Creations Rewards Review

Creations Rewards Review: Earn Redeemable Points Doing Stuff You Already Do Online

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This platform offers rewards it’s members in return for completion of various tasks available on the site.

I will be looking into each of the tasks and how much you are likely to earn from each of them. I will also be finding out what the pros and cons will be should you decide to join.

Brief introduction to Creations Rewards

Creations Rewards is a reputable Get-Paid-To website with roots in the USA.

The company has been in existence since the year 2000, and it has grown a considerable membership base in North America. Some of the tasks available on this platform include watching video ads, completing offers and taking surveys among many others.

So how does Creations Rewards work?

How to earn points at creations rewards

Creations Rewards offers you several opportunities to earn money online. These include:

• Watching Videos
Watching videos is one way of earning points on this platform. These videos feature product advertisements and entertainment promotions.

Sponsored videos come with a timer and you are supposed to watch the video until the timer runs out. However, the earnings are very low and range from 0.5 points to 25 points per video.

• Complete special offers
Creations Rewards has collaborated with several brands that are looking for real users to try out their products and services.

You will earn points by trying out these special products and services and providing feedback, which will then be used to improve the products before they are released into the market.

• Paid Surveys
Taking surveys involves providing market research feedback by answering questions about various products and services.

Creations Rewards offers up to 10 daily surveys and earnings range from 50 to 200 points per survey.

• Explore websites
Earn points by visiting websites and signing up for free sites. This income opportunity involves browsing through slideshows and interacting with content from the sites you are exploring. Earnings are as low as 1 point per visited site.

• Cashback shopping
You can earn cash rebates by shopping via the Creations rewards platform. However, the number of available online stores is limited, and cashbacks might take time to reflect on your account.

Popular stores available on this platform include Home Depot, Old Navy, Starbucks, Best Buy and PETCO among many others.

• Daily Trivia
Creations Rewards hosts a daily trivia game, which rewards you for answering questions correctly. You will earn 1 point for each correct answer that you provide.

How do I join Creation Rewards?
Creation Rewards has restricted membership. You must be a resident of the USA, the UK, Australia or Canada to join this platform. Additionally, you must be 18 years and above to participate. Anyone above 13 years can also join with parental consent.

The sign-up process is straightforward. You can register traditionally, by providing your email address and password, or you can use your Facebook ID to create an account.

How will I be paid?

You can submit a withdrawal request once you reach the minimum payout threshold. The minimum cash out on this platform is 1,000 points, which is equal to $5.

Creations Rewards gives you the option to choose between gift cards and PayPal cash. Gift cards are from popular brands such as Starbucks, Staples, Amazon, Disneystore, Michaels, WalMart and Dunkin Donuts, among many others.

The only worrying aspect about payments is that they take a considerable amount of time. You have to wait for at least 8 weeks to receive your rewards. Some payments even take 12 weeks, with PayPal payments taking even longer to be processed.

• Reputable company
Creations Rewards is a reputable company with roots in the USA. It has been in existence since the year 2000, and has grown a considerable membership base in North America. Furthermore, it is free to join this site.

• Sign up bonus
Creation Rewards offers a $5 sign up bonus. However, you must complete tasks worth 5,000 points within the first 60 days to claim this bonus.

• Multiple income opportunities
Creations Rewards has several income opportunities ranging from watching videos to taking paid surveys. This gives you the freedom to choose what you fancy doing. If you do not like taking surveys, you can watch videos or complete free offers instead, and still earn points.

• Multiple payment options
Creation rewards pays through gift cards. However, you can also convert your points into cash and earn PayPal cash rewards.

• Save on shopping expenses
This site offers cashback shopping options. You can save a lot of money on your shopping expenses by using this service. However, the cash rebates might take some time to reach your account.

• Reasonable Referral program
Creations Rewards has a reasonable referral program that pays you to refer new members to the site. You will earn 10% of what your referrals make.

• Restricted Membership
It only accepts residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

• Ambiguous Pay
This loyalty program uses a point-based system to reward members. Unfortunately, this system is rather ambiguous, as the points earned in a day do not match up with the amount of work you will have to do.

You have to work your socks off to get close to 1000 points in a day.

• Payment Delays
One of the worst downsides about this site is the delay in payments. Some members have complained that it takes too long to receive payment even after fulfilling all withdrawal requirements. Processing of payments can take up to 90 days after making a withdrawal request.

Points Expire
Points expire after six months. You must remain active by accumulating at least 100 points within this period to prevent your account from becoming inactive. There is no way you can reclaim expired points once your account is marked as inactive.

• Poor Customer Service
Do not expect to get instant reply to your complaints. The customer service provided by this site is pathetic, as they do not respond to emails promptly. Some members have complained of sending close to 10 emails without receiving replies.

Final Thoughts
Creations Rewards is certainly not a scam, despite the few complaints that always pop up occasionally. You can actually earn money by doing tasks on this platform.

However, reaching the minimum daily target of 1000 points is almost impossible, considering the fact that most tasks pay very little points. Therefore, you should not expect this site to make you rich overnight.

If you want to make some extra cash doing tasks you already do on the internet however, then joining a site like Creation Rewards is a legitimate option.

Creations Rewards Score…..5 out of 10 A reputable GPT site with numerous ways to build points to redeem. The payment delays are however a bit off putting.

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