Crowdology Review-Is It Worth Your Time?

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Crowdology Review

Thanks for dropping by to read our Crowdology Review. We will be finding out everything you need to know about this survey platform to see if it is worth your time.

We will be looking at how things work, how much you can earn, how you get paid and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to sign up.

So, let’s get started…….

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What is Crowdology

Crowdology is a UK-based website owned by RedShift Research Limited.

It is an online based research community which rewards its clients for providing valuable information by engaging in online surveys on behalf of firms that seek to measure the public’s opinion on a wide area of topics.

The company’s clientele includes leading consumer brands in the publishing, advertising, media, and public relations industries.

These companies present varying survey questions and tasks, which the enrolled members of Crowdology get a chance to provide valuable feedback.

Who is eligible to join Crowdology?

Virtually anyone can join Crowdology, provided you are aged 18 and above and you have access to an internet connection.

The company offers different types of surveys that suit different types of demographics. As such, selection or eligibility for surveys depends on your demographics.

Therefore, you have to fill in details about your demographics when signing up for Crowdology survey work.

What Types of Research Activities are offered by Crowdology?

Crowdology polls and surveys differ widely and they mainly focus on current issues.

Most of the surveys explore day-to-day topics, subjects, products, and services, which are to be featured in major magazines and journals in the U K and U S.

Many of these surveys are brief, which is of course welcome as surveys can become very dull and tedious if they are too long.

Sometimes Crowdology members may also be engaged in offline research through methods such as telephone interviews.

Focus groups may also be harnessed and used, and in such cases, the members are paid for their valuable input.

What is the Average Survey Time on Crowdology?

The timing of a survey is dependent on the complexity of the survey and the type of survey.

However, most online surveys take an average of 5 to 10 minutes.

Length of surveys at Crowdology

Feedback type may also determine the time that a survey takes, and there are various types of feedback options, which include webcam responses, video diary recording, bulletin board feedback, telephone-based interview responses or focus group feedback.

How much can you earn at Crowdology?

The amount you can make depends on the type of interview and the amount of time that it takes to complete an interview.

However, most payouts range from £0. 40 to £10. The payment for each survey is often made clear before anyone takes part in it.

In addition to your regular survey income, you could also earn prize draws.

The company runs prize draws for all members who have completed surveys within one month. You could also win monthly members’ bonus draw, which is worth £20.

Crowdology Referral Program

All Crowdology members are eligible for the Crowdology referral program.

Each member that refers a person that signs up on to the Crowdology platform gets an entry into the monthly “Refer a Friend Prize Draw,” which is worth £20.

All Crowdology members are allowed to invite as many people as they can,  and for each person that fills out the registration form, the referring member gets one entry into the draw.

How does Crowdology Pay?

Crowdology has made it quite easy for you to redeem your money.

The  payment threshold is quite low, you need to earn just  £8 in your account to get a payout.

Crowdology also improves convenience by offering two payment options.

You could get paid through Amazon vouchers, or PayPal. Its always a plus for me when survey companies have the option of cash as well as gift cards.

What We Like About Crowdology

• The minimum payout amount is low and you do not need to earn a lot to get your cash out
• The company provides two types of payment options, which include Amazon vouchers and PayPal options
• The surveys are short and the questions are mostly based on current affairs, making them more interesting.

What You May Not Like About Crowdology

• Crowdology is a safe, but not a lucrative mode of earning money online
• Frequent disqualification from surveys. This however is a challenge that is common in most surveys and it is faced by virtually all survey panels.
• There is also no guarantee for survey availability for members. As such, you should not rely on Crowdology as a source of income
• Your demographics could be the main hindrance to getting surveys. If you do not fit the commonly sought demographics, then you may end up getting less work or surveys to do.

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Some Final Thoughts

The Crowdology platform is a simple and flexible way to earn a little extra. The surveys provided do not take much of your time since they are quick and simple to answer.

Moreover, signing up is free and open to anyone over 18. If you are looking for a way to supplement your income  then Crowdology could be a useful addition to other side income streams.

Have you tried Crowdology? If you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below, it will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit Survey Platform that has a low pay out threshold and quite short surveys. Like all Survey platforms however it is only a small earnings opportunity.



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