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Can You Make Money With VarageSale?-A Review

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VarageSale Review

Thanks for checking out my VarageSale App Review.

My review will cover what you need to know about this platform as we find out if you can make money using the app by hosting your own garage sale online.

What Is VarageSale?

Basically the idea behind the app is that you can earn cash from all of your gear without the hassle of setting up tables. You are then responsible for delivering your item to interested buyers.

To make this process easier and safer, you are required to join a local community when you sign up.

VarageSale has several protocols in place to enhance the safety of its members while they earn cash through the platform.

How Does VarageSale Work?

You can download the VarageSale app for your Android or iOS device to start selling online. Members are asked to connect with Facebook, verifying their identity while providing buyers with access to shared friends. After this, community moderators will also verify your account before you are allowed to sell anything.

Once your account has been verified by a moderator, you can start adding the items you want to sell on VarageSale.

Each listing should have a headline, description, and photo. The information included in your description will be used by buyers to find your products. When a buyer likes an item, they can reserve it and contact you.

You can read their ratings before agreeing to meet them to deliver your item. Several communities have a community swap location that lets you conduct each transaction more safely.

You cannot use VarageSale to sell anything that might encourage illegal activity. You’re also not allowed to sell weapons, such as your old BB gun or a bow.

How Much it Costs

VarageSale is free to use. There are no associated costs when you open an account or when you make a sale. This means that you keep your entire profit.

Since your overhead costs are virtually nonexistent, you could make decent money on the site. For example we read a report from a seller who made enough money from selling their stuff to send their family on a vacation.

How Much Can You Earn With VarageSale?

Sellers join VarageSale to make money while getting rid of old items. If your items are quite valuable, you can make a lot of money on the site. If you only sell items that have a low profit margin, your earnings will be low.

The thing is that even if you only make a relatively small sum from selling an old toaster oven for example, it’s more than you would have made by having the item gathering dust.

If you want to build a small business, you can use VarageSale to sell items to people in your local community. You can earn by selling furniture that you make or clothing that you sew yourself. This helps you to earn money by using your skills.

Some sellers on VarageSale specialize in a particular product. They may cater to collectors of baseball cards or fancy perfume bottles, and they can make a significant profit on each sale.

Since they know what their clients want, they focus on selling items that are difficult to obtain anywhere else.

What Are The Pros To VarageSale?

  • VarageSale eliminates the stress of physically dragging items that you want to sell from one location to another. It also removes the hassle of organizing sale items that are not purchased.
  • Various security checks enhance the security of both buyers and sellers on the site. This is one of the factors that has helped the platform to grow in popularity. They are the only site in their niche that has verified all of their users.
  • You can post an item by using the app or the website. Thus gives you more flexibility than similar apps that only let you post from a mobile device.
  • This platform accepts up to five photos of each item.
  • You can choose the form of payment that you like. Some people choose cash or request that the buyer carries a check to the meeting point. Others want a direct deposit to be made to their bank.

What Are The Cons To VarageSale?

  • There are a few areas that are not supported by the platform. This means you cannot offer any deals there.

Some Final Thoughts On Varagesale

VarageSale provides you with an easy way to host a garage sale. You simply post photos of the items you have for sale and make the delivery to interested buyers.

The site has safeguards in place and each member is free to add their own precautions to enhance their security as they do business via the site.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform for selling unwanted stuff or maybe niche products that you can sell to a community of buyers. You could make a business out of doing this, but like any business venture it will take time to understand your market and how to grow you business.

Thanks for checking out my review of VarageSale. I hope you gained some valuable insight into how the VarageSale platform works.

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