Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Lab? A Review

Affiliate Lab Review

Affiliate Lab is dedicated to helping people to learn how to generate passive income online.

Wherever you are in the world, you can use their training to equip yourself with the skills you need to grow your online business.

As their name suggests, they focus on the tools required for affiliate marketing.

While many of the lessons can be used by people who use advertisements or other income sources in their revenue structure, the content will be particularly helpful to marketers. You’ll learn how to build a site, rank it, and sell it for a sizable profit.

How Affiliate Lab Works

Affiliate Lab was created by Matt Diggity, who is known for his skills in the area of Search Engine
Optimization (SEO). If you’re looking for a course that has a good foundation in SEO, this one could  be a good fit.

Matt has a degree in electrical engineering, and worked at a software startup, where his knowledge of digital systems was further developed. Like many people who launch their own websites, he initially applied his SEO knowledge for personal gain after work.

He is also the founder of:

1. Authority Builders
2. The Search Initiative
3. LeadSpring LLC
4. The Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Matt has ranked affiliate sites by using techniques he has developed. He teaches these methods to you in Affiliate Lab, so that, like him, you can experience extremely good results. He gives you a blueprint and explains every step in it, so you’ll fully understand why he takes specific steps.

This course doesn’t only focus on how you can rank websites in search engines in order to earn. It also
shows you how to use each of the popular methods of building a site. You can choose the techniques that match your resources.

What are the Costs Involved?

The price tag is $1,000, and this covers the core training, along with all the bonuses, which incorporate many more playbooks.

This may be a bit pricey for some. If you would rather try out an excellent training program for free before deciding on paid options, THIS PROGRAM MAY SUIT YOU BETTER

The cost of your training covers more than 100 guides, such as:

1. Templates for anchor text diversity
2. Templates for external and internal link diversity
3. Guest lessons, including one on using Surfer SEO
4. Checklists for improving conversion rate optimization
5. Other models for ranking that you can execute

Your fee also gives you a certain amount of support. You will get help via email if you have questions about the material. There’s also a private group on Facebook, where members share everything related to online marketing.

THIS PROGRAM offers personal support from the course founders, and showed me how to make my first $1000.00 online.

Discussing what’s working for members will help you to understand the course content even more. You’ll learn how the strategies are being used every day, with websites at different stages.

When you may feel pressed for time, or experience other challenges, you’ll see how other entrepreneurs have overcome the same obstacles that you are tackling.

You’ll learn:

1. How to build sites
2. How to create online content for ranking purposes
3. Effective strategies for building links
4. How to sell your profitable sites for what they’re worth
5. Proven techniques for finding the right buyers and marketing your sites to them

The bonuses include:

1. The Website Flipping Masterclass
2. Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass
3. Outreach Masterclass

What Are The Pros Of Affiliate Lab?

  • Affiliate Lab will build your SEO skills. While many people are quite understandably interested in developing that skill in order to earn money, it has other benefits too. You can use those skills to help promote a non-profit, or effect change in your community.
  • The course material is highly actionable. You’ll learn something every day that you can implement on your website. Everything is divided into steps. If you choose to take them, each step can result in greater revenue for you.
  • The content is available in a format that makes it easy to download and review. There are PDFs which can be studied whenever you have the time, and all the spreadsheets can be used on mobile devices. This helps you to track the progress of your sites while you’re on the go.

What Are The Cons Of Affiliate Lab?

  • At $1,000, this training is fairly expensive. The good thing is that the price will help to keep the techniques limited to a small group of people. That reduces your competition.

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Lab?

Yes you could make Affiliate Lab work for you. Many people who have done the training are making money online as a result.

If you’re just starting out, their techniques for speedily getting new sites out of the sandbox will help you to start earning more quickly.

Alumni have been able to improve their affiliate strategy because they can easily figure out what’s holding them back. The content is timely and relevant. For example, there’s a lesson focused on Why We Don’t Use Amazon.

Amazon affiliates suffered significant losses in 2020, when Amazon drastically cut affiliate rates by more than 50% in many cases. This lesson analyzes that and helps you to assess future opportunities cautiously.

The course gives you information that changes the way you think about your site. That allows you to adjust everything from your business model to your outreach strategy, so that your revenue improves.

Is Affiliate Lab Right for You?

Affiliate Lab will help you to develop skills that you can use to profit during the course of your life. You won’t see immense profits from these skills initially, especially if you’re just starting out.

It takes time for sites to rank, and that affects how quickly you’ll start to earn from the site. Even if your sites are already built, it will tale a little while for changes to them to give you the results you’re seeking.

Affiliate marketers know that the entire process takes time. They assess their growth by using several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Affiliate Lab will show you how to use these metrics to assess your progress.

If you’re dedicated to earning online, Affiliate Lab will show you how, via six-figure website case studies and other methods. If you know you have the discipline and patience to keep putting in the work, and following their blueprint, you can earn money online via this system.



12 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money With Affiliate Lab? A Review”

  1. I have not checked this affiliate lab before but I think that it is a very good one that I can use to make good money online if I am Abel to follow the training well. The only problem that I might want to have with this is the price. It is a lot on the high side as compared to some other platforms.

    1. Hi Suz,

      Yes I think Affiliate Lab is a good platform and you will learn a lot as a member. Make no mistake however, undertaking affiliate marketing is a big commitment, so you’re going to need to ensure you are ready to commit if you are spending a considerable sum to learn how it is done. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Other than the expensive side of this, I think the potentials attached to this is really worthwhile. Really, I value all you have shared here. If I can get this program, I would really be delighted to try it out. You know, being able to learn something as evergreen as this would make a lot of sense. Thanks so much for sharing here

    1. Hi Nath,

      Thanks for reading the article, I’m glad you found this program and you want to try it out. Affiliate marketing has in my view a great future, and I believe it will be an industry that continues to grow. Learning how it is done is a great investment.

  3. Hello Ray, it’s nice to be here learning about such a wonderful means of earning and I really like what I’ve seen here so far. However, just like everyone, making money online is really good but we fear the risk on getting scammed and I’m happy to see that affiliate lab is a legit mean. Patience is key however

    1. Hi Justin,

      You’re absolutely right, patience is definitely key. Affiliate marketing isn’t something you can enter into half heartedly, so you need to ensure you are ready for the commitment before investing your money. Thanks for reading.

  4. Hello Ray! Thank you very much for sharing this with me. Though this is my first time hearing about this platform but I think it will be better for me as the course covers SEO fundamentals, actionable steps, and advanced strategies that will give me an advantage over competitors. I will give it a try.

    1. Hi there,

      Yes all those things you have mentioned are essential to learn if you wish to succeed with affiliate marketing. The process is straightforward but expert guidance is also needed if you are to out shine your competitors.

  5. I really like the article and the way you present it. And yes I am convinced there is more to know and learn than what we get at WA. However, paying 1000 UD upfront is a blockage. Yes, it might reduce the competition. But then again, if I were to pay that much I’d need to have an initial insight to trust myself in what I am doing and why.

    The link to WA comes as a surprise. The 10 first courses are free indeed.

    1. Hi Karin,

      Yes if there is a critisism I have of Affiliate Lab it is the upfront cost. I am certain of the value you get for the price, but of course it would be an expensive mistake if you suddenly realise you don’t have enough motivation to make it work. Unfortunately affiliate marketing does require a great deal of motivation and drive. The effort is more than worth it, but it does take time.

  6. It’s very interesting to read through this amazing article, I believe that if a product is really good and you need it, you wouldn’t mind paying for it, but it’s good if we understand that not all products are meant for all businesses, if you’re just starting you shouldn’t rush things into big investments. Affiliate lab is great.

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Yes Affiliate Lab has a lot to offer. You should however ensure you really want to succeed with affiliate marketing, and know what commitment is involved before investing your money. Thanks for your comment.

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