of the games whenever they wish. This means that you may be enjoying a game but later on, you might find that it has been removed.

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Some Final Thoughts On The Cash’em All App

This Cashem All app review has explained how you could potentially earn on the platform.

The app is worth considering given that you can accumulate points on the app fairly easily.

However some caution is needed given that when it’s time for players to withdraw their cash or gift cards, some members sometimes experience problems.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A popular new app that is available worldwide. However it isn’t currently available to iOS users. Members report being paid, however some report technical issues, and problems with withdrawing their rewards.

Thanks for checking out my review of The Cash’em All App, I hope you found it informative, and will help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.
I have written hundreds of similar reviews of platforms that could make you extra income. You will find my latest posts HERE


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