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CryptoFast App Review-Free CryptoCurrency For Playing Games?

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CryptoFast App Review

Thanks for checking out my review of The CryptoFast App.

The CryptoFast App belongs to a relatively new category of apps that are known as Bitcoin faucet apps. It works just like a dripping faucet, steadily releasing cryptocurrency over time.

In my review today I will be explaining how you could potentially use the app to earn cryptocurrency online, right from your mobile phone.

To help you decide if this app is worth your time I will be finding out what other online users are saying about it and weighing up the pros and cons.

First however let’s take a look at how things work.

How the CryptoFast App Works

The CryptoFast App offers users a free strategy game and each player earns points as they play.

This app was developed by B Programmers, a company that’s known for other fun apps that pay Bitcoin for free. It was first released on February 17, 2021.

The app has been updated several times since February, 2021. Adjustments are made to it whenever bugs are discovered. These have helped to make it easier for all users to login from any location and complete activities without having the app crash, freeze or display a blank screen.

The CryptoFast App currently uses only 13 M of space. However, at this point in time, it still has problems with loading and buffering.

In addition to the main strategy game, this app has a few other activities that you can do in order to earn points.

Play Games And Earn Free Cryptocurrency with The CryptoFast App

Play Games And Earn Free Cryptocurrency with The CryptoFast App

While there is a bit of variety in the activities that are provided, the range isn’t as extensive on this product as on some of the other apps that have been released by this developer.

However, they’re fun and will allow you to get the cryptocurrency of your choice for free.

Unfortunately users will not be able to earn a significant amount of cryptocurrency from their activities on this app in a short time. Instead, they’ll slowly accumulate earnings week after week.

The app is offered on Google Play but it’s not currently available on iOS.

B programmers’ business strategy involves developing apps for Android users before they develop apps for iOS.

It’s likely that at some point in the future, they will offer a CryptoFast App for iOS.

How Does The CryptoFast App Game Work

The CryptoFast App game is one of strategy. It is suitable for everyone, so all the members of your household can play.

The fun nature of the game makes it easy to recommend to others. This is a definite plus when you’re thinking of earning through their referral program.

The game requires you to select matching cards. You’ll have to do this without picking monsters or bombs. A time limit is in place in this game, so you’ll have to match all the cards before time runs out.

The game is divided into different levels. All new members start at the beginner’s level, which makes it relatively easy for you to match cards while avoiding the pitfalls that are placed in the game to trap you.

They’re required to earn a specific number of points in order to move to the next level

As you play the game and execute your strategy successfully, you’ll move from one level to the next once you’ve satisfied specific criteria.

For example, all of the cards must be matched before you can move to the next level. Once you move to a higher level, you’ll be able to earn more points for the same actions.

How To Earn with the CryptoFast App

You’ll earn points while playing the strategy game that’s included for free in the CryptoFast App.

You’ll also have the chance to win bonus points as you play.

As you move up from one level to another in the game, your earnings will increase automatically. This is because the number of points that you earn for play increases with each level.

The game becomes a little more complex, with more monsters and other obstacles every time you step up to a new level.

A referral program is in place on the app. Whenever someone signs up, you’ll get a bonus that is equivalent to 5% of whatever that individual earns on the app.

Earn 5% Of Your Referrals Income

Earn 5% Of Your Referrals Income

You can invite as many friends to the app as you wish.

Your referral bonus is not taken from the points earned by a person who signed up via your referral link. Instead, it’s paid to you directly by the app.

You’re free to share your referral link via email, on social media or in other places where people who are interested in earning Bitcoin might see it. You can access your unique referral link via the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

It’s also a good idea to follow the app on Facebook. When you do that, you’ll learn immediately when they offer promotional codes.

Promotion Codes Are Popular With CryptoFast

Promotion Codes Are Popular With Some Users Of The App

These codes can be copied and pasted into the appropriate space on the app in order to earn bonus points

How To Withdraw from the CryptoFast App

When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings from the app, you’ll need to be logged in. Navigate to the menu on the left of your screen and click the Cashout button.

From there, you’ll be able to select the type of crypto that you require. You will need to enter the address of your Coinbase account at this stage.

If you don’t have a digital cryptocurrency wallet, you’ll need to apply for one for free, before you can request your transfer.

Your funds will be transferred in the crypto that you prefer. However, there are sometimes technical glitches in the wihtdrawal section that slow down the process.

At other times, there may not be enough liquidity in the crypto that you want.

If you have problems when you’re attempting to withdraw the crypto that you need, you can try to select another cryptocurrency instead. For example, if Litecoin is not available, you can try Ethereum instead.

If you end up stuck on a loop of advertisements and are unable to select your cryptocurrency because of that, it may be best to stop after you’ve viewed around 10 looped ads on the payment section.

If that happens send an email to the address specified for customer care to assist you.

What Real Users are saying about the CryptoFast App

Real users have given this app a rating of 4.6 on Google Play. So far, over 9,000 users have voted to give this rating. Most users like to play the game and find it exciting.

A number of users are big fans of the promo codes, which help them to increase their balance for free. They think that the bonuses are a nice incentive for staying up-to-date on what is happening with the app..

Some users have said that when they are ready to withdraw their funds, they are forced to watch a lot of ads. They can’t select the crypto that they like until they have watched up to 10 ads sometimes.

A few users get caught in an unending loop of advertisements on the withdrawal page and are unable to claim their rewards.

Some users have said that the app crashes on them frequently. It also takes a long time to load and sometimes cannot detect the Internet.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used the CryptoFast App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The CryptoFast App?

  • You can earn a variety of cryptocurrencies on the app, including popular alternatives such as Ethereum.
  • You’re never limited to withdrawing a particular type because of your country.
  • All of the cryptocurrency options can be withdrawn for free, as long as they’re going to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • The app is available around the world. You can earn just as easily from the United States of America as from Brazil, provided you speak English. Location doesn’t matter, but since all the features are currently in English, you must be able to read English.
  • Payments are processed quickly. Once a request is made and you have enough points in your account to meet the minimum transfer requirement, money will appear in your crypto wallet in minutes.

What Are The Cons Of The CryptoFast App?

  • Like other crypto faucets, the CryptoFast App does not pay a lot for any of the tasks that you do. You could be on the app for a long time before you earn $0.05. Despite that, many users who stick with it do so because they want to earn free BTC.
  • The app has a lot of ads. You’ll have to watch these throughout the time that you spend trying to complete activities. The ads slow you down, so you can’t earn BTC as quickly as you would like and there’s no way to avoid them.

While mini games such as math quizzes are available on the app, these are often locked. This means that you can’t play all the games that you can view

Some Final Thoughts On The CryptoFast App

In this CryptoFast App review, we discussed the benefits as well as the technical errors that are associated with the app.

The technical issues can slow down the rate at which you are able to earn on the app. Since the earnings rate wasn’t very high to begin with, this can be discouraging.

The app also gives problems sometimes when members attempt to withdraw their earnings. Again, these are due to technical problems on this app.

These errors may be fixed eventually, providing users with a better experience. In that case, the app may be a useful way of earning cryptocurrency.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A free app that is fun to use and is available worldwide. The earning potential however is very limited, although you could earn more if you are able to refer lots of people.

Thanks for checking out my review of The CryptoFast App. I hope you found it informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether it is worth joining.

I have written hundreds of reviews and articles about online earning platforms. You can check out the latest ones HERE

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