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Clawee App Review-Can You Really Win Prizes?

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Playing claw games remotely rather than at the arcade is quite a new concept.

The Clawee App however makes that possible as it is a virtual claw machine game that’s live-streamed to your location.

It falls in the category of mixed reality games, which is a relatively new genre. This category of games combines aspects of virtual reality and physical games, so they’re not entirely digital.

In my review of The Clawee App today I will be finding out if it really is possible to win prizes whilst having fun just by joining up to this app.

To help me I will be discovering what real users are saying about it, and I will be weighing up the pros and cons to help you decide if it is worth checking out yourself.

First however let’s take a look at how The Clawee App works.

How The Clawee App Works

The Clawee App gives you access to a wide range of proprietary claw games once you’ve installed it. All of the games are available 24/7, so you can play whenever you have free time.

This app is a product of Gigantic limited, and just like all the other claw games that you play in a physical arcade, you’ll give yourself the chance to win different prizes if you’re able to accurately use the claw to hold on to the item.

If you win a prize it will be shipped directly to your address, but with just a Basic membership you’ll have to pay for shipping.

Basic membership on this app is free. If you choose the paid option of VIP membership however it comes with perks such as free shipping.

There are in fact 10 different paid options for members. These start at $2.99, with the most expensive package being around $300.

You don’t have to purchase a package to play the game however, because you could still win prizes. Some members report having won prizes more than once, just by using their free points.

You can download the APK for the Clawee App directly from their website. If you wish, you can also navigate to Google Play and search for it there.

It’s also available for Apple devices at The App Store as well, and all of these downloads are completely free.

Join The Clawee App via Apple/Facebook/Email or join as a guest

Choose how you want to sign up to The Clawee App

As already mentioned, Claw games are arcade games.  The  online versions however are streamed to your smartphone, and are actually taking place in real time.

They’re just like the real games that are found in restaurants, shopping malls and even supermarkets.

One of the advantages is that you don’t have to leave your home to play. People who prefer to avoid crowds due to the pandemic, can enjoy the games in a safer environment.

You also won’t have to wait in line to play. You can select the game that you’re interested in and play whenever you’re ready.

Claw games usually involve a crane or shovel that’s used by a player to attempt to scoop up a prize. And of course the prizes are usually distributed throughout a glass case, so the player can see what they’re trying to win.

Virtual simulations are similar to this and this app has lots of fun proprietary machines for you to choose from.

Unfortunately this game is not available in every country. However, you can play in several regions, including the United States, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Denmark. As you play each game, you can collect coins which can be exchanged for prizes.

The designers of this app have added several features to fully simulate the real-world environment.

For example, when you’re playing in a supermarket or a restaurant, you can usually watch other players. The app allows you to do that and this enhances your entire experience.

How To Earn On The Clawee App

When you first sign up, and before you start playing the games to try and win prizes, you’ll get 400 coins as a bonus.

The Clawee App Joining Bonus

400 Bonus Points When You Join.

Once you’ve got your bonus you can start playing immediately. After that you’ll get coins every day that you can use to try to win a prize.

Before you can attempt to win a prize you must have the number of coins that are required for entry. For example, if the prize that you want requires 200 coins, you’ll need to have at least 200 coins in your account.

The App has prizes for beginners, and entry for these cost 200 coins. You can therefore have two attempts at winning one of these with your joining bonus of 400 coins.

Prizes for beginners with The Clawee App

Entries cost 200 coins on the beginners screen.

Just choose the toy you want to win by clicking on the screen and start to play the virtual game.

Every day when you login, you’ll receive bonus coins. These coins allow you to play for free.

If you wish, you can just keep logging in every day to receive a daily bonus, and use these bonuses to give yourself a chance to win.

Some members who may want to speed up the process however do that by purchasing coins from the in-app store.

You can play as often as you wish. You’re free to keep playing until you win a prize. When that happens you can simply play again to gain a chance to win more prizes.

How To Withdraw From The Clawee App

When you win a prize on the Clawee App, a dialog box will appear that prompts you to claim your prize.

You have to click the Claim Prize button that’s under the prize.

Your prize will be shipped to you and if you haven’t paid 300 coins or $3.99 for VIP membership, you’ll have to pay for shipping.

You’ll need to ensure that your shipping address has been entered under your account details.

Sometimes while you’re playing a game on this app, you will win a prize that you don’t like. You’re never required to keep a prize if it is not what you prefer. Instead, you can exchange it for something else.

Each prize is worth a certain number of coins. If you don’t like your prize, you can choose to exchange it for coins and keep those coins.

If there’s a bigger prize that you would like, you can wait until you’ve accumulated enough coins and then exchange them for that prize.

The prizes on this app are from top brands. For example, you could win gear from Studio Ghibli. You could also win Disney merchandise or other accessories that you would want to add to a collection.

Apart from collectibles and toys, you’ll be able to win gadgets and cosplay gear.

Clawee App Reviews

Over 151,000 users have given the Clawee App a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play store.

They like the real feeling of being out in an arcade without actually having to physically be in an arcade. They also like winning actual physical prizes like stuffed toys.

There are complaints however about technical issues which sometimes arise on the app.

For example, sometimes users are not able to login via Facebook. This type of login issue is usually quickly resolved.

VIP members are accorded specific perks. At times, they may experience technical glitches which prevent them from benefiting from these perks.

For example, they may not be able to access their bonus round.

Have you tried The Clawee App? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The Clawee App?

  • The Clawee App is designed to give players a real arcade experience and it does so successfully. Even the way that the claw works accurately simulates a real claw game in a physical environment. You can move it sideways and in the directions that you typically would in a physical setting. The claw machines are located at the studios which are run by the developers of this game. When you’re on the app, you control a real machine at the studios.
  • Both free and paid options are available for players. This gives people who want additional perks the freedom to enjoy more chances to win prizes
  • The Clawee App gives you prizes that are really of high quality. Each of the toys and gadgets that you win is associated with a top brand. It’s merchandise that you would spend a lot of money on.
  • App is available to both Android and iOS users.

What Are The Cons Of The Clawee App?

  • You can’t win cash on the Clawee App. This app is strictly about merchandise. However, it’s ideal for people who like to win tangible prizes.
  • The claw has to be able to pick up your prize. If it can’t, you’re going to get a substitute instead.
  • The in-app purchases on this app are really expensive. You could pay as much as $300 for a gaming package that gives you bonus points, free shipping and other perks.
  • You’ll need a high-quality Internet connection to use this app. If the connection that you have is intermittent, you won’t be able to view the videos properly while play is being live streamed.
  • The App isn’t available everywhere.

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Some Final Thoughts On The Clawee App

In this Clawee App review, you’ve learned how you can win prizes on the app. It provides you with an easy way to earn high-end toys from top brands such as Disney and Ghibli Studios.

Players can use the app to build their selection of collectibles. If they’re strategic, they can add quite a few expensive toys to their collection without breaking their budget.

Even if you’re not into collectibles, you’ll still find a lot of prize options on this app that are worth your time.

For example, you could win gadgets and home goods.

Winners report that they have been getting their prizes, although there is of course a delay between when you win your prize and when you get it because it has to be physically shipped to you.

If you’re planning to use a free account, you will definitely benefit from this app, although you will incur shipping costs.

The paid memberships can be expensive so you will need to think carefully about whether you believe they will be worth your while.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit and fun app that allows members to win good quality prizes. It isn’t however available everywhere.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The Clawee App. I hope you found it informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether The Clawee App is a good option for you.

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