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Can You Make Money Taking Photos With PxBee? A Review

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PxBee Review

Thanks for checking out my review of PxBee.

My review today will be of interest to all keen photographers who want to earn money from their best photographs using the PxBee platform.

I will be finding out whether you really can earn cash on this platform by using your photography skills.

Like similar stock photography websites, PxBee connects you with clients who need images in many different categories, so you aren’t overly restricted in terms of the type of photos that you will sell.

But how does PxBee match up to the other websites out there doing the same kind of thing?. Let’s get started by finding out how things work.

How PxBee Works

Creating an account on PxBee is easy and there is no cost associated with registration.

Each photo you upload will be reviewed, and if accepted, it will be displayed on the platform. Your photos are more likely to meet the criteria for the site if they have a theme and are direct in how each idea is expressed.

Most of your clients will need photos that they can use in their marketing campaigns. Occasionally, some will want photos that reach a commercial standard for personal use.

Either way, you will earn more if your photos are appealing and look great whether they are used on wedding cakes, billboards, or product packaging.

PxBee caters to people who are looking for real-life photos, so all of your images should look like they have been captured naturally. If you add a slight amount of editing to each image, this is often appreciated.

Have a look at images on the site to see what they appreciate in terms of artistry and the angle you choices for each topic

Categories are important and a large number of these are available for vector art and photos. Understanding which categories are doing well on the site helps in terms of profit.

You can adjust your uploads so that you have more in the categories that are required for commercial use.

You can place your photos in the black and white category if you specialize in this area. Other popular categories are Animals, Portraits, and Abstract. Placing your photos in the correct category makes it easy for clients to find them.

How to earn money with your photographs

Earning money with your images on this site is more than possible if you produce quality images, and understand what clients are looking for.

Try to learn more about the clients who use the site for large projects, and the type of images that prefer. That way you can adjust the images you display in each category so they are more appealing to them. This will increase your sales volumes.

The images on this platform are priced according to the license, their size, and even whether a Model Release is needed.

Quality is always a factor. If you wish to earn more, ensure that your photos or vector art always look good in a large format.

The extended license for an image is $99.99, and that is one of the most profitable options for contributors on the site.

Other popular options are a large photo sold under a standard license for $9.99, and a small photo sold under the same license for $2.99. You cannot adjust the prices as an artist.

The site does not apply any charges upfront. Instead, they charge a commission after each image is sold. That commission is applied after fees and taxes, and is equal to 50%.

If you sell a photo for $9.99 and your profit is $8, you will get $4. The other $4 goes to the site. Your money is sent to you via PayPal.

What Are The Pros Of PxBee?

  • The platform has a search tool, which makes it easy for clients to find your photos, once they are tagged properly.
  • PxBee is not limited to photos, and you can also sell vector art there.
  • The site is easy to use and is a good place to display your work if you sell vector art. Payments are made via PayPal, which is a convenient option.

What Are The Cons Of PxBee?

  • PxBee takes a commission of 50%. This is really high.
  • The restriction on pricing is also a drawback, since you cannot decide how much you want to sell each image for.

Some Final Thoughts On PxBee

Whether you are a photographer or are looking for a good place to sell your vector art, PxBee is an option to consider.

By using your photography skills, and some effort you can make money using this platform, and that is largely down to the fact that PxBee make it fairly easy to reach your audience.

Since they are a new site, a lot of opportunities are there to gain clients who want to see what the site has to offer. The payment method is convenient, and pricing is transparent.

Have you tried PxBee to sell your photos? If so let us know in the comments below if you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform to sell your photos from, whether you are a professional or amateur photographer. The commission the site takes however is high.

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Thanks for checking out my review of PxBee. I hope you found the article informative, and will help you decide if the platform will benefit you.

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