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Can You Make Money Through Affiliate Programs?

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Advertising a business on the internet takes a large amount of work and consistency throughout.

However, to make the process smoother for the business owner they can use Affiliate Programs to increase the sales from their siteIn fact 80% of brands have affiliate marketing programs.

So there are plenty of places where you can make money by joining affiliate programs and promoting brands that fit in with your niche.

What are Affiliate Programs and How Do You Use Them?

Affiliate Programs are a service for online businesses selling a product or service who want to bring in further sales.

The business will enlist the services of an Affiliate Program. The affiliate program will encourage bloggers and affiliate marketers to sign up for their program to promote businesses by including links and banners on their own site.

Affiliate Programs are the middleman between a business selling their service or product and an online marketer looking to make money through placing affiliate links and banners on their site.

Affiliate Services have a contract with the business owners to pay them a set amount of money to find affiliate marketers wishing to promote their products or service.

This contract will be in place for as long as the Affiliate Service and the online business are working with each other.

How to use an Affiliate Program

If you’re an online marketer who’s hoping to bring in extra cash for your business, you’ll most probably think about using affiliate programs to connect you with businesses who want their products or services promoted.

Once you’ve signed up to and are accepted into an affiliate program, you can choose which businesses you want to promote and can apply to promote their products or services.

Once accepted you can add their links and banners to your content on your site. When someone clicks on your link or banner and purchases something you will earnthe agreed percentage of that sale.

Different Types of Affiliate Programs

There are three different types of affiliate programs you can choose from;


PPC (Payperclick)to earn money through payperclick you will earn a commissionevery time someone clicks on your link or banner.

AdWords is a prime example for this kind of affiliate program. If someone goes on to your site and clicks on the advertisement, then you get paid a set amount. Normally a few cents per click.
This can take a long time to build up to a generous amount of money which is why its not alwaysthe only source of income for affiliate marketers.
PPS (Pay-per-sale) With paypersale as you can imagine, every time you generate a salefor the business you get paid a set amount that you agree when you sign up for this program.
Sometimes you must get a specific amount of sales to get an agreed amountof commission. But you will agree on this in the contract before you begin.
PPL (Payperlead) This type of payment is generated by following the instructions of what the business requires in fulfilling a lead based commission.
This is usually getting customers to download a free book or sign up for an email course or something along those lines. The lead is the book, the email course or something similar.

Popular Affiliate Programs That Will Make You Money

ClickBankwho is quite a successful affiliate program in America. They deal with digital lifestyle products that need promotion by affiliates looking to make money in the health and lifestyle niche.

You can sign up for an account, search for the products you want to promote and apply. Once accepted you can create content and links to add to your site.

Amazon Associatesthis affiliate program is popular all over the world. They have separate programmes for each country, so if you want to promote in both the UK and the US you would need to sign up for both programs.

Amazon Associates are very precise in their sellingrules as you need to have made a sale within a specific amount of time or they will end your affiliate account.

Although they are strict in this way, you can make a good living from advertising Amazon products as they have so many products to choose from that will easily fit in with any niche.

ShareASalethis affiliate program has a large number of products on offer to promote. From computing to beauty products, you’ll find something to suit your niche.

The payout threshold for this program is $50 and is paid by direct debit if you live outside the US. If your account is left inactive for a period of time, it will be cancelled. They are also part of Awin who were Affiliate Window before their re-brand.

C J Affiliate  are another great affiliate program that has many businesses you can promote within your niche. They were previously called Commission Junction before their re-brand.

They range from business to beauty and everything in between including travel. Being free to join, you can search their database by keyword and find suitable brands specific to your niche.

This is a good program for new bloggers as there’s no minimum amount of traffic size needed coming to your site. Their minimum payout threshold is also $50 and is paid by directpayment to your bank.

This saves PayPal fees and you get what you earn with no deductions. With a wide variety of brands available to choose from they’re a good programme to get you started in the early days of your online business.

Target Your Market to Gain Sales

Making money with affiliate program can be a high earning, passive income for your business if you focus on learning the basics.

Getting the foundations built in online marketing is crucial to helping your business grow. Through time and a lot of effort your affiliate marketing business will make you enough money to live on, but only if you have your niche targeted to bring plenty of visitors to your site.

By targeting the demographics to your site, you will fine tune your niche and earn money daily.

Although it’ll take you time to get to this point, targeting your readers is essential by knowingwhat they want from you and what their buying habits are. Once you master this you’ll be well on your way to making money with affiliate programs.

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