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Can You Earn Rewards With eSurveyBox? A Review

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eSurveyBox Review

I recently came across another GPT (Get Paid To) website called eSurveyBox.

The site has offerwalls like other similar GPT platforms, although surveys appear to be the main earning opportunity.

In my review today I will be helping you to decide if eSurveyBox is an online income source that is worth checking out.

To help me I will be taking a closer look at the earning opportunities, what real users are saying about the platform, and weighing up the pros and cons.

First however, let’s take a look at how eSurveyBox works

How eSurveyBox Works

Many people who want to earn online do so by completing surveys. eSurveyBox is one such survey sites that’s looking for feedback from consumers.

To get rewarded you’ll need to give your opinion on various topics. For example, you might be asked about the packaging for a particular product.

Joining eSurveyBox is free to join, so there is no upfront investment needed to participate. In return, each person who shares their opinion will receive incentives.

The platform partners with companies that want to know about the experiences that people have had with their products.

You will give your feedback through surveys which can be fully completed online.

While the site states that these can be done at your convenience, there’s usually a quota attached to each survey.

For example, a company may only require 400 respondents for their survey. When they reach this quota, they won’t accept any new panelists.

This means that if you’re interested in responding to a survey invitation, you should do so as quickly as possible.

You’ll get points every time you complete a survey. These points can be exchanged for rewards. Some surveys are 10 minutes long, while the longest surveys are 20 minutes long.

You’ll be given information on the time that you’ll probably take to take to complete the survey, before you start it.

To join this panel, you’ll need to sign up with your email address.

After that, open the email that you’ll receive from eSurveyBox. It will contain a verification link that you’ll need to click on. Doing so confirms your membership and then you can get started.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be asked for information about yourself that will make it easier for the algorithm to match you with surveys from companies.

For example, you need to share your date of birth, the country that you live in and your gender.

Who Can Join eSurveyBox?

The platform is available to users from around the world, however the payment options that are available to international members are different from those that are offered to Canadians and US citizens.

How To Earn On eSurveyBox

You can earn on eSurveyBox by completing surveys and by completing offers on the sites offer wall.

You’ll get your first 200 points however as a welcome bonus for completing your profile.

You’ll be paid for each survey or task that you successfully respond to. You will be rewarded points which can be redeemed for cash or gift card.

Most surveys on eSurveyBox take between 10 and 20 minutes. However, there are short, simple surveys that only take 5 minutes and pay about a dollar. The longest and most complex surveys take 20 minutes and pay around $5.

You’ll be told how much you could earn before you start doing the survey. This information will be given to you in points.

Your earnings will be automatically added to your account, and in most cases, this is done within a few minutes.

However, every now and then it will take a day or two before your account is credited.

Most members only receive survey invitations once or twice a week. So if you hope to receive extra income from eSurveyBox, it’s important to respond to survey invitations quickly so you maximize your chances of completing them.

Remember though, if you respond to an invitation, there’s a chance that you could get screened out.

Screening questions are included at the start of every survey. These are used to ensure that the respondent matches the target demographic.

Sometimes you’ll start a survey but after doing a few screening questions you’ll be told that you won’t be able to complete the survey. You can expect this to happen with at least 20% of the survey invitations that you receive.

As with many other similar survey platforms, you’ll usually find that you get more survey invitations if you complete surveys regularly.

This is because the platform will have more information on the types of surveys that you qualify for. It’s also important to keep your answers consistent, so that your profile will be accurate.

This platform gets their surveys from other companies. For example, Peanut Labs will send surveys to them and members will be able to complete those.

This is why there are sometimes delays where your points take a day or two to be credited. Their partners have to verify that you completed the survey and then the points will appear in your account.

Boost Your eSurveyBox Earnings With Referrals

You can earn a little extra income from surveys. However, you can boost that income through the eSurveyBox referral program.

This give you gives you points every time someone signs up for the platform
via your referral link.

Your points will be credited to your account as soon as your referral completes the registration process through their welcome email. Information on the number of points that you’ll earn per referral however is not available on the eSurveyBox site.

In addition, you can’t invite as many friends as you want to the platform and get credited for each of them. Your referral earnings on this platform are capped.

Completing Offers At eSurveyBox

In addition to income opportunities with surveys, you can sometimes find earning opportunities on their offer wall.

You’ll find three offer walls on eSurveyBox. Each of the walls has several short tasks that you can do to earn.

For example, you could earn by completing a quiz, and you’ll receive points for that.

Some offers give you points for downloading mobile apps. In that case, you might need to use the app for a few days in order to get the points. However, sometimes you’ll obtain points just for downloading an app.

You can also find offers that give you points for watching videos. Most of these videos are advertorials, which provide you with information about specific products or services.

You can also complete offers that require you to register for a website.

I have earned more on this survey site than any other. Check it out.

How To Withdraw From eSurveyBox

This platform has a minimum for withdrawals. Fortunately, that minimum is really low and you only need 5,000 points to make your first withdrawal. This is equivalent to $5.

To get your reward simply log in to your account and click on the Redeem tab.

You can redeem your points via electronic gift cards if you live in Canada or the United States. You just need to choose an amount and click the Submit button.

You won’t have to wait for a physical gift card to be mailed to you. A variety of eGift cards can be obtained from eSurveyBox.

Some of the popular gift card options include eBay, Amazon and Nike. You can also get gift cards for Walmart, iTunes and Target. They have over 20 brands for members to select from when they’re ready.

If you’re an international member, you won’t be able to receive your earnings via a gift card. Instead you’ll have the option of withdrawing your points as cash. This will be transferred to your Paypal account.

Unfortunately, the minimum for PayPal transfers is higher and you’ll need at least $15 in your account.

What Real Users Are Saying About eSurveyBox

Real users of the site say that eSurveyBox is a legitimate site. Earlier in this eSurveyBox review, you learned about different reward options on the platform. Members say that they have received their rewards.

The most common complaint from users is about the number of tasks that are available on the site. Users wish that they had more opportunities to earn from surveys.

Some complain about being screened out however there isn’t really anything that can be done about this, although a small amount of compensation would of course help.

Have you used eSurveyBox and want to share your experience? If so please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of eSurveyBox?

  • You can earn on eSurveyBox by doing surveys in your free time. These surveys are short and you can complete them while you’re watching television or waiting in line.
  • You can log into the site and click on the panel to choose from available surveys. You don’t have to wait for invitations to be emailed to you. You’ll be redirected to the survey page for the one that you select.
  • You can also earn on platform through their referral program.
  • They allow members from around the world, so this is an international work from home opportunity.
  • Panelists can choose from around 20 gift card options when they’re ready to withdraw their earnings from eSurveyBox.
  • If you’re an international member, you can receive your earnings in cash.
    You won’t have to wait for weeks to receive your earnings. Your electronic gift cards will be sent to you instantly.
  • Similarly, you’ll receive PayPal payments quickly wherever you are in the world, as long as you qualify.

What Are The Cons Of eSurveyBox?

  • You can’t get cash on this platform if you’re based in the United States or Canada. Gift cards are the only reward option on eSurveyBox for residents of these countries.
  • You may only get one survey per week on this site, and you can also expect to get screened out at least 20% of the time. They don’t really have a lot of surveys at eSurveyBox. On some survey sites you can do around five surveys a month. You might not be able to do as many on this platform

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Some Final Thoughts On eSurveyBox

In this eSurveyBox review, you’ve learned how to get rewards on the platform. As you’ve seen, you can earn from surveys, offers on the offer wall, and referrals.

The panel pays and there haven’t been any reports of late or missed payments.

However, the earning potential on this site isn’t great given that the amount of surveys you get could be limited to a couple each week, and you aren’t likely to qualify for all of them either.

eSurveyBox is recommended, however I would suggest joining other sites too so you can ensure a ready supply of surveys as and when you want them.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit GPT site that is available worldwide. The earning potential is however is limited.

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Thanks for reading my review of eSurveyBox, I hope you found it informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

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