Crowdville Review-Can You Earn Money For Voicing Your Opinion?

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Thanks for checking out my review of Crowdville

Crowdville is an online platform designed to reward its members for voicing their opinions on various products and services.

In my review today I will be finding out what you need to know about the Crowdville platform to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

What is Crowdville?

Crowdville is an online platform that pays its members to test a variety of digital products and services.

On the other hand, it allows different brands to gather insights from everyday users on how they can improve their products and services products ranging from websites to smartphone apps.

By becoming a “Crowder,” you can shape the future of the digital world by simply voicing your opinions. What is good as far as we are concerned is that you get paid for your feedback.

The company has been active since 2014, providing incisive crowd testing services to individual software developers and well-established corporate firms all over the world. It boasts of more than 30,000 registered members, with plans for expansion still in the pipeline.

Check out the promotional video below;

How do you sign up with Crowdville?

All testers and opinion makers on Crowdville are known as Crowders.

For you to become a Crowder, you simply need to register by providing your basic details such as your name, email address, date of birth and country of residence. Alternatively, you may sign up using your Facebook ID to save on time.

The good news is that Crowdville accepts applicants from all corners of the world, meaning that anyone can sign up without any restrictions.

Once approved, you can start working with Crowdville right away.

How can you make money with Crowdville?

Making money with Crowdville is very easy. All you have to do is participate in “missions” which are simply moneymaking tasks such as testing apps and completing surveys.

Crowdville will set you up with various missions that match your profile info on your dashboard. Therefore, you just need to log in into your account and look out for jobs that you can do.

Most missions are tech-related such as finding bugs in unreleased apps and provide your feedback about the app.

This gives you the opportunity to discover new apps and games before anyone else. You may also be required to answer survey questions that revolve around existing digital products.

It is worth noting that the information that you provide goes a long way to help app developers make improvements in existing applications and enhance future products.

Each mission comes with specific requirements. You will also see a detailed description of what you need to do to complete the mission, including permitted actions and forbidden actions.

Once you complete a mission, you will have to wait for Crowdville to review your feedback before you can receive payments.

It is extremely conenient working with Crowdville as you can participate in testing missions using your smartphone, tablet or PC remotely from the comfort of your home or office. Also, you have the freedom to choose your work schedule.

Essentially, you can work wherever and whenever you want so long as you complete available missions promptly.

How much can you earn with Crowdville?

Crowdville does not state publicly how much they pay members. For this reason, you have to join to know the amount of money you can make.

Nevertheless, based on our research, Crowdville appears to pay its members generously.

For every survey you complete successfully, you can earn as much as £15. The pay for finding bugs ranges from £10 to £15 per bug. However, the answers that you provide in the surveys must be valid before you can earn.

In addition, the bugs that you find should not be so obvious, lest Crowdville will not validate and accept your report.

Crowdville Referral Program

You can increase your earnings by inviting your tech-savvy friends to this platform.

Crowdville runs a referral program that promises to pay you 5% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings. With this in mind, it is prudent that you encourage your referrals to remain active in order for you to increase your income.

Cashing out

Unlike most online work-at-home platforms, Crowdville does not have a payout threshold.

You may submit a payment request at anytime. The only problem is that payments are made once a month via PayPal or through bank transfer.

What I Like About Crowdville

– Legitimate platform

– High payouts

– Discover new apps and games

– No payout threshold

– Intriguing referral program

– Supports PayPal payments

What You May Not Like About Crowdville

– Payments are only made once a month

– Jobs are based on your geographical location

– Review of reports takes a long time

– Hard to find bugs

– You need to invest in a smartphone or PC to work as a Crowder

Is Crowdville Worth It?

Crowdville is a unique crowdtesting platform with some quite attractive payouts.

The fact that they accept applicants worldwide makes it a popular choice for many freelancers. However, this platform does not always have plenty of jobs for everyone given the availability of jobs depends on your profile info and your location.

For this reason (at this time of writing ) it may be more worthwhile to join this platform if you live in the UK, Portugal or Italy where most of the company’s clients are from.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit platform that offers you the opportunity to earn money completing ‘missions’ which are the testing of apps and completing surveys. The work may be difficult for some however, and your geographical location will determine how much work there is available to you.

3 Star Rating

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