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CryptoRize App Review-Free Bitcoin For Playing Games?

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CryptoRize App Review

With the interest in Cryptocurrency being as high as it is, it comes as no surprise to find that there are numerous apps specifically designed to help you earn the e-currency simply for completing fun tasks.

The CryptoRize App is one such app.

In my review of the app today I will be finding out if you really can use the platform to get cryptocurrency for free.

I will be discovering what real users of the app are saying about it, and weighing up the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s a good way to earn additional income.

First however, let’s get started by finding out how The CryptoRize App works.

How the CryptoRize App Works

The CryptoRize App s a product of B Programmers, a company that is also known for other apps that are used as Bitcoin faucets.

However, unlike some of their products, which have an offer wall or games that users can play to earn Bitcoins, this app provides members with a fun puzzle which is completely free to use on the app.

The app is available to everyone on Google Play and can be downloaded in minutes. However, it is not yet offered on the Apple Store. That app is currently being developed, so iOS users can soon benefit.

The puzzle is designed for people of all ages. You can feel comfortable letting your teenager or other children in your household pass the time by playing it.

You’ll have access to their entire collection of other tasks for free and will never be required to make any other in-app purchases.

The CryptoRize App is free to use

The CryptoRize App is free to use

The puzzle involves cryptocurrency, and requires you to touch and match two symbols that look alike.

For example, these might be BTC, ETH and so on.

You can click the crypto coins whenever you see them in groups that have the same symbol.

Each member comes in at the beginner’s level and after they’ve accumulated 36 points, they’ll move up to the next level.

In order to advance to the next level, you’ll have to match all of the coins. This means that there should be no coins with matching symbols left. You can take as long as you like to match the coins, since there is no time limit on playing.

Users earn points whenever they complete a puzzle on the app. Advertising is displayed throughout the app and you are required to view all of the ads before you can move on.

For example, when you start using the app each day, you’ll be shown at least one ad at the beginning. Sometimes, you could be shown two or three.

You’ll also be shown an ad each time you navigate to a new section of the site. So if you complete five tasks in a day, you can expect to be shown at least four ads during that day.

The advertising revenue of course helps the developers to pay their members.

The points that you earn on the app can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. You aren’t limited to Bitcoins, although this is a popular option for many members because of its investment potential.

You can earn Litecoin, USDC, XRP and ETH as well.

How You Can Earn with the CryptoRize App

It’s worth noting here that the creators of the app warn that their app will not earn you very much.

Their warning says that most users only earn a fraction of a cent using their app. So you need to take note if you thought CryptoRize was a way to become a Bitcoin millionaire.

If this doesn’t put you off it’s at least good to know that you can earn on the CryptoRize App in several ways.

Playing puzzles is one of the most common options. Members who choose this alternative have interesting games to choose from,

You can also earn on this app by referring friends. Whenever someone who you invite to the CryptoRize App uses your referral code to sign up, you’ll get a bonus.

Invite friends to earn more with The CryptoRize App

Invite friends to earn more with The CryptoRize App

This is equivalent to 5% of the earnings of each referral.

Your referral bonus does not come from the crypto that your referrals get. Their earnings are used for calculating the bonus. However, the site pays you separately.

Your referral bonus is added to your regular earnings and helps you to reach payout faster.

Promotional codes are also available on the app. You can follow them on social media and be quick to enter these codes whenever they are published there. Each code will give you a specific number of points.

Once you’ve found the code on their Facebook page, copy it and click on the app.

You’ll see a star on the top left hand corner of your screen in the app. Click on that and you’ll be able to enter the code in the space provided.

This app also gives users the chance to earn points by sharing their opinions. Whenever you successfully complete a survey, points from the survey will be added to your balance automatically.

Each survey pays a different sum and some take longer than others. You’re never guaranteed that when you start a survey, you’ll be able to complete it.

As is the case with most other survey platforms, sometimes you’ll spend a few minutes answering questions and then be informed that you’re not in the demographic that they’re looking for

How To Withdraw from the CryptoRize App

To withdraw your earnings from the CryptoRize App, you’ll need a Coinbase account. Your Coinbase account is free, so if you don’t have one, you can get one from that trusted provider in order to get your Bitcoin.

Go to the menu on the left of your screen where you will see several options.

Click on the Cashout button in order to withdraw your earnings. This app offers the options to users in some countries, such as Nigeria, to withdraw funds to their bank account for a small fee. To do that, click Start A Withdrawal.

The exchange rate is 24,000 coins is equal to about $0.10. This is not paid to you in dollars, it is paid in Bitcoins and then you can trade your Bitcoins for dollars or any cither currency that you prefer, on a cryptocurrency exchange.

The minimum for withdrawal is 8,000 points, which is around 300 Satoshi.

Remember that the exchange rate for dollars to BTC fluctuates, so it’s a good idea to withdraw your earnings when you’ll be able to get the most dollars for your points, if you intend to convert Satoshi to dollars.

Most users are able to reach the minimum for withdrawal in a day. Some are able to set time aside to work on the app and complete enough activities to reach the minimum within an hour.

Withdrawals are allowed every 72 hours. This limit is to help prevent scams. You’ll receive your transfer within minutes in most cases. A fee is not charged for your withdrawal

What Real Users are saying about the CryptoRize App

The CryptoRize App has a rating of 4.4 from over 32,000 users on Google Play.

Some users like the fact that they can play games for free. Others like being able to earn cryptocurrency online. However, there are complaints about the user experience, which have caused some members to spend less time on the app.

Users complain about being disqualified from surveys after they’ve spent time answering the screening questions. This app doesn’t appear to do a good job of offering surveys that are a good match for each user’s unique profile.

Some users are dissatisfied with the way that the game is designed. They feel that users are prevented from winning big or making considerable progress in the game.

Several members feel that the advertising on the app is too intrusive. They wouldn’t have a problem with being asked to watch one ad per day but being asked to view an ad whenever they want to check their points or do anything else is misusing their time.

Login issues arise every now and then on the CryptoRize App. This prevents members from getting in for days.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used The CryptoRize App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The CryptoRize App?

  • The CryptoRize App is fun to use, when you’re not being interrupted by ads.
  • Users like the game and they enjoy being able to earn crypto for free.
  • When you make a request for a withdrawal, it’s usually processed promptly.
  • Users usually have their transfer appear in their Bitcoin account seconds after they’ve made their withdrawal request.
  • Anyone around the world can become a member
  • You’ll never need to pay to access any of the features
  • A variety of cryptocurrency is available for withdrawal

What Are The Cons Of The CryptoRize App?

  • As with other apps of this nature, the CryptoRize App pays you a small amount of Satoshi for each task that you complete. This means that it can take a little while before you reach payout.
  • It takes a while to earn anything meaningful on this site. For that reason, most users only earn $0.01. They get discouraged by the slow pace of earnings and stop using the app.
  • The app contains ads, so you can expect these to pop up intermittently while you are completing puzzles. They can be very distracting and it takes up a lot of time.

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Some Final Thoughts On The CryptoRize App

The CryptoRize App offers you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency for free.

As discussed earlier in this CryptoRize App review, you can actually earn several types of crypto in this app, including ETH. This means that you can diversify your cryptocurrency investments.

The puzzle is fun and there are lots of other activities that you can use to earn.

However if you’re using the app, you have to be prepared to deal with technical issues on occasion. You may sometimes be unable to log in and you’ll have to view several ads each day.

The developers are constantly working to fix the problems, so you’ll have to update the app frequently.

Overall, this is a useful app to try if you’re looking for a free source of Bitcoin but if you need money to pay bills, it’s not a good way to earn.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit but very low earning earning app. The App however does pay promptly and is available worldwide.

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Thanks for checking out my review of The CryptoRize App, I hope you found it informative and helps you make a more informed decision about whether you should try it out for yourself.

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