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Thanks for joining me for my review of the CheckPoints App.

My review will be looking into not only how this App works, but everything you need to know about CheckPoints before you decide to sign up.

CheckPoints is a mobile app that rewards you with redeemable points just for shopping at your favourite store. Unlike most reward programs that work in a limited number of stores, the CheckPoints app works from any location.

Checkpoints allows you to earn points from over a million stores across the U.S.A. alone, with more participating stores scattered across the globe. You can then cash in on your points for rewards such as gift cards, merchandise and sweepstake entries

How To Join The CheckPoints App

The CheckPoints app is only available for Apple and Android devices. However, you can also install the CheckPoints toolbar on your PC web browser to earn points when shopping online.

The app can be downloaded from the CheckPoints website, Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Account Creation

Creating an account with CheckPoints is very easy. You may sign up using your email address or Facebook ID (no additional information is required from you). The best part is that you can start earning points right away.

How can you earn with CheckPoints?

The app offers so many ways of reaping great rewards. You can participate in multiple offers, or choose one that works well with you.

Here are a few steps that can help you earn points quickly.

• Scan Featured Products

In-store check-ins is the primary way of earning points using the CheckPoints app. You are required to visit any store within your locality and scan associated products using the integrated barcode reader that comes with the app.

The CheckPoints app will provide you with a list of featured products available in every store that you visit. Earnings range from 15 to 25 points per scanned product.

• Watch Videos

Watching videos is an opportunity that does not require you to visit any store. It involves watching short sponsored videos such as product advertisements and movie trailers for a specified period, normally 15-30 seconds.

The app usually has over 50 videos at any given time, and you can earn as much as 25 points per video depending on the duration. However, there is a cap on earnings from watching videos, currently at 500 points per day.

• Shop Online

Shopping online is another way of earning points on this platform. You are only required to download the CheckPoints toolbar on your browser and earn points whenever you make a purchase online.

You can earn as much as 150 points depending on your total purchase.

• Complete Offers and Simple Tasks

The CheckPoints app also functions just like any other typical Get-Paid-To platform.

The app offers you a chance to earn points by completing various small tasks such as taking surveys, answering quizzes, signing up for sites, and playing bonus games. Earnings vary depending on the task completed.

• Purchase sweepstake entries

The CheckPoints app runs a sweepstakes program that gives you a chance to “hit the jackpot.” You can win as much as 150,000 points instantly.

To participate, you have to purchase sweepstake entries using coins. These coins are different from the usual rewards points. They can be earned by completing tasks available in the “Anywhere” tab of the app.

Some of these tasks include liking the app on Facebook, and downloading other apps. You will be invited to participate in the sweepstake once you accumulate enough coins.

• Refer a friend

You can also earn additional points by inviting your family and friends. For you to qualify for referral points, your invitees must sign up using your referral code. You will earn 100% of your referrals earnings within their first two weeks.

This means that you must encourage them to “hit the ground running” as soon as they sign up.

How to redeem your CheckPoints

CheckPoints does not have a definite payout balance. This is because you can redeem your points for a wide range of rewards, including gift cards, merchandise and sweepstake entries.

Nevertheless, the lowest payout currently stands at $1, which is equivalent to 335 points. You can use this amount to redeem a $1 Amazon, Target or WalMart gift card.

Merchandise such as tablets, iPads, game systems, electronics, and fashion items require more than 15,000 points. For this reason, most people prefer redeeming smaller rewards such as gift cards considering the fact that it is much faster. All gift card redemptions are almost instant.

However, in case of any delays, you should expect your rewards in less than 48 hours. Merchandise redemptions depend on shipping times.

What Are The Pros?

• Legit app

CheckPoints is a legitimate mobile app that is popular with shoppers

• Universal coverage

The owners have partnered with over one million stores and manufacturers to enhance your shopping experience.

• Instant cashouts

Gift card payments are almost instant.

• Very easy to use

The app has an easy to use interface with clearly defined tabs. Earning points is also very easy.

• Multiple reward options

CheckPoints offers a wide range of reward options, including gift cards, merchandises and lottery entries

• Low payout threshold

The lowest reward option is worth $1 only.

What Are The Cons?

• Low-income potential

The app does not pay much, with some tasks offering as low as 6 points

• Does not pay cash

The app does not offer cash payments. Most people prefer cash rewards, instead of gift cards.

• Takes time to find featured products

Although the app displays the list of products to be scanned, it might take you a considerable amount of time to find these specific products.

• Redeeming merchandise requires more points

Redeeming physical products (merchandise) requires more than 15,000 points. Attaining such an amount of points might take a long time.

Is Checkpoints Worth It?

CheckPoints is a decent App. Although they do not offer cash rewards, using the app is a great way of earning redeemable points for gift cards and other merchandise.

The fact that the app works in over one million stores around the globe gives it an edge over other apps within the same category.

You will also love the fact that the app does not have issues with bugs or missing points, and all payments are relatively fast compared to other platforms.

Star Rating 3/5-A good Shopping App That Pays Up Fast-Low Income Potential However

3 Star Rating

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