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Clashot App Review

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Thanks for dropping by to read our Clashot App Review. The internet provides multiple opportunities for people to make money online with their photographs. The advancement of camera technology enables even the least skilled of photographers to take pictures that can be good enough for selling and publishing.

Today we will be taking a look at the Clashot App to see if it is another legit opportunity for you to make money with your snaps, and if so, whether it is worth your time.

Clashot is a mobile app that allows you to take, edit and publish your best photos with the intention to sell them at Depositphotos.

Depositphotos is one of the world’s largest photobanks that offers you a platform to sell high-quality photos at lucrative prices.

What are the requirements to get started with Clashot?

Clashot works with Apple and Android devices. You can download the app from the official Clashot website, Google Play or the Apple App Store. Membership is open worldwide and anyone above the age of 18 years can join this platform.

You are only required to provide your name, email address and your demographics during the sign-up process. Alternatively, you may create an account by linking your Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter account to the app.

How does Clashot work?

Using the Clashot app is simple. All you have to do is take photos using your smartphone, Android device or via the mobile app and upload them to Clashot. You can also upload photos from your photo library.

If you are having trouble publishing photos, you may consider using the wizard feature that comes with the app. The advantage of using the Clashot app wizard is that it also has some editing features, which you may use to edit your photos before publication.

Photos must satisfy various requirements before publication. Clashot moderators will approve your photos only if they satisfy the following requirements.

• All photos must have a title

• You must add taglines to your photos, including your location and a short description

• Check for grammar and spelling mistakes before posting your photos

• Photos that have recognizable persons must be accompanied by a model release that features the signatures of every person pictured in the photo. This is because photos uploaded to Depositphotos are often used for commercial purposes and must have approvals so as not to breach any image rights.

Your photos will become available for sale once the moderators approve your publication.

You will get up to 44% in royalties from each photo sale.

The Clashot community

Clashot has a very active online community that consists of photographers and creative individuals. The app allows you to create connections and follow other members. The more followers you have on Clashot, the more the attention you will receive from other members. This will increase interest in your photos and attract more sales.

How much can I earn working with Clashot?

Clashot works with various sponsors and advertisers to provide opportunities for members to sell their photos. You can earn as much as 44% in royalties for each photo sale.

Quality photos attract higher sales. Therefore, you should upload high-quality photos that focus on engaging subjects to increase your chances of making more sales.

Getting Paid

The minimum withdrawal limit on Clashot is comparatively high, as it stands at $50.00. Your account must therefore have $50 before you can make a withdrawal request.

Clashot pays via PayPal or Skrill, and payments take less than 7 days to reflect on your account.

What Are The Pros?

• Genuine platform for earning money online
• Free app download and registration
• It is an easy-to-use app
• No professional skills required
• It has high payouts (44% in royalties for each photo sale)
• Prompt payments within 7 days
• Multiple payment options including PayPal and Skrill
• It has active online community
• Excellent customer support

What Are The Cons?

• High minimum withdrawal limit of $50
• You must have a compatible smartphone or mobile device to join
• The photo verification process is time-consuming
• Photos must satisfy stringent requirements to qualify
• You must upload a model release to accompany photos that have recognizable persons

Some Final Thoughts

Clashot provides an exciting opportunity to make money from selling your photos. You do not require any professional photography skills to become a successful photographer on Clashot. All you have to do is upload high-quality photos that revolve around hot topics and you will be good to go.

The only major concern about this platform is that the minimum cash out requirement is relatively high. However, Clashot makes up for this by offering prompt payments via PayPal and Skrill within 7 days. So, if you have any interesting photos lying around on your phone, you may want to consider selling them using Clashot.

Star Rating 3/5- This is a good platform for earning some cash for your photos. It also has an active community that allows you to gain exposure for your photography. The high cashout is disappointing, approval of your photos could be difficult, but the royalty for your photos is generous.

3 Star Rating

Thanks for reading our Clashot App review. Have you used this App? Let us know in the comments what you thought of it, and whether you recommend it to others.

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