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Crypto Pop App Review-Free Crypto Rewards?

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Crypto Pop App Review

Thanks for checking out my Crypto Pop App Review.

Today I will be finding out if you can earn real cryptocurrency by playing games on The Crypto Pop App.

If you are wanting to earn your first cryptocurrency, or want to add to what you already have, my Crypto Pop App review will help you decide if this App is a good place to achieve that goal.

I will be discovering what real users are saying about the app and finding out what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to sign up.

First however let’s get an idea of how the app works.

How the Crypto Pop App Works

The Crypto Pop App can be downloaded from Google Play for free. It’s also available on the Amazon App

While it’s offered for Android and Amazon devices, it’s not yet available for iOS.

It’s categorized as a cryptocurrency app and works like others in this genre. It offers players a free game that’s easy to play, and says it gives financial rewards. You can apparently also play from anywhere in the world.

The game features several popular types of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ether and Monero. The symbols for all of these cryptocurrencies are randomly displayed in a colourful grid.

You’ll have to group the cryptocurrency symbols and then pop them. As you do this you will get closer to redeeming your reward.

As with similar games, this one has several levels. As you move to a new layer, you’ll encounter more challenges.

Every time you group and pop cryptocurrency successfully, you’ll earn points. These points are in the form of Popcoins, and they can be exchanged for Ethereum.

In case you didn’t know, Ethereum is a popular form of cryptocurrency. It’s not yet as popular as Bitcoin but as demand for it increases, that pushes its value higher. People who want to build distributed applications prefer using it more than Bitcoin.

There are badges associated with different levels in the game. You can only earn these badges after you’ve popped a minimum number of cryptocurrency symbols.

You can earn your Pump It badge and move up to Lambo and To The Moon, if you really blast a lot of coins. You’ll also receive a bonus at each level, based on your coin popping activity.

Your aim is always to make as many coins as you can explode, so you have as few as possible left over.

You’ll get a higher bonus if you have only a few coins remaining at the end of each stage.

How You could Earn from the Crypto Pop App

This app rewards you based on your level, and the number of cryptocurrency symbols that you’ve popped.

The App pays you Popcoins for your activities, and these can be exchanged for Ethereum based on your score. To claim more Ethereum, you’ll need to play more.

Ten points in the game can be exchanged for one Popcoin token. A token can be redeemed for five Gwei. A Gwei is a fraction of one Ethereum.

How to Redeem your Popcoins With The Crypto Pop App

You can cash out when your balance reaches 100 Gwei. A limit is placed on the amount that you can withdraw and that maximum is 250,000 Gwei every three days. This is equal to $0.07.

You’ll need a Coinbase account to accept your rewards. This can be used to stack, send, receive, buy and sell any category of cryptocurrency, including Ethereum. After creating one, you’ll need to register it in the app and tap the cash out button.

You’ll be rewarded with Ethereum according to the highest score that you’ve earned on the leaderboard.

Crypto Pop App Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing The Cyypto Pop App has a score of 4.3/5 from just over 30,000 reviews at GooglePlay.

The App is proving very popular amongst the majority of its users. A number of members say how fun it is fun to play, and some confirm that they have managed to cash out.

There are like all apps some complaints. The majority of them surround issues such as technical glitches, too many ads, and the earning being too slow.

I would also really like to get some comments from my readers. So if you have used this app and want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

What Are The Pros Of The Crypto Pop App?

  • Free to play App
  • Opportunity to have fun whilst you earn some cryptocurrency
  • App is proving popular amongst its members

What Are The Cons Of The Crypto Pop App?

  • Very low income opportunity
  • You will need a Coinbase account as there is no other payment options
  • You will need to watch ads

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Some Final Thoughts On The Crypto Pop App

The Crypto Pop App is a fun way to earn a small amount of Cryptocurrency. Lots of people currently are interested in accumulating the digital currency due to its increasing value. You could use this app to start building your own cryptocurrency.

Unfortunately the earning potential is extremely low, so using the App purely to make money isn’t going to be the best investment of your time. In fact its a very poor return for your time if money is your only motivation.

The rewards should be considered a bonus whilst using this game. If you play for fun then you are obviously getting more from it than just the rewards, and therefore it should be worth it for you.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A fun App for those who want to play an online game and earn a small amount of cryptocurrency.
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Thanks for checking out my review of the Crypto Pop App. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Crypto Pop platform will be a good option for you.

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