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CryptoWin App Review-Easy Free Bitcoin, Or Not Worth It?

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CryptoWin App Review

If you like being rewarded for carrying out small tasks online then The CryptoWin App could be one to consider.

In my CryptoWin App review today I will discuss the ways in which the platform could potentially be used to earn Bitcoins online.

To help me discover if this is a worthwhile app, I will be finding out what real users of the app are saying about it, and I will also be weighing up the pros and cons.

First however let’s find out how The CryptoWin App works.

How the CryptoWin App Work

The CryptoWin App was developed by B Programmers. It’s designed to appeal to gamers,  and gives players the chance to earn cryptocurrency every time they play.

You can use this app on your Android device, and is also available to iOS users.

When you download it and sign up you can benefit from a bonus of a hundred coins, which will be added to your new account.

Users can earn in a variety of ways on the app. You can watch videos which are usually in the form of advertorials and earn a few coins. You can also earn by completing surveys on the app.

Earn free Bitcoin by carrying out small tasks in The CryptoWin App

Earn free Bitcoin by carrying out small tasks in The CryptoWin App

A referral program is in place and you can earn by using that. The platform also has an offer wall which you can access once you’re logged in. This helps users to earn Satoshi at a higher rate than quick tasks such as watching video ads

You can choose any type of activity that you have time for, and you can do activities on the app as often as you wish.

Your coins will be added to your balance automatically, and when you reach the minimum threshold for payment, you can request a withdrawal to your cryptocurrency wallet.

How to Earn with the CryptoWin App

There are several ways to earn with the CryptoWin App. You can download apps, watch videos or play games.

None of these tasks take long, however none of them pay at a high rate. Despite that, after diligently working for around half an hour you will see a few Satoshi accumulate in your account.

You can even answer surveys, view ads and complete offers to earn coins.

The CryptoWin App also has a referral program in place. Each time someone joins by using your referral code, you’ll earn a bonus of 100 coins upfront.

In addition to that, you’ll continue to earn a bonus for the duration of the time that you spend as a member of the platform, which is calculated as a percentage of whatever your referrals earn.

Earn more by referring others to The CryptoWin App

Earn more by referring others to The CryptoWin App

The points that you earn on the app are called coins. These are added to your account balance every time you complete an activity. When you reach the minimum threshold for payment, you can withdraw your earnings

Most of the activities on the app can be done without a credit card. There are also offers which involve shopping, signing up for investment funds with Stash and more, which pay between 70 and 1,300 coins.

You can earn coins every time you shop online. In this way the app functions as a cash back app, providing you with rewards for shopping at approved stores..

As you gain experience with completing surveys, testing apps and doing other activities on the platform, you’ll move to a higher level, and each level pays at a different rate.

This means that you’ll be able to earn more for doing the same activities.

Leveling up also positively impacts your referral earnings. At each new level you’ll earn 5% more as a bonus. At the highest level you’ll earn a bonus that is equal to 25% of whatever your referrals receive.

Earn at least 5% of your referrals earnings with The CryptoWin App

Earn at least 5% of your referrals earnings with The CryptoWin App

This bonus is not taken from your referral’s earnings. Instead this is paid to you separately by the app, so it never affects the people who you’ve invited to join the site. On average, users earn between 1 and 6 Satoshi every 15 minutes.

How to Withdraw from the CryptoWin App

The CryptoWin App pays you in Bitcoins. The exchange rate of Bitcoins to US Dollars fluctuates constantly, so if you wish to change your Bitcoins to dollars, the sum that you get will depend on the exchange rate at that time.

To request your withdrawal, browse the menu that’s located on the left hand side of your homepage, and then click on the Payments tab.

Ensure that your Coinbase address or Faucetpay information are correctly entered in the space provided.

Coinbase is recommended for users who do not yet have a cryptocurrency wallet.

Coinbase has been around for many years and has several systems in place to ensure that your data is kept secure.

You’ll need a minimum of 15,000 Satoshi in order to withdraw your earnings to your Coinbase digital wallet.

Payments are made at least once per week but several users report getting paid more frequently via other networks. Faucetpay is an approved provider and you’ll need a minimum of the equivalent of 200 Satoshi in your account, to make a request for a withdrawal.

What Real Users are Saying about the CryptoWin App

The CryptoWin App has a rating of 4.7 from over 10,000 users on Google Play. On the positive side, many users like the variety of options for earning on the app.

Some users have successfully maximized the investment benefits of the app, utilizing it as a Bitcoin faucet. In this way, some have enjoyed making Bitcoin withdrawals every 24 hours to their Faucetpay account.

Members also say that they received the Bitcoins that they’ve earned by doing activities such as surveys and game testing on the app.

Some however complain about the time that it takes to approve their withdrawal request. They say that sometimes it takes a few hours for their requests to be processed and they would prefer if these transactions were processed instantaneously.

A number of users have complaints about the servers that are used by the platform. They say that the servers are slow and that affects a number of activities on the app. They say they can’t earn coins as quickly as they would want to because of the server speed.

Users who have successfully referred friends to the app say that sometimes there are technical errors with the signup process. Their referrals complain that when they try to enter their information, they’re told that another user is already registered with that IP address.

Even users who have been on the app for a while sometimes say that they keep on having problems with their login. For example, they will attempt to log in and be told that their IP address is incorrect or that they’re using a VPN when they have not used one.

These login problems may develop after the user has successfully been earning on the app for a few days or weeks.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used The CryptoWin App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The CryptoWin App?

  • In this CryptoWin App review, it’s been shown that you can use several types of activities to earn on the go. If you’re not interested in taking surveys, you can download mobile apps and test them in order to earn coins. You can even earn from their referral program.
  • The CryptoWin App is trusted by users and there haven’t been any reports of the site acting in a malicious manner. For example, no users have reported that their devices have been infected with malware. There are also no reports of ransomware or spyware being found on user devices as a result of installing or utilizing the app.
  • The app is free
  • Users enjoy navigating the platform and it’s easy to find whatever they’re looking for
  • A cryptocurrency mining system is not used, so no resources will be consumed in the background
  • It’s available for both Android and iOS devices
  • You can withdraw your earnings to Faucetpay, although this method may take a little longer than

What Are The Cons Of The CryptoWin App?

  • This app is design for mature users who are at least 17 years old. Some of the content is only suitable for older teens and adults.
  • The server speed makes it difficult for users to earn as quickly as they would want to
  • You’re limited to earning coins which can be exchanged for Bitcoins only, not United States dollars
  • You must have a cryptocurrency wallet to use the app
  • A notification system is not in place, so if a site wide error occurs, users are left without information or guidance until the problem is resolved by the developers

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Some Final Thoughts On The CryptoWin App

In this CryptoWin App review, a variety of options for earning have been discussed.

If you’re interested in earning Bitcoins online, it’s worth taking a look at this site. numerous users have been able to successfully earn Satoshi each day by using the app as a Bitcoin faucet.

The site does have a few drawbacks such as its technical issues, however the developers are constantly working to fix technical errors as they arise and improve the site.

They also have a strong customer service team that tries to respond to queries from their users promptly.

You could earn around 200 Satoshi in eight hours on this app. If you’re looking for free ways to earn Bitcoin this is one to cautiously consider while remembering that technical issues can arise at any point.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A legit app that allows its users to earn small amounts of Bitcoin. There are a number of activities that you can engage in to earn, however technical issues have been reported.

Thanks for checking out my review of The CryptoWin App. I hope you found my review informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

I have reviewed hundreds of similar apps and websites here on my site. You will find the latest reviews HERE

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